Tuesday, 16 February 2010

TMI... thought id join in the fun!

The Valentine's Day Edition.

1.Have you had sex with another person in 2010? Have you passed on an opportunity to sex with another person in 2010?

Just passed the chance 10 mins ago! dirty filthy client! granted I fucked him last year lol. Only had sex with my lover this year, husband hasn't come close to me for me to even catch a cold let alone get turned on.

2.What is the funniest thing you have ever said or done during sex? (Orgasmic facial expressions do not count.)

I was about 17, me and the boyfriend were having sex in the living room of his parents house, I was riding on top and we had to be quick they were due home, then both knees disclocated! I was stuck and in agony but couldnt stop laughing. He was having a fit panicing thankfully I managed to get a grip and get up.

We heard the gate go and the boyfriend stuffed my knickers in his pocket and helped me with my trousers. I accidental put both legs in one trouser leg, he pulled them up in this state and pushed me back on the sofa. I had to sit, busting for a wee until his parents went to bed some 2 hours later with my legs crossed, hoping they just thought I had a long pencil skirt on!

Another funny tale is when me and the boyfriend where fucking in the car, he stopped moving a second but the car continued to shake, we looked out the window and found a group of 6 youths rocking the car! The boyfriend jumped in the car and drove naked around the town for ages in such a state he couldn't work out were to stop to get dressed.... as ever i was in the back laughing so much!

3.What is the first thing you notice about a member of the opposite sex?

A smile, I think you can tell allot about someone when they smile, if there eyes light up and of course if they have terrible teeth!

4.What is the best pick-up line you have ever heard? Every used? Ever been used on you?

You look good enough to eat... I replied so eat me... he did x

5.Where is the most unique you have ever had sex?

A few to choose from...

In a show house when if was open for viewing, we even had those awful blue shoe covers on.

At an amusements park, on a ride, security guard caught us

In a public jacuzzi

In a nightclub, while talking to a bouncer, he just thought i was sat on his knee.

Bonus (as in optional): Do you pee in the shower? If so, has any SO known that you pee in the shower? Has any SO peed in the shower?

God yes! and yes pee'd on the lover in shower just the last time i saw him and he returned the favour x

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