Thursday 24 February 2011

HNT - all 10 inches

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Tuesday 22 February 2011

TMI - Coitus Interruptus

Topic: coitus interruptus - have you ever had sex interrupted by

1. phone or visitor
Yes! Several occasions, once though I took a conference call with a client while my partner continued to lick me.

2. sickness or injury
Yes! Both knee caps popped out of joint (a frequent occurrence as I broke them both when I was younger) but worse thing was his parents were due home any moment and I was stuck ontop!

3. a fight
nope, I’m a lover not a fighter, I rarely even raise my voice unless in defense of others

4. a sex technique disagreement
Yes! I will not do 69, Apart from a man would have to be over 6ft 4 to manage the logistics of me being so tall, I can not concentrate on giving head when getting attention. Why rush it, spend time on each other?? At least that was my argument he said I was selfish I put my pants on and left

5. an enviromental problem such as excessive cold or heat
Yes! Hotel had no aircon and it was so hot outside, no air circulating, we had been fucking for a few hours and the sweat was pouring out of us to the point we both got dehydrated, we went to the bar got drunk and then restarted the fun when refreshed and armed with a bucket of ice

6. lack of preparation
Yes! Why would a guy who swings not bring condoms? He thought I wouldn’t mind FFS!

7. any other amusing or interesting cause
hmm… stopped to be sick? Does that count? All that motion of the ocean as we fucked while very drunk made me a tad green around the gills!

Or perhaps cum in my eye lol god that stings more than you would think! I spent the following half hour bathing my eye in bathroom.

Wishing you a tantalizing Tuesday Virtual sin for these suggestions last week.

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Thursday 17 February 2011

I know size doesn't matter, but have you ever had the opportunity to have sex with a very well hung guy and done it simply because he was well hung?

I'm more for the size of a mans brain than his cock. Yes I've had the pleasure of a few very nice big cocks in my time but it doesn't define how great the sex is.

Ask me anything

what's your favorite website to vie porn online?

Ask me anything

public sex or private gangbang?

Private gang bang please

Ask me anything

heyyyyyy sexy???? what do u want to do with me or to me?????

Block you from asking such stupid questions perhaps would be first then move onto payback.

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HNT and the rest of the circus night

So the MAN BIRD is escorted out the room and after a calming walk in the car park and alot of mouth wash the get back in the mood. The next part of the evenings surprise is here, the phone rings, J tells me he has a couple coming but as ever the woman cant make it! same old story, we tell him to go away but he suggest he invites his other couple friends to join.

We decide what the hell, the night cant get worse, 30mins later he calls again they have arrived. we bring them to the room and the nightmare (which you have to laugh at) begins. The woman is a gob on legs, she doesnt shut up, she is ranting ob how she wants fucked, how she never got fucked at the weekend and that she doesnt need to know our names or anything, just fucked. the single guy is quiet and says nothing. The hubby is vile and im being complimentary and kind with that comment. Me and J decide best way forward is just to enjoy ourselves so we play on the bed with each other. They all get naked and the woman stands at the side of the bed wanking both guys.

For the first time she has gone quiet, she is watching the TV (thats the television in case you thought MAN BIRD has reentered the room) she is catatonic no expression just wanking and watching. I start to giggle. J leans in to pretend to kiss me to hide my laughter. We both make an approach on her thigh and she does nothing, no moment or reaction. its mad!!!

Im sucking J no and her husband asks to take the rear gaurd. J tells him to put on a condom and he refuses, he says he's had the snip, ffs! what planet is he on??? he thinks its because I dont want his ugly children!

Because I wont play bareback he removes himself from play, his wife is now catatonic but on J's cock saying nothing, no expression of pleasure and he has a very pleasurable cock indeed!

They decide to leave (thank god!) but the other guy thinks he is invisible, he still hasnt spoken, just stood there wanking as this bizarre woman starts ranting again and telling us about her husbands heart condition while me and J fuck merrily on the bed. She seems oblivious to us ignoring her and enjoying ourselves.

As the room emptied we roll around laughing on the bed. pinching each other to check this was real, the night had been inexplicably mad! We soon got down to business and played long and hard all night. J hasn't fucked my ass before but this night he did, he also indulge a few other of my pleasures.

Cant wait for next time!

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Tuesday 15 February 2011

TMI - Random sexual facts - Limits list review

I thought since its been nearly a year I would revisit my limits list and see if ive changed my mind:

Anal Sex YES PLEASE!!!!

