Monday, 1 February 2010

filling in the gaps.... hot wax

early last year...I arrived in a submissive manner, nipples chained, but plug in. As i walked through the door I was met by a kiss. He reached down and checked to see I'd done as instructed. He swiftly cuffed my wrists and bend me over the back of the sofa and plundged into me.

Within minutes he had me on the verge of cuming. He had such a way with me, since meeting M I was discovering myself or he was discovering me. I was little older than him and lot more mature, but as for sexual experience he was well ahead.

Each time we met we pushed more boundaries, he never had to ask he seemed to know how far to push me and like wise for him as I had devloped a taste for spanking him.

This night when I was bent over, first time id trusted him to blindfold me and tie me. He had the tip of him cock resting in my ass and spanking me, making me beg for it.

He then pulled away and trickled ice water over my ass. It made me scream, taking my breath away, I so wasnt expecting it. Then it hit, the warm loving sting of wax as it was poured over my ass. He pushed inside just as the wax began to cool and fucked me so hard while pulling my hair, my cum was litterally running down my legs.