Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tell us about your experiences with women. Or if none, what you'd enjoy with a woman.

My first was at about age 11 with a friend on a sleep over when we have some fun exploring and touching each other; one of those things that you forget about until later in life. My next time was about 15yrs ago. I was invited to join a couple I had befriended on the internet for a weekend away. I decided to go but was so innocent of the situation. I hated it, firstly I got soo drunk then was given by them a list of rules. The main one being that the hubby was only to watch and play with her, I wasn't allowed to touch or be touched by him. She ate pussy awful, within an hour I was sore. I changed to pleasure her and enjoyed making her climax. They then left me to go fuck and I felt silly and isolated. I got my stuff and went and slept of the drink in the car then went home.

It wasn't until last year when I had the chance to play again that I got to enjoy it. The first I wrote about earlier this week (my first swing club) after that I’ve had more than a few encounters at swing clubs and at the big party I hosted up in Scotland. I had a 3some with 2 beautiful ladies and so enjoyed it. In truth though I probably got more pleasure from knowing how much I was arousing my partner than directly from the stimulation.

I've only had 1 1on1, the pic was on my HNT last week I think. That night was meant to be a 3some but the guy chickened out! daft thing is he had organised it. Me and Erica spent the night pleasing each other, it was incredibly sensual. We set up a profile together on Fabswingers but we were so inundated with idiots we never did play in that sense.

Thanks for the question.... keep them coming!

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  1. Sheesh, it would have been nice to get the 'rules' beforehand. Atleast you've had some good fun since. Happy HNT! :)

  2. Sounds like fun the last time any way!

  3. @Sheesh yep eyes wide open would of been good, a harsh lesson for me, id never be the guest again, only the host couple

  4. @Southern Sage

    I did and im sue I will again x (soon)