Friday 29 October 2010


Photo courtesy of Evocative Abyss

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D/s Without the D/s? - This is one of those situations in a real time D/s relationship where much of the fun aspects of the D/s needs to be stuffed in the closet for a bit. And for us, its not a great time to be either a masochist or a sadist. We can deal with that.

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Thursday 28 October 2010

HNT - How the hand got covered in cum

~~~~~~~~ clicky for treat ~~~~~~~~

Spent a few hours with the Therapist on Monday, I so needed some release.

He fisted and spanked me till i begged him to stop, so he made me cum some more!

I came 12 times and as you can see he was covered in me :)

Wednesday 27 October 2010

BIG compliment

Fingers crossed I have a night full of passion on Friday.

Last night he sent me this picture, apart from it turned me on it was a huge compliment to see him so aroused looking at me.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

TMI - If I were a boy

If you could be the opposite sex for one day:

a. What sexual position would you do?
All of them! but if it could only be one it would be spoons, I want to know if it feels as good holding a woman as it is to be held like that

b. What sexual act do you want performed on you?
Got to be oral, I want to know how it feels so I know Im doing it right!

c. What sexual act do you want to perform?
Anal sex, I want to feel that tightness as I push my head inside.

d. How many times do you think you would masturbate?
Constantly! I would love to be able to lie back and stroke my cock, I would just keep myself on the edge. I envy how accessable it is for a man to masterbate.

e. Would you have sex with both sexes?
Its only for one day right? I think just the ladies as I will know how it feels to fuck an ass and I already know how being fucked in the ass feels.

f. Would you pay for sex to guarantee you could experience all of these things?
Good god no! thats what swinger sites are for! free sex yes please.

This delightful questions were set by the every so sexy Playfully yours, go visit to see what she said.

Tell me if you played!

Picture is of dutch in case you were wondering

Saturday 23 October 2010

A week in review

1 orgasm gifted to self (you can tell I've been unwell)

1 man stood me up again! That's twice and never again. So frustrated by this as on both occasions I've been dress ready to thrill when the let down has occurred.

1 man kissed me and made me laugh

I have a free Friday night coming up, can't decide how debauched to be. I have a friend who has a romantic interest in me that wants to whisk me away for the night but I don't know if that's going to cut it. He is very vanilla.

I hope to meet a guy early in the week that I have been talking too for a while so fingers crossed that hoes well.

Haven't seen the therapist since his birthday but plan to remedy that early next week.

16 loved my HNT, lots of new visitors as well which is lush to see.
4 loved my OHNT

No confessions of wanking over the blog this week, did I not turn you on this week?

Wednesday 20 October 2010

HNT - peach?

Anyone fancy a nibble?

Happy HNT

As ever I'm being even more naughty along with some other sexy peeps at OHNT click on the link on the side panel.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

TMI - 5 questions you've asked

1. Have I ever experienced subspace?
Yes, twice, first time was with HIM, it was the first time he fisted my ass. It had taken hours of coaching and pushing through a pain limit and I came litterally as he entered me. Then came the subspace or flying as some refer to it. I was sensitive head to toe and trembling, he held me so tight, it was totally awesome feeling.

2. Whats my favourite kink?
Its hard to choose as its mood dependant but I suppose my top 3 would be sensual bondage, orgasm control and anal play... now that would make a delightful session!

3. Why is height so important to you?
Im 6ft and I tower over most, I wear heels mosts days as well, I dont mind being that imposing and physically dominating at work but in the bedroom I love to feel feminine and dominated, I want my lover to be able to wrap me up in his arms when I need it, besides unless you have experienced as a female being bigger than your partner its hard to explain but some basic pleasure like being taken from behind, kissing when standing up, 69'er none of these are practical or pleasing.

4. Why dont you and the husband have sex?
Becasue I stopped begging for it (and I dont mean in a naughty sub style fashion)

5. What sexual act you have done:

a) Do you regret?

I regret nothing I have willingly done, only learned from it and accepted that I shouldnt of done it and wont do it again.

b) Thought you would never do?
This list is long lol i suppose the headline ones are breath play, wax, fisting, spanking and other BDSM acts.

c) Enjoyed the most?
Got to be fisting, I had never been fisted until January last year and I remember that moment so clearly as I came so hard, gushed for the first time and covered the sofa!

