Thursday, 25 March 2010

Would you ever fuck a stranger?

yes*, **, ***

subject to many clauses though!

1) general attractiveness and dont dont just mean looks. Things like smell, how they are dressed etc. Also hieght is a big thing for me. I'm so tall I struggle with being with a man shorter. I feel uncomfortable and it often turns me off.

2) Being safe, i've been on the wrong side of sex with a stranger and having been raped I know clearly the difference. Silly really as I love to play rape with my partner it really turns me on. I won't try to work out the detail of that as I might send myself mad!

3)I was ready for it, I like to be ready for sex, fresh as a daisy and dressed to kill.

I have had an encounter with a sort of stranger. We had spoken on-line I had seen a photo but never met. He text to say he was free, he booked a room, I lay on the bed with a blindfold on and I never did see him. He enetered the room and for 2 hours pleasured me... never penetrated me though (as per my request)it was so arousing. I have a fantasy like this that involves a group of males and females doing this. Not knowing who is touching me and what the next touch is to be.

Aroused now!! thanks for the question xx

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