Friday, 19 March 2010

A bad day

NO! I still haven't cum and not looking like I will have any quite time to myself until Monday. I know I could go lock myself in the bathroom for 20 mins but after waiting this long I want to enjoy it, I want to take myself to the edge several times and then let myself go totally.

Having a terrible few days personally so not had any time for myself. I so need to disappear alone for even a few hours, some quiet time to think. I doubt if I had the time today I could even achieve an orgasm as my mind isn't in the right space.

I have a place I love to go, its a beach, a perfect place, I've only shared the place once with someone else, we stood there the tide was out, the sun had set but the moon was bright and reflecting off the sea. The wind wasn't too kind but that help, it made him hold me tighter, it made me feel so safe, I often go there when my mind gets to cluttered or I feel overwhelmed, that's where I need to be tonight.


  1. A beach is a perfect place to go to get away from it all. Peace and quiet, except for the noise of the surf and wind.

  2. Agreed Richard x I stood there today for what seems like minutes today but it was over an hour when I glanced at my watch. I had a clear mind and a plan by the time I left the sand.... I was also soaked through and very cold as it was raining hard, though at the time I was oblivious to it. x