If you have any questions you fancy asking for next weeks TMI email me or add them to the comments.

What would your answers of been to the questons?

Monday 18 October 2010

The most amazing night with HIM

He was late again that night, always late, always work.

I fell asleep waiting for him, catching up on some of last nights missed sleep. I was woke be the feeling of a hungry tongue in my crotch. I love to be woke up this was, just like this morning i was woke by his hardness inside me. I was mad at how late he was but it would have to wait until id cum. Normally I'm quite submissive but I'm happy to switch and i was in the mood for it last night. I took hold of a hand full of his hair and ground myself on his face covering him in my cum. then told him until i said so he couldn't touch his cock again.

For the next couple of hours I teased him so much, made him wear my panties and forced him to watch me cum from just inches away from his face and not allow him to touch himself or me. He was begging to plunge himself into me so I let him rest the tip of his cock an the entrance of my dripping wet cunt. He was shaking by this point and with a very red ass from the delightful spanking I gave him because he had adjusted himself.

I was all too much for him, he decided to take what was rightfully his. It was what I hoped he would do, take back control, take me. He pinned me down and fucked me so hard telling me I deserved it for being a dirty teasing slut, god I came so hard, pinned down and so full of his beautiful big cock.

We eventually got dressed and headed out for dinner, it was nice to have a change of scenery but I wanted to get back and get filthy again as soon as possible.

We played all night and he ate dessert out of me followed by the deepest anal fisting I have managed. Its taken nearly 6 months to manage it, each time he has pushed me more, it was December I managed it for the first time but could only cope a few seconds, it was so intense, but last night i managed very well. We did it in the kitchen and the sound of my gushing as i came splattering on the kitchen floor was amazing. I might of mentioned before he has a shoe fetish and i ended up with my high heeled mary janes inserted in both holes, wow did it feel so good.

However this morning has to be the most outrageous thing we have ever done together. He'd woke me fucking me and as ever he'd ended up fucking my ass but he couldn't cum as he needed to pee..... i had an idea.... pee in my ass.... so he stopped still and within seconds I felt him fill me, it was an amazing experience, it felt like his cock was swelling in my ass, growing bigger and deeper.... wow!

I must add it was a long run to the bathroom after!

So I'm at work, tired and tender, yearning to be near him again, only 2 more days of him then he flies home, unsure of our next meeting.

a week in review

24 orgasms 4 of which I gifted to myself in one day

2 men kissed me

1 woman pushed a toy inside me while she was taken by the therapist

1 old lover got back in touch and made me smile

1 man shared an intimate evening with me, we caught up and got naked

2 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
only 4 people loved my HNT offering - will have to try hardedr this week!

Have plans for Wednesday to meet an old friend, havent seen him for over a year.

Need to schedule a slot with the therapist, I am in need of a session.

This week I changed my profile picture on the swinging site, it has created alot of interest but as ever it underlines and put in bold that there are some idiots out there and so many people seem incapable of messaging with out using text speak! do you have this in the USA? it drives me mad!!

Thursday 14 October 2010

HNT - Centre of attention

Lay there, tied to the bed with all of J's 8 inches inside me, 'A' kissing me and playing with my breasts, it was such a moment of sexually luxury.

Happy HNT sexy peeps

Wednesday 13 October 2010

The foursome 2 weeks ago

I arrived at hotel just after 6pm and enjoyed kissing and chatting with J, he was helping me relax from a stressful day.

&pm came and the phone rang the couple were outside, we greeted them, it was a sexy couple I had met for drink some time ago so it was a delight and a lush surprise to have there company for the night.

We went to the room chatted and j started to play with me, trying to get the evening started, before I knew it i was undressed and breathless.

Within a few minutes j tied me to the bed and the 3 of them started what was such an indulgence, I was to be there toy for the night, all taking turns fucking my mouth and cunt and with her toying me and riding my face.

When they left j dominated me, tying me, spanking me and fucking me, then he made me beg to cum, keeping me on the edge until I couldn't hold back any longer, ending in the most wonderful cuddle.

(although I did wake in the middle of the night to discover the bullet was still inside me and on!)

As ever we woke and enjoyed slowly passionate sex in the morning, him burying him self deep inside me.

