Sunday, 28 February 2010

I'm back! but no high heels for a while

Got back early this morning, brought bags in door, went straight upstairs and got in shower and scrubbed the remains of sun lotion and sand of me. Threw myself on the bed and lay contemplating the silence. Husband away and the children staying at my parents house for next 2 nights as I have a wild debauched day planned. Haven't had privacy for a week as sharing a suite of roons with the children and my mother so not ideal to masturbate. Especially as my mother sees no need to knock when entering any room even the bathroom when doing my ablutions!

One morning though I engineered a chance to go back to the room alone and enjoy 5 minutes of delight. I came as the cleaner was knocking on the door and was turning the handle to enter. I was just getting back off the bed and adjusting myself as he came in. I'm sure he could tell what I'd been doing. I went to the bathroom and sneaked a taste of my arousal before going back to being mum.

I decided last night to cum, I got my toy box out and played, I came so hard and burst into tears. it gave me a fright I didn't realise how wound up I must be. I lay there aching to be held.

I need HIM. HE arrives this time next week. Time to plan excuses and sneak away for 3nights of filthy pleasure. So many firsts we have planned again. Although at this moment I ache for just his touch and for HIM to be inside me so deep, so simply.

Aroused now and going to play again...

Oh and see my other blog 21yrs and no parole if you want to see full details of why I'm limping but in short fell down dislocated knee and knocked myself out!


  1. I wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for coming over to visit and commenting. But cant find an email address, so I will have to do it in public instead..

    Hope you dont mind half naked men messaging you from their beds :)

    Anyway thanks for visiting, and please do stay in touch.


  2. Okay, so I"m worse...I'm totally naked and fucking my fist hard this afternoon, because I need it. Badly. Bring your mouth over here, honey...:)