Thursday, 4 February 2010

1st swing party ever

It was last summer, me and M were meant to be going but he had to make his excuses last minute. I hate to let people down and I was alone for the night so thought I would have a look. Curiosity had the better of me.

I had no idea what to wear or what the protocol was on these occasion, I called JJ who was hosting the party, he promised to look after me and that I could just observe and socialise. I felt more comfortable with that in mind. JJ was a nice guy I'd met for coffee a few time before, he had good experience in the swing scene and and loved the clubs and parties.

I picked out some naughty undies, a corset and satin French knicks, my fav laboutins and applied shimmering cream to my tanned smooth legs. I added a classy dress on top and grabbed a bottle of vodka out of the cabinate. I arrived at his late. I didnt want to be the first, I wanted to get lost in a crowd. JJ had told me about 10 couples were going 3 single males and 4 females..... 6 couples, 3 single males and me was the truth! I felt like I had the words dinner on my forehead the way the room looked at me. The single bisexual female at a party, I was on every ones wish list.

I headed straight to the kitchen and poured a very very large vodka. Then ran to the back door to join the smokers, I needed a subtle introduction to the crowd. Before I went in the main room I think quarter of the vodka had gone. As I walked in a lady followed behind me, I hadn't paid much attention to her as I was too focused on breathing at this stage. Then the room focused on her as she offered oral sex to any one, male or female. The men moved towards her to take her up on her offer. One guy scooped her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom, 2 other followed.

The vodka was working and I started to relax. A lady, about 35, dark hair in a striking bob, pretty, pert boobs, wearing a little black baby doll,walked up to me and unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I could feel myself get instantly wet. She kissed my neck then walked away to get a drink. I followed her and we kissed some more. JJ came in to check if i was ok but I could see him stall at the doorway and stop to watch. She hand ran between my thighs and then parted my lips. It felt heavenly, I was so aroused.

JJ came up behind the woman and held her breast while rubbing himself against her. she suggested we went to a room.... I declined... I wasn't ready for that. I hadn't done group sex and despite my enjoyment of this moment I was still petrified and feeling vunerable, let alone worried all the guys wouldn't fancy me.

They went off to a room and as they turned the corner JJ shouted back for me to just watch... I grabbed a drink and followed.

I spent the rest of the night going room to room watching, at times touching myself for my own pleasure but of course entertaining anyone that caught site of me.

it was about 3am when I found a room and hid under the duvet and swiftly fell asleep, just as well as I had a flight to Europe to catch at 11. at 7 JJ arrived in my room with a coffee and an erection asking which one I wanted and which one i needed. I laughed and went go to the bathroom but as i stood up and collapsed and hit the floor with a thud. FUCK! i couldn't work out what was wrong, I felt like I was swimming.

JJ burst out laughing and opened the windows and came to help me at the same time call me a daft tart.

The room I'd slept in had 3 bottles of poppers that had been left open... Id spent the night inhaling it. I must add i was horny as hell despite the slight distress and the bump on the head. JJ gave excellent first aid. He lay me on the bed and kiss me better.... all over my clit until i came.


  1. Hot bitch! The first words that came to mind. You are FUN!! I'm glad, of course, that you got out of there in one piece and in good health. But yes...the more you reach, the more you find.

  2. If at first you don't feel pissed, drink some more Lol. I've never been to an orgy but I have been flogged whilst tied to a huge spiders web with rope infront of a uge fetish audience.. I couldn't get enough pain, but the master who was in charge was very prfessional in his strikes, knowing where to hit, where not to hit, gentle strokes to begin with building it up, teasing.. total euphoria. Awesome!