Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Last night!

yet another night of pushing the boundaries and so many precious pictures to treasure of our night of filth.

Within minutes of him walking through the door he was inside me. whispering in my ear what he was going to do to me tonight. His hand let go of my breast and plunged deep inside me as he demanded I cum for him. I was a good girl, I came so hard for him.

I reached for the stockings I'd bought for him for the night, a rather fetching pair of fishnets and put them on him, he wanked for me as I put them on. I dressed for him, adorning my favorite transperazi stockings and vintage underwear. As I prepared dinner he pushed me over the kitched bench and fucked my while he wore my 4" boots, granted though he needed then to reach me as I had on such high heels let alone the pleasure of wearing my shoes.

We ate dinner and drank wine, talking about the achievements of the week and as he prepared pudding I lay back on the sofa and played for him.

He prepared the coffee table for me and I lay back on it, he was sat in front of me admiring the view as my legs were forced apart by his legs. He swiftly took the bag of pegs I had bought at the shops, thinking we would only grab a couple out the pack but he was on a mission, all 50 pegs to be applied to my lips! he managed to attach them all as I lay back revelling in the erotic pleasure and pain of it. He had saved 3 to apply to my clit hood and inner lips. The last peg on my clit was enough to make me cum instantly. My hole body became so sensitive at that very moment, it was like electricity was being pushed through me.

After unpegging me he pushed his size 10 foot deep inside me, I was so wet and after a little encouragement I managed to take it deep. He fucked me with it until I came on his toes.... mmmmmmmmmmmm.

He turned me over and proceeded to work his cum covered foot into my ass. As it passed inside it trigger such a strong orgasm I gush everywhere.

As got up to get a drink... a girls got to replace fluids wet getting this wet!! he took hold of me and kissed me so passionately it made me melt, next thing I knew I was bent over the table and he was working his fist into my ass. He made me squirt another 3 times, my cum was all over the floor and running down my legs. My legs gave way as I was cuming so hard.

He led my to the shower, undressed me and held me as he washed me down. I do so love the care and attention post such intense sex. He dried me and took me to bed, BUT.... then took the panties he had been wearing (I'd made him hehe) and pushed them inside me, fucked me on top of them and told me I had to leave them in all night. This morning I was woken by him retrieving them. He pulled them out and the gagged me with them, plunged his cock inside me while holding my throat, telling me he was going to fill both holes whether I like it or not... (like it! I love it!!)

He made me cum over and over, talking dirty to me, and telling me how much he wants and needs me, filling me so full of him.... heaven x

He has gone home now and I'm back to being mum, wife and boss... 300 miles and 3 weeks apart.


  1. You legs are so freekin' hot!

  2. thanks Sheen, have you seen this week OHNT of my legs? im wearing some rather fiesty laboutins as well.

  3. Exquisite stockings!

    Now let me go read the blog post. :)