Wednesday, 10 February 2010

todays sex

Had such a filthy dream last night, I'd dreamt I was fisting myself, I envy those that can. I was so horny when I woke I could not of gone to work without remedying the situation.

Got the kids ready for school in record time and off to breakfast club. As the door closed behind them I was already removing clothes and heading for the toy box.

Then the phone rang! I try not to ignore work for my libido as the libido doesn't pay as well so I reached for the phone with one hand as I slipped of the panties.... it was HIM! such good timing! as I answered the phone his words were 'are you alone?'. YES! "good, i want you to get undressed and get a toy"... he laughed when I said i was already one step ahead.

Its rare that we have phone sex but with over 300 miles between us what options do we have when we haven't seen each other for weeks??

He told me to find something big to sit on, it had to stretch me, I had to struggle to get it inside me. I knew what I needed, we had tried it before and it had taken an hour to work it inside, but that was a while ago, I figured I might just be able to manage it now. It was a 500ml bottle of bubble bath from the bathroom. I placed it on my bedside cabinet and I began to sit on it and he told me to take a pic and send it.... I did...

He proceeded to tell me what he was going to do to me the next time we meet, he told me he is going to put me over he knee and spank me until my bottom is raw and I'm dripping wet and then force himself inside me ass so hard ... it only took a few minutes of him talking so filthy to me and riding the bottle whilst rubbing my clit I came so hard and gushed. It spurted all over the cabinet and the walls!

I'd lost track of time and when we finished the call I realised I was late and quickly mopped up the mess and got dressed and headed to work. Tonight I heard the husband shout down from the bedroom "what the fuck you spilt now? its all over the wall" lol x


  1. Too bad the husband isn't giving you what you need. Because I damn sure know you need my cock...and my floggers...and my hand, my fingers, my voice in your ear, my fucking dirty talk...There's a full menu...!

  2. I will go with the chefs special then!