Friday, 19 February 2010

todays sex - friday

Off on holiday tomorrow so left office early determined to get some alone time before I go away.

Knowing I didn't have long I was scrabbling in handbag for bullet as I went through the door, I was in desperate need of a pee but figured it would add to the pleasure if I made myself wait. I quickly striped and found myself a cheeky pair of heels and lay on the bed. I started playing but was aching for cock. My handbags was near me and I could see my Coco Chanel can peaking out and swiftly slipped it in my wet cunt and proceeded to fuck myself with it. In seconds I was mentally tied over a table legs tied apart and being played with by anyone in the room who cared to do so.

I was being spanked fisted and fuck until I came so delightfully. I squirted over the bottom of the can.

I have decided to pack the bullet for my holiday, lets hope I don't get stopped going through security with a bullet in my handbag! although I think they will blush more than me.


  1. Don't you dare blush. MAKE them do their jobs. And stand proudly and tall as a real, flesh-and-blood, sexual woman.

    Drop a line when you get settled.