Anal Plugs (small) er as above

Anal Plugs (large) mmmm yes please and help me get it in if you dont mind?

Anal Plug (public under clothes) yes but i must say it made me fidgit during dinner

Animal Roles , neigh! no my bag but do like those pony but plugs, they look like fun.

Arm and leg sleeves (armbinders) is that the bondage tape stuff? if so yes love to try

Aromas yep, very sensitive to smell

Asphyxiation - not sure on this one, i like breath play, just experimenting with that at the min

Auctioned for charity ???????????? and have the embarasment of nobody bidding for me??? no thanks I'd be mortified

Ball Stretching - dont have any!

Bathroom use control - yep, love to not be allowed to pee and forced to have sex with a full bladder

Beastiality - erm no thanks

Beating (soft) - yes so long as its done with affection.

Beating (hard) - no, i have a family to go home too so I cant risk a mark and dont see the pleasure

Blindfolding - love it! love any sensory deprivation

Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood) - does that included having sex when on period and getting messy??

Being Serviced (sexual) yep

Being bitten - on my back and ass please!

Breast/chest bondage - yep, harder please!!

Breath control - i am enjoying some breath play but not extreme, just enough to help the imagination

Branding - not a chance!

Boot Worship - on me yes please

Bondage (light) - check

Bondage (heavy) - check

Bondage (multi-day) - checkety check!

Bondage (public under clothing) - hmm off to ponder how so! but yes

Breast whipping - yes please just dont mark me

Brown showers (scat) - nope, not my scene (urgh)

Cages (locked inside) - have to be a bloody big cage! but id fancy that, always fantasized about being in a grope box in a club

Caning - yes love it

Castration fantasy - not my bag

Catheterization - yes, thinking about trying this

Cattle prod (electrical toy) - hmmm, id like to try a violet wand

Cells/Closets (locked inside of) - nope

Chains - any bondage is good for me

Chamber pot use - nope

Chastity belts - yes please, something so sexy about them, was wanking last night over thought of being waxed closed.

Chauffeuring - is that like driving my dom around?? if so he will be so pissed of with me, my usual trick is to get to venue and get drunk before anyone else so I can't drive!

Choking - not my bag, but I dont mind gagging on a big cock in my throat?

Chores (domestic service) - I pay £9 per hour and the list is on the wall in the utility room

Clothespins - hell yes! love them, had 50 on my pussy lips! ask if you want to see a pic!!

Cock rings/straps - yes love to see them on a well hung chap

Cock worship - I do, I love thee, I love the shiney helmet down to the broad base it meets my lover

Collars (worn in private), Yes now love this

Collars (worn in public) , nope

Competitions (with other subs) nope, far too competitive and I hate to lose

Corsets (wearing casually) god yes, thats why god gave me curves!

Corsets (trained waist reduction) i wish!

Cuffs (leather) yep

Cuffs (metal) oooo love to try

Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas)- no thanks not my bag

Diapers (wearing) not for me

Diapers (wetting) not for me

Diapers (soiling) defo not for me

Dilation - need help here, are we talking being held open or something totally different???

Dildos - god yes as many as you can fit please

Double Penetration - Ive only done it with a toy and a partner, Ive always had such a fantasy about this that I dont want to blow it on a quicky

Electricity - love to try

Enemas (for cleansing) - yes so long as evacuation is in private

Enemas ( retention/punishment) - love to try

Enforced chastity - mmm sounds a good game

Erotic Dance (for audience) - yes but im sure it doesnt look as good as it does in my head! It would be like that scene when jamie lee curtis falls on floor when dancing for Arni in true lies

Examinations (physical) yes - is there a doctor in the house?

Exercise (forced/required) - FFS why would I do that for sex?

Exhibitionism (friends) - yep

Exhibitionism (strangers) - yep

Eye contact restrictions - nope

Face Slapping - erm dunno - kind of like it but can risk any marks

Fantasy Abandonment - yep

Fantasy rape - yes, tried this now and enjoyed it alot

Fantasy gang rape - yes, this is ione of the main thoughts I have when masturbating

Fear (being scared) - only if I really trusted the person, I did this with the farmer the last time i saw him and it was very powerful feeling

Fisting (anal) - er yes! have you read my blog!

Fisting (vaginal) - yes, and double and one in each hole

Flame play - nope my insurance wouldnt cover me!

