Friday, 19 February 2010

Do I like pain?

Someone asked me today if I liked pain. Its a hard question to answer because I once said yes and regretted it. My lover, HIM, says he has never known anyone with such a tolerance for pain, I love to push the limits. HE understands me and can read me, we have trust and respect so we can let go and enjoy it. I love the feeling of surrender, the ability to give myself totally to someone, the feeling of release when I cum. The intensity of the feeling, the most gentle touch can be so powerful when you are in the right space together. When I first tried erotic pain I was with someone that cared for me and was experienced with it. He never over stepped the mark but instead he could read me and he coached me through it. I never once in 6months used our safe word. He always knew when to stop and how to get me to take more. BUT I foolishly thought that meant I would enjoy it with my next lover/partner/encounter. I arranged to meet someone I'd been speaking too for some time, he was in town working and I had

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