Monday 31 January 2011

TMI Tuesday -random facts about me

Great questions from Hedone this week that I'm steeling a selection from as I'm to stoned on painkillers to have inspiration. Had wisdom tooth out today and they had to cut part of jaw away so I'm in agony and feeling like a space cadet.

Yes I'm British I think we travel more than most. I'm lucky also that I get to travel with my job all over the world. It's still on the cards I may need to go to Washington and Pennsylvania this year. I also travel to the middle east and Europe.

Ahem... What didn't I do :)but here are a few posts of some I did!

A) brought the whole thing to a stand still
B) enjoy a 3some with 2 ladies
C) pass out and not play

Erm yes today (Monday) sat here holding tissue to my mouth in agony. Just had part of jaw removed to get a wisdom tooth out.

Also had:
Both legs pinned as I broke them in accident plus 4 extra operations on ligaments
Emergency hernia repair
Gaul bladder removed
Csection with one child birth
Lymphectomy To remove tumour
Colopcospicy To remove cervical cancer cells
Skin cancer removed
Erm think that's it?!!

My eyes and my smile and my nipples! Lol I'm told my eyes speak louder than I do and you can see how naughty I am.

17 hour session with J With a few visitors who came and went but I didn't fuck.

Yes, shoes! Not just buying them but them being all over the place. There are 8 pairs in my car and 3 boxes of new shoes on the floor in bedroom. Just noticed 2 pairs of boots in hallway and 2 pairs of heels on the stairs..... Then there us the wardrobe :)

I use sex as a destress, it's very rare I get angry I'm more likely to rationalise and approach things calmly. If I am stressed I used to love quick hard sex, walk in lift dress and pull panties aside and get a pounding from the Hubby. But that hasn't happened for a long time, I think the therapist has helped more in recent times with spanking. He has commented the more stressed or the more I have on my plate the harder I take.

Love me as I am or leave me where you found me

How many sexual encounters have you had outside of your current marriage?

Encounters lots, relationships that count I can count on one hand

Ask me anything

How could one as beautiful as you be invisible at home?

If only I knew the answer to that. If he could really see me and give more a little instead of just taking I would be happy and I would be faithful.

Ask me anything

Last year, for Valentines, I bought my (fairly vanilla) wife a Tshirt and a pair of knickers. The Tshirt said "My husband adores me" and the knickers said "Start at my spiky heels, and kiss your way up" What slogans would make you feel good about yourself

Enter at owners risk!

Proceed with caution

Men at work

Handle with care

On a serious note... Erm... Nope don't have a serious note

Danger Loose man hole cover??

Ask me anything

When was the first time you made love.... how did it feel...... and if god ever gave you a chance to be reborn with all this conciseness how would you prefer your first time be...

I think the first time truly was with M I remember we had been playing hard and we were on the floor just talking and kissing as we did. I remember wanting to tell him I had feelings for him but not knowing how. He mounted me and slowly we made love, I hadn't had to say anything. He had normally withdrawn and covered me but this time he stayed inside me and we lay together. Then we go naughty again!

Another chance hmm I'd of preferred my first time I had sex to of been making love.

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Sunday 30 January 2011

Friday 28 January 2011

The circus of an evening... entertaining and funny!

I get to hotel and start getting dress, an online friend was also staying at the hotel so I told him to pop along while I dressed. Poor thing has been begging for weeks to meet me and when he does I was keeping him at arms length and talking about the fun planned.

I allowed him to attach my stockings on and then ushered him out the room with his erection. To make matters worse for the guy he was next door and was to hear us partying all night long.

J arrived with supplies I thought we would have more time alone but within minutes he ties me to the bed and blindfolds me, there is a surprise downstairs apparently.

Im tied tight, lay there in my leopard print basque, stockings and heels with a very wet pussy. He leaves the room and im nervous but so excited, he seemed ages, then the door went. Im listening intently trying to hear who it is... I can only hear one person and I think its J but I cant be sure. Im quivering and can hear my breath quicken. A gentle touch starts at my ankle and works its way up my leg. it touches me everywhere except for where i need it. Im waiting for more hands but they dont come. Im confuse, nervous, excited and so aroused, perhaps they are standing near the door. I jump as I hear the door go, I giggle nervously as I hear someone approach. I hear people undress, bag zips, whispering but no touching me yet.

Then I feel someone mount the bed and the sting of a teasing smack on my thighs. Then nothing. I think they were knelt between my legs, I hear the swoosh of a riding crop and a stinging noise... it wasnt on me. it made the person between my legs jump.

I still cant work out who is there, if its a male or female, if there are 1, 2 or more people in the room. All I know is i want to cum.

I hear more whispering then the warmth of a tongue. It felt like a mans tongue but couldn't be sure and I couldn't tell through me stockings what their skin felt like.

I start to cum and they stop. I think J had instructed them to not let me cum. They keep teasing me. Then I feel her long hair on my thighs, I think its a single fem as J wouldn't be spanking a male. After relentlessly licking me to the edge of cuming she goes to 69 me... which is impossible unless you are over 6ft 4 other wise I'm too tall. She is liking me and then pushing back onto my face every now and then... I'm thrown, I'm no expert but she tasted different... I put it down to using lube then I go to lick her clit and it seems so different to what I know. Just as my confusion sets in I cum from the delightful licking. Then as she pushes back onto me the penny drops ... its a transsexual! OMG!

The penny just dropped with J and within seconds he is receiving 'the emergency'phone call... you know the one... granny has been arrested or hamster has given birth...

