Monday 18 October 2010

The most amazing night with HIM

He was late again that night, always late, always work.

I fell asleep waiting for him, catching up on some of last nights missed sleep. I was woke be the feeling of a hungry tongue in my crotch. I love to be woke up this was, just like this morning i was woke by his hardness inside me. I was mad at how late he was but it would have to wait until id cum. Normally I'm quite submissive but I'm happy to switch and i was in the mood for it last night. I took hold of a hand full of his hair and ground myself on his face covering him in my cum. then told him until i said so he couldn't touch his cock again.

For the next couple of hours I teased him so much, made him wear my panties and forced him to watch me cum from just inches away from his face and not allow him to touch himself or me. He was begging to plunge himself into me so I let him rest the tip of his cock an the entrance of my dripping wet cunt. He was shaking by this point and with a very red ass from the delightful spanking I gave him because he had adjusted himself.

I was all too much for him, he decided to take what was rightfully his. It was what I hoped he would do, take back control, take me. He pinned me down and fucked me so hard telling me I deserved it for being a dirty teasing slut, god I came so hard, pinned down and so full of his beautiful big cock.

We eventually got dressed and headed out for dinner, it was nice to have a change of scenery but I wanted to get back and get filthy again as soon as possible.

We played all night and he ate dessert out of me followed by the deepest anal fisting I have managed. Its taken nearly 6 months to manage it, each time he has pushed me more, it was December I managed it for the first time but could only cope a few seconds, it was so intense, but last night i managed very well. We did it in the kitchen and the sound of my gushing as i came splattering on the kitchen floor was amazing. I might of mentioned before he has a shoe fetish and i ended up with my high heeled mary janes inserted in both holes, wow did it feel so good.

However this morning has to be the most outrageous thing we have ever done together. He'd woke me fucking me and as ever he'd ended up fucking my ass but he couldn't cum as he needed to pee..... i had an idea.... pee in my ass.... so he stopped still and within seconds I felt him fill me, it was an amazing experience, it felt like his cock was swelling in my ass, growing bigger and deeper.... wow!

I must add it was a long run to the bathroom after!

So I'm at work, tired and tender, yearning to be near him again, only 2 more days of him then he flies home, unsure of our next meeting.


  1. Totally amazing - to be a fly on the wall during that...

  2. yes, what he said.

  3. Wow sounds like a fantastic time! X

  4. I think you did a good job in making him pay for being late.