Friday, 19 February 2010

9 mins exactly

Traveling most of today so no time for self, but I did have a sneaky extra moment last night... I went to the sun bed salon, been having a few sessions this week to get a base for the holiday. As I was getting in the stand up booth, as the door swung open, it caught my nipple piercing... ouch! but then its mmmmmmmmm Immediately I was aroused, well more than normal! thank god for my bullet, it deserves a knighthood for services to woman kind, it has saved so many bad sex sessions and added value to many more! and I'm sure I'm not alone in recognising its worth Anyway... I grabbed the bullet and got in the standing tan booth and rested it against my clit closing my lips over it. I then reached for the arm straps, they have in these boothes, they hang from the ceiling, supposed to help you with your all over tan, but for now they served as props in my fantasy, they were my restraints, I was a slave, being flogged and abused. Thank god for the music they play in that place and the noise of the machines

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