I will let the pictures say the rest

Monday 11 October 2010

Tmi Tuesday- happy birthday Therapist

It's the therapists birthday today, I was a surprise gift for him. his woman asked me to join them and give him a treat. Not many men get 2 filthy women for their birthday... And yes that's him having his cake and eating it (while looking a tad naughty in stockings).

I thought I would share for my TMI my top 5 therapist moments

1. Total sensory depravation, tied, blind folded and ear plugs. He then affectionately abused me, every touch is so intense

2. Sneaking in my house at 8am and slipping in bed while I was asleep, then talking filthy to me as he strummed my clit, telling me I can't cum, I hadn't earned it yet

3. First time he fisted my ass, I squirted everywhere, his face was a picture and it felt amazing

4. When he tied me to the bed and then lay his woman between my legs are fucked her

5. When he spanked and flogged me until I came (that was tonight) (pictures later this week)

As a bonus.... Today he tied me to the bed, attached a nipple chain to me and then tied that to the bed, pegged my cunt lips, inserted a vibe and then bent his woman over and fucked her while she pushed the vibe deep inside me.

I think he liked his birthday :)

A week in review

23 orgasms

2 men kissed me

1 man came over me 3 times

1 therapy session and a damn haed spanking

1 cuddle with an old friend and 3 firsts for him

1 man cancelled on me :(

4 people confessed to cumming while reading the blog (filthy things :P)

Off to deliver a birthday present for the therapist.... i would want he will enjoy most?

Im in need of intimacy, life is being a tad to harsh to me and I could really do with a little more than what I'm getting. Having theurge to play hard to compensate but I know thats not the answer.

Saturday 9 October 2010

What the critics said about me

The swing site I'm on encourages feedback being posted about people so that you can gauge who is a time waster and who is genuine, i thought you might be interested in what some of my play mates have said about me over the last year or so.

I met Yummy yesterday for a delicious, tactile time both in bed and in the shower. I can't wait to buy you another coffee and discuss the state of the economy!
23 September 2010

met sexy Yummy and her equally sexy friend m 17th sept, J and I had a very yummy sexy time with both of them delving into their delights can't wait til next time we swap toys boys and girls ooooh yes! Xx
19 September 2010

Yummy is a genuine and very sexy lady. What i would say is if your less than 6 foot probably don't bother... but if you over 6 foot she is worth taking some time and effort to get to know then you will be in for a real treat. Would definately meet her again..and yes she does play.
7 September 2010

met this hot sensual woman on several occasions and it just gets better every time. She is gorgeous and has an ass to die for and what a sexy voice. Lads if you are lucky enough grab hold of the opertunity with both hands and enjoy!!!
4 September 2010

well well well,a few one worders to describe our meets, intimate, sensual,probing,leaking,gushing,feckin filthy,, right up my street, articulate, witty,cool,chilled.filthy and dammed good company,,was thast one worders or two,,,, to be frank shes a corker
25 August 2010

Met Yummy on many occasions now and will continue to do so. Great company and totally fantastic in bed. She really knows how to please a chappie be it with her mouth, pussy, tits,feet and whatever else you would care to think of!! Very very keen to please and please she does, great with both the ladies and gents ( as long as you are a gent). Always a pleasure to have pleasure with and long may it continue....xxxx
23 August 2010

Good things come all over those who wait... It's been ages since I met yummy and I'm delighted that she found her way back to Edinburgh again on Friday. She has been on a voyage of discovery since we last met and done some remarkably naughty things. I'd tell you what we got up to, but I'd have to kill you, so you'll just have to ask her. But it was deeply filthy, excitingly kinky and still very affectionate fun. Always a mind-blowing pleasure, even if as ever, a thoroughly exhausting one!
24 May 2010

Known Yummy for over a year now, what a hot sexy and seductive lady, totally sexyal, with a vivid imagination, plenty more I wish to explore with her
12 May 2010

Yummy is a deliciously decadent and extremely entertaining lady in public, and fabulously filthy fun in private. She's also imaginative, interesting and indefatigable, so if you're lucky enough to engage her attention, remember to take your vitamins and have lots of sleep before you meet her... You won't get any when you do!