Following orders - hmm depends on mood sometimes I like to take the punnishment

Foot worship - worship mine

Forced bedwetting - only if putting out afore mentioned flames

Forced Bi - oh no! please dont make me kiss a beautiful woman

forced dressing - yep

Forced eating - depends on what it is, if its chocolate fill yer boots!

Forced homosexuality - have a fantasy of it but dont think I could force someone to partake unless it was fantasy forced

Forced heterosexuality

Forced masturbation - I think id cope

Forced nudity (private) - yep

Forced nudity (around others) - dont think so

Forced Servitude - nope, role play in bedroom maybe

Forced Straight - ok

Forced smoking - I'll bring the cigs

Forced TV / Gender Change - sounds fun

Full head hoods – yes tried this with Jack and thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to take it a step further

More to follow next week :)

Monday 14 February 2011


What I'd love today:

Being teased for ages until im close to cumming, then spanked until my wetness runs down my legs follwoed by dirty, filthy sex then lie in my lovers arms spooning, squeezing my nipples and fingering me until he is hard again and makes love to me slowly and diliberatly.

Sunday 13 February 2011

Week in review

Ive been a bit naughty and skipped a few weeks but back on track again so here it goes:

6 orgasms, all gifted to myself

No body fucked me (no sex for a few weeks now)

2 men kissed me

1 man carressed my nipples as we sat in the car drinking coffee, when he left I got my bullet out and came

1 man spanked me and took my HNT pictures

9 peeps loved my HNT picture, number 2 (of 3) seems to of been the top fav
0, ziltch, nobody liked my OHNT

Booked train tickets for business trip to London, meeting while down there. This will be my first ever blog meet, feels funny when we know so much about each other but nothing at all?? anyway it should be a hoot!

This week Im meeting the nipple caressing man and a new friend Ive been talking to for a while who is into the BDSM scene.

Thursday 10 February 2011

HNT - IPhone 4 theme

Osbasso set a theme this week of the IPhone 4 due to some quirky geeky thing that is happening but Im always up for a challenge and a little bit of fun.

As for my IPhone... I love it... id die without it... and I would be dead if the husband ever unlocked it!

I blog from it, store pictures, email, I do 80% of my work on it, but the things I did today with it are definately firsts!

I couldnt decide which picture to post so I went with all!

Whats you favourite?

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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Can I help you Madam?

So I'm in a huge DIY store (b&q) just checking out the lighting department and then realise it's time to go.

As I walk through the store, dressed in a smart black dress, fishnet stayup stockings and heels, I felt that most dreaded of things.... The stocking top went. I stop still and clamp my thighs together to stop it making a run for my ankle. The place is busy so I can't just make an adjustment without drawing too much attention to myself.

I walk, thighs clamped, towards the wood stain section, it seems quiet, I lift skirt and adjust stocking just in time.

The voice from behind me makes me jump "can I help you madam" the helpful member if staff says with a big smile if his face!!!

I giggled and walked quickly for the door. Sat outside now still laughing.

Monday 7 February 2011

TMI - random sexual facts

Im ill so sorry for lacking jn naughty posts... Promise to get back on it later this week as there is still the second part of the circus night to post.

5 things I'm aching for tonight

1) a man to hold me as I fall asleep

2) a man to wake me and push inside me before I utter a word or open my eyes

3) a man to stand behind me and kiss my neck as he whispers how much he wants me

4) a man to tease me until I'm about to cum and enter me and cum together

5) a man to stay inside me until hard again and fuck me hard

Add to that a damn good spanking, a good kiss and some nipple play and I would be a happy girl :)

Saturday 5 February 2011


TMI random sexual facts, what made me cum so much last night

What made me cum last night

1) kissing and gently touching on the sofa while the farmer whispered tenderness and utter filth to me
2) spooning and being held so tightly while the farmer held my clit so firmly
3) being pinned down and fuck hard in both holds
4) being fisted so hard and deep until I was crying
5) being pinned down, the farmers hand over my mouth and nose making me gasp for air as he spanked my pussy and clit hard

I had to beg to cum, he kept teasing me and calling me greedy fir wanting to cum do badly. He told me no and spank my pussy harder and rubbed me do hard on my sensitive clit, he pulled at my nipples until I could hold back no more and just came.

He held me all night and fucked me even harder this morning before fucking my throat and shooting his cum straight down it.