Monday, 8 February 2010

A favourite toy of mine

I recently discovered the joy of a speculum. We had talked about it and tried many other substitutes but on one of my frequent visits to the sex shop in December I decided to purchase one.

The guy in the shop always seems pleased to see me, I swear one day when i was trying out floggers on my leg he was wanking behind the counter. It made me smile... and whip harder against the leather of my boots.

There were 3 to choose from, but really when there is small medium and large there is no choice.... large please!

it was another 3 days before i was meeting him, it was killing me not to try it out but I wanted the first them to be intense and right and it was never going to be that with me finding with the attachments with my long nails.

I got to the Hotel a few hours before him and prepared myself for 3 days of pleasure. I lay a towel in the top drawer and placed all the toys out neatly for him to find. The speculum though I placed on the bedside table.

To meet him I decided to take my panties off and stuff them inside me. I was so aroused I came while doing it. It felt so good driving to get him and feeling so full. When he got in the car he reached under my skirt to touch me as he kissed me. He tutted, but smiling so proud when he found no panties. I smiled and told him to keep looking as I did have them with me.

He half pulled them out and then we headed back to the sanctuary of the hotel. He immediately took the panties out of me and replaced them with his cock. We hadn't seen each other for weeks and we were aching to be inside each other.

He slipped off my shoe, an open toe stiletto and then pushed it inside my wet cunt and then went back to fucking me through the toe of the shoe, he came shortly after, shooting it so deep through the toe.

He left it inside while he concentrated on my clit. Placing my clit clamp on after he had sucked it until it was so swollen and sensitive. He then restrained me and made me cum over and over until I begged him to stop as could not bare another touch to my clit.

He left me clamped but removed the shoe. Changed my restraints so my ankle were tethered to my wrists, and my wrist were pulled back to the bed head. I was so open. He then pushed in the speculum and slowly opened me up. He had it on such an angle my gspot was so available.

I was so stretched open, so available to him to abuse it felt divine.

He slowly rubbed my gspot taking me to the edge of cuming so many times but not letting me. All of a sudden he did it so firm and precise and pushed on my clit again ...I came so hard I squirted cum out on his face.

It was a real wow moment I was quivering for ages after but he never stopped, he said id been a bad girl for begging him to stop and that he needed to teach me to take it. He placed the bullet on my clit, between my flesh lips and then used pegs to hold it in place, he then mounted my ass, he has a larger than average cock and very thick, I felt so full, so loved, so abused... heavenly x as I came again and gripped his cock he filled my ass with cum.

I love the way he looks at me when he cums... I feel so adored x


  1. And I dearly love your spirit. MORE people should be reading you!!!

  2. I had no idea you could buy a speculum as a sex toy, but I can see the attraction. I used to really hate them when they were used on me by drs but they no longer bother me. I think I will see them in a new light now.


  3. Damn, girl! THAT has me squirming in my chair!
    Not sure about the speculum as a sex toy, either. Would you be so kind as to elaborate?

  4. Ask away! Email me if you like ?? But in short... It feelngs amazing, I like to feel vunerable and being held open and exposed like that really does it for me... Also tried it in ass!

  5. You dont have a pic of the speculum inside your pussy by chance ?