11 May 2010

And when playing as a couple....
met this sexy and oh so naughty couple for a couple of hours of horny naked fun on Friday. Yummy is a fantastic dirty lady who is such fun to be around and loves to play and be played with, M can pleasure you with his tongue and fingers for hours, can't wait until next time to use the rest of both sets of toys hmmmmmmm xxx

met this cpl in Edinburgh on the 12th for a drink and then on to a club.....A very gen cpl and very friendly....thanks for good night guys. Mark and Amanda

Met Hector and Yummy in Edinburgh and had a fantastic night and morning with them. What a pity we were both working the next day or we would have stayed longer with them. Thanks guys and cannot wait until the next time xxx.

Well! Absolute pleasure to be around with. very friendly, will make anyone at ease and there is nothing i can say other than "perfect". Thanks guys n gals :) If you get the chance to meet up with these two or go to one of there parties, then i recommend it highly.

Fabulous company, positively brimming, nay ooozing with naughtiness! Would love to attend their party on the 12th, might even wear a kilt to allow easy access ;-) Rock on

had an amazing night with these two me and my buddy - not on this site- explored a few new pleasures - lets say seeing yummy under all all three of us was amazing ... H is great fun to and a great laugh .. lets just say do play with these two and ensure a few red bulls are at the ready

Anyone care to add?

Thursday 7 October 2010

HNT with or without

With or with out?

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Friend just sent me this, I laughed so hard

things any better?
this might cheer you up!

we live with the old lady she is 92 we have a labrador,he is a year old and into everything I love him to bits he is so bouncy and always wants to play!

Tonight I went in the back room where the old lady sits to give him his medication and she was playing with the dog, she was throwing a toy across the room I took no notice the dog then followed me back into the room where my wife and her friend was sat chatting, the dog drop the toy on the friends knee and i nearly died it was only a black rubber dildo he must of found it in her bed hahahahahahaha it is huge the friend nearly wet herself laughing and my wifes face was scarlet, the old lady had been playing fetch with him earlier and did not realise what it was lol.

You think you have troubles lol.

**picture not from friend! Just google x

TMI Tuesday - Random facts about me

1. How old were you when you have your first Bi experience?
13, but first proper experience I was about 24

2. What was your largest group experience?
18 what a party that was!

3. What is the youngest and oldest male and female partner?
youngest is a guy called James, he lied, said he was 28, he was 20!
oldest would be 54, both male and female

4. Ever fucked on drugs?
Erm yes

5. Have you ever had casual sex and not even asked there names?
Yes, cant beat that heat of the moment drunk sex!

Monday 4 October 2010

A week in review

The week ended as it begun! tied to the bed and being abused.

3 men kissed me 1 women kissed me and another held my hand as i came

1 MFF 3some

1 MFMF 4some

I have know idea how many times I came

I know that 3 people have cum reading my blog you filthy filthy things (any more confessions?) :)

1 man made me beg to cum

1 man cuddled me in bed, I love feeling so feminine wrapped up in a tall mans arms

Strangest request this week has to be on my fabswingers profile, some guy asked if he could give me a pedicure! hell yeah! will you paint them after?

Favourite request The tall man is back on the scene, hoping to meet with him later this week. Hoping to get naked and intimate, I so miss intimacy. He does seem to have the confidence and emotional ability to taking things there.

Friday 1 October 2010

From one of my fav bloggers

He sent me this a few weeks ago, his blog was very hot if you like spanking and anal (as you know I do) He has awarded my blog twice for which I am grateful and flattered but none more so than what he wrote for me....

She is the most sensual, most sexciting woman that I have ever met, and I haven’t actually met her yet. We’ve only corresponded and exchanged photos. Every thought from her provokes me in a tangibly thrilling way. Every photo she shares engorges me and I ache with desire as I read her every word.

Now, in my trembling hand is an invitation to see her in the flesh, the very flesh that has filled all my dreams and fantasies. My knees shake, the paper shakes wafting its intoxicating odor to my nostrils. I can only hope that she carried the paper against her vulva day and night. This alone sends me to ecstasy undreamed of.

How can I answer this incitation? How can I dare face my dream in the flesh?

I am not worthy. I would bow before her, but I must not.

She’s the one to bow, to kneel, to grovel, to obey.

Hers is the need and desire most important.

I must take power over her and make her my own, if only just briefly.

She must remember it, the time of ultimate submission, shame, and humiliation.

Her devotion must be to me and me alone…..for that time alone.

