Friday, 5 February 2010

have I ever been flogged you ask...


2 occasions...

1st was at the start of my adventure, spanking has always been a turn on for me but I had never done it. I had been speaking to an older guy Michael. So not my type but he was kind, fun and happy to share thoughts and experience and he fed my curiosity. We spoke for months and one day we spoke he asked me to dinner... only dinner, he understood I did not fancy him. Husband was away and kids were staying out so I thought dinner would be good. We met at a little Italian and spent a good few hours chatting over dinner. He shared some tales about his fetish for corporal punishment and the spank groups he went to.

He walked me back to the car and made me an offer.... he would let me experience being spanked, caned and flogged and want no more from me. His argument was sound, he wanted to show me how much pleasure could be gained from it been done properly and he would ensure I knew how it should be done so I didn't get put off by an inexperienced person hurting me. I was game for it and turned on my heels. Within 5 mins we had a room and he disappeared to his car and arrived back with a gym bag.

He reiterated that he wanted nothing more and that he would not touch me any more than I asked. with that said he told me to lift my skirt and bend over and hold the edge of the desk.

It was better than I thought. The first stinging sensation on my ass was heavenly. I wanted more. He kept checking I was ok and asking if I wanted him to stop, instead I begged for more.

I removed my skirt and he repositioned me on the bed. He tied my hands softly, it was clear it was for my mental pleasure as i could of removed my hands with ease. It worked. He started to whip me gently with a birch, each light tap delivered a sting and it just caught my lips and sent sensations through my clit. I was so close to cumming and he knew it.

He switch to a soft leather cat o nine tails and the leather beat of my by now dripping cunt and lips. I came so hard mmmmm


I made a good friend, he is a master, who is on the swing site. We spoke for months he was interested in my opinion as a newby to the scene on different matters and he was a good sounding board. He works in my industry and after a few months I had the occasion to call on his expertise and advice. I called round for a coffee and he offered to show me his wares. He was hosting a munch later that week so everything was out in the back room ready. He had more toys that the local sex shop! It was great fun trying to work out what half of them were for but I was most taken by his vast collection of whips and floggers.

He had at least a dozen bought ones then a dozen that he had made. I tried each on my leg but he was a gent and offered to let me try them on my ass!

I lifted my skirt and allowed him to deliver 5 of each. I was so aroused at the end but did my best not to show it as I know he was keen to do more and I wasn't... I'm a fussy fucker... I have to fancy and connect with someone to get intimate with them. My fav was a home made one he had, it was made from a collection of that decorative straw you pout in vases. He had bound a hand full together, the mix of the sting the caress and the noise was very very powerful.... I asked for 10 more of them then head back off to work.

I got as far as around the corner then masturbated in the car until I came.

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  1. Two good men offered you some high respect in this obviously are worth it.

    I incorporate your masturbation into flogging. That way, you can see how utterly intense it can be. The closer you get to orgasm, the stronger and more frequent the strokes become. After you cum, it all slows down until we build you up again. All the time you have yourself at a good fever pitch to keep the orgasm peaking.

    Fun. You are a fun girl...:)