Friday, 12 February 2010

todays sex

I do love to read a filthy tale while playing, today's choice of literature was Nancy Fridays, my secret garden, for those not acquainted with Nancy she is a phycologist specialising in sexual fantasies. Her books that I have read consisted of her evaluating sexual fantasies we as the general (kinky) public have sent her. They vary from the predicable to the bizarre, the vanilla to the uncomprehendingly.

But first.... what made me dash back to the house in between meetings for a quick play I hear you ask!.... yesterday I got an email forwarded to me by my business partner, it was from a potential client who was requesting me specifically.

When I saw the name on the email I smiled and had a fond filthy memory skip through my mind. It is almost 8 years since we last spoke I think. We met in a chat room some 10years ago, he worked not to far away from me. I remember going to meet him at the Pitcher and Piano in town. I think I was wearing a brown pin stripped suit and a gold vest top, matching gold satin undies (i have a memory for the detail and perhaps the other party can confirm when he reads this).I even remember I had eggs holandaise and chatted for what seemed like mins but I think we were there a while. I hadn't done this before but I was loving every exciting moment of it. He asked if I cared to go for a drive and I quickly agreed.

We kissed in the car for sometime then headed to his place, we drove into the garage and we got no further. He fucked me good and hard bent over the back of his car. He literally lifted my skirt pulled my thong aside and entered me. It was heavenly. He stopped and turned me around, i lift a leg and rested it on the car bumper then licked me to a wonderful orgasm, he was (is) soooo good a oral. We then fucked again until he came deep inside me, it was full of passion and excitement.

He dropped me back off at my car, we kissed he left and I went back work thinking that was it.I never expected him to come back for more, we ended up being lovers on and off for maybe a year??? I shall recount another tale maybe next week.

I had forgotten or perhaps I have been kidding myself that I wasn't naughty until recent times.. he reminded me last night just how naughty I was!! hehe!!

Unfortunately all that did was turn me on, especially when he sent a pic of himself, well actually his beautiful cock, wanking, while he was looking at a half naked picture of me. I had a house full and domestic duties to attend to so my aching clit has had to wait until a gap in between meetings today. My first meeting ended a tad earlier than expected and it was literally around the corner from my house so I went back home, ran upstairs, scrabbled in handbag for my bullet and threw myself on the bed, grabbing the Nancy Friday book as I flew past. I came in a matter of minutes, checked my watch and I had time for another, this time without reading someone else's fantasy, I was in the garage, skirt lifted.......

sat now at work with an aching clit and very damp panties xx


  1. Fun. And I love the uninhibited nature you share. See what I mean about others who desperately need to adopt this attitude? We'd all be much more enjoyable for each other.

  2. Confirmed...except I'd taken off your skirt and your thong. Oh, and it was eleven years ago but seems like yesterday x