Tuesday, 2 February 2010

todays sex

Had a stressful day but had 30 mins to spare before collecting the kids... I love rough sex when I'm stressed. I used to text or call the husband and tell him to be ready to take me when I walked in the door before we had the kids. Just pull skirt up, pull panties aside and fuck me hard till I came.

But seeing as I was alone and me and the husband haven't had sex for god knows how long (but I'm counting in years since we had true intimacy), fucking was out of the question.

Just me and my (extensive)toy box, and a head full of filthy thoughts masturbation was the only option.

Last weeks naughty escapades have my imagination refueled with possibilities. I imagined him (the lover) tying my while I'm asleep and waking up with him feeding his cock inside me, too late to protest but wet and aching for him whether I want it or not.

I came twice.... then collected kids from school... a little less stressed x

Caught up with an old friend this morning, I shall send him a link to this and make him smile... I met him on the orgional site I joined almost 2 years ago. He met the tall, dark, intelligent and handsome quotas but we never did quite get it together despite our best efforts something always prevented us.... like my husband turning up at the pub we where at or the fit of giggles we got when underwear finally was being removed when at my office for a late night drink and a play, hoping we would finally consumate out friendship. But alas we never did get there we are purely voyeurs to each others sex lives and he has been a good friend and confidant when things have gone wrong... and may I add he says I give exceptional head!


  1. ...As I am sure that you do, with the imagination you have here. I would dearly enjoy your company, I just know it.

  2. Im sure it would be an education for us both