She must remember the tears, the joy, the pain, the love expended in a fleeting moment …come and gone as an eye blinks, never to be repeated exactly that way again.

I must plan a plan worthy of a goddess supremely submissive

Counting on me and me alone

to make her juices flow unendingly,

to make her flesh quiver in rapturous ecstasy,

to open her holes to accept more than they’ve ever accepted before,

to pinch and squeeze and stretch her tenderness and dearness

harder, tighter and farther than limits should allow.

Yes, a plan……….one of ultimate possession.

Here is my plan.

She will have her orders and she must obey them.

Consequences would be severe indeed.

She must be ready and waiting.

Waiting for me, yes, me, her master in this moment, the one of all moments.

She will have arranged herself in this manner:..........

He watched her lying on the floor. Without instructions, she did not know what to do. She laid there trying to relax, waiting. She didn’t know if he was in the room or not. She put her right hand down between her legs and fingered herself. She just could not help it, it was too tempting. It was just too much of a habit. She had to do it all the time, all the time.

He approached quietly, watching her. She was wet, she was breathing hard, she was nearing…

He would not let it happen. He used his foot to push her hand away. She cried. He bent over and separated her legs, pushing them as far apart as they would go. He picked up the strap and straddled her abdomen. He raised the strap and brought it down hard on hr vulva. She jumped and cried out. He hit her again and again. She softened her voice to whimpers. Three more times the strap fell on her pussy. She squirmed, her buttocks clenched, her legs wanted to close.

He brought a bucked of ice cubes and knelt between her legs. He pushed an ice cube into her vagina. Then another one and another one followed until no more would fit. He pegged her lips closed with as many pegs as would fit on the whole length of labia. She shivered.

He took the ropes on her wrists and extended them to the legs of the bed and tied them securely. He raised her legs over her and tied the ropes from her ankles to the bed posts. He tied a rope around her both her legs at the knees. He made it taut, but did not force it. From the box of pegs that he had, he selected two that had hooks. These he clipped to her nipples. He twisted them and ran a rope from the hook to the line across her legs. He stretched her breasts as far up as they would go.

He started just above her elbow and clipped pegs on the bottom of her arm to her armpit and down her side to her waist. He did this on both sides. Then he started clipping pegs to her breasts. He formed two circles of pegs on each breast. He put more pegs on the backs of her thighs until he ran out of them.

He used his fingers to squeeze and raise a part of her ass and he put his mouth over this and bit her hard enough to make her gasp and to leave temporary teeth marks. He did this in several places.

Play time was ending. Time to get serious. He picked up the riding crop and struck the pegs, knocking them off. He just swung at random. There were enough on her and it was hard to miss one regardless where he struck. Any stubborn ones that remained required him to aim and to hit very hard. Eventually he got them all off, even the ones holding her labia together, letting the water from the melted ice cubes to spill down her abdomen.

He picked up the strap and used it on her now open vulva. He slapped it hard causing more water to spill from her vagina. He slapped it until she cried out loud and then he slapped it a few more time, just to hear her yell.

He jammed the handle of the strap into her asshole as far as he could force it.

He untied her ankles and let her legs fall to the floor. He untied her wrists and rolled her over onto her stomach. He pushed her legs wide apart and pulled the strap out of her rectum and used it to whip the insides of her thighs. Again, he kept it up until she yelled and begged him to stop.

He retrieved the stainless steel hook and reinserted it into her rectum. He used it to lift her into a standing position. He forced her to the foot of the bed and tied her ankles to opposite legs of the bed.

He tied her wrists behind her back and lifted them up as high as he could forcing her to bend over until her head was almost on the mattress. He hooked her wrists to a rope hanging from the ceiling.

He retrieved the strap again and beat her ass with it. This time he did not stop when she yelled and cried and begged him to stop. He hit her until he got tired. She became hoarse from yelling and crying and was finally silent.

He was quite hard now and stepped behind her. He put his cock at her ass hole and rammed it in. He went it to the hilt in one thrust. He grabbed her by the hood and pulled himself into her time after time after time.

He pulled out and got on the bed with his cock right under her head. He forced it into her mouth and holding onto the hood again he plunged her head down onto him until his cock rammed against the back of her throat. He did this until he felt like coming. He let himself go and filled her throat with his cum.

Now bored with her, he left.

(thank you BT xx)