The blind fold is taken off and there she was... we all dressed and we quickly headed out the room to deal with our emergency... as we got to the car park and she left me and J burst into giggles and tried to fit the pieces together.

Now don't get me wrong I have no axe to grind with transsexuals but what does get me is not being upfront and allowing people to get into uncomfortable situations like that. But you have to admit she looks good on the pictures so i can see how J was duped!

Anyway after once round the block we get back to the hotel and its about 7;30pm and a couple are on their way to meet us... lets just say the next part of the tale gets even funnier.

Shall post the rest in the next day or so but check out yesterdays HNT for more pictures of the night.

Thursday 27 January 2011

HNT - New shoes


it was a night of 3 halves, you will wet yourself when you hear the full nights tale... This was a high point with J.

Pop back later in the week for the funny and filthy details.

Happy HNT sexy peeps

Next week im doing chinese new year as a theme... I see you look puzzled... its year of the rabbit :)

Join in the fun...

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Tuesday 25 January 2011

TMI random sexual facts, what made me cum so much last night

What made me cum last night

1) kissing and gently touching on the sofa while the farmer whispered tenderness and utter filth to me
2) spooning and being held so tightly while the farmer held my clit so firmly
3) being pinned down and fuck hard in both holds
4) being fisted so hard and deep until I was crying
5) being pinned down, the farmers hand over my mouth and nose making me gasp for air as he spanked my pussy and clit hard

I had to beg to cum, he kept teasing me and calling me greedy fir wanting to cum do badly. He told me no and spank my pussy harder and rubbed me do hard on my sensitive clit, he pulled at my nipples until I could hold back no more and just came.

He held me all night and fucked me even harder this morning before fucking my throat and shooting his cum straight down it.

ever had sex in a public place?

Yes, a club, bar, restaurant, car park public park, forest...

ever had sex in a public place?

Yes, a club, bar, restaurant, car park public park, forest...

Which would turn you on more, having a clothed man make look at you while you were naked, or looking at a naked man while you were clothed?

I think a clothed man looking at me naked it would make me feel vulnerable and that arouses me.

Ask me anything

Sunday 23 January 2011

Ask me anything, OK, here I go Have you ever consider becoming a 'key holder' of a man in a chastity device, or being in control of when a man is allowed to cum / orgasm ?

I have controlled a mans orgasms, I took a sub last year but he was too demanding of my time and I don't have much time to myself let alone share it. It was very arousing to fo it and to send him tasks to do. I used to make him sleep in her flat mates panties and go to Uni with a ribbon tied round his cock to remind him of me.

Ask me anything

I'm a bit confused - how much does your husband know about your exploits and has he read the blog? Poor bloke is missing out on sexual dynamite.

He doesn't know about the blog, hence why I'm anon on here. For years He had no interest in sex with me so that's why I went on this adventure.

Ask me anything

Saturday 22 January 2011

Happy blogging anniversary

I started bloggng a year ago, I needed a friend to talk to that wouldnt judge just listen and be there if i needed them, the blog provided this and so much more.

Its funny looking back, the initial few months there are no pictures other than the off HNT which by my current standards are very very tame. Although the content of what I got up to was far far more graphic and kinky. But I suppose that reflects 2 relationships I had that were very intense and allowed such sexual exploration.

Looks like the blog will hot 70,000 visitors this month which is amazing! Im blown away with how many people come and visit. My first visitors and people to comment where:

All of which I remain friends with and Im excited to say Im meeting outsidevanilla in a few weeks. Im really looking forward to meeting him and his family, Im sure the evening will be full of laughter and tequilla!

Here is my first ever post


Been 7 weeks since I've seen him and I'm so excited I get 5 days with him.

The last time we locked ourselves away for 4 days, with only brief interuptions for work and more wine. Was hard parting as we knew it was going to be nearly 2 months until we got to see each other again, our longest ever. Add Christmas into the mix and its been hell.

Just got delivery of new underwear, Goks new leopard print set, should be a sexy treat. Just hoping the stockings i ordered are long enough!

Things have got so heated sexually the past few days on phone and msn, we are so aroused, I can only visualise the wild and passionate sex that will happen on Sunday. Ive decided to stay in bed to greet him instead of collecting from airport. I might even have an afternoon nap and let him wake me mmmm I love to be woken by him penetrating me and lets face it it might be the last sleep I have for days!

For those that stop and say hello I thank you so much, I love it when you comment and adore it when you share kind words.

Thursday 20 January 2011

HNT - hot bath

Having a hot bath and a few moments of alone time, mind wandered and so did my hands.

Happy HNT sexy peeps

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Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... the-otherhnt

Tuesday 18 January 2011

TMI Tuesday - random sexual facts.... 5 most amazing sexual moments

1) First time I was fisted.
I was lay on M's sofa, we had been teasing each other and enjoying hours of foreplay, I was soaking wet, he worked more and more fingers inside me, I was delirious with pleasure, then all of a sudden I came so hard, he had pushed his fist inside me and I gushed and squirted all over the sofa and him. I had never experienced anything like it before.

2) First BDSM experience
I bought the restraints for us a as play with him was getting more and more naughty and it was something I wanted to try, first time he tied me it was just my wrists, he bent me over the sofa and took what he wanted. He spanked me, fucked me, used ice and hot wax on me. I was dripping wet as he thoroughly abused and pleasured me. We moved to the middle of the room and he hog tied me and tripple penerated me, toys in both holes while he fucked me mouth.

3) When HE pissed in my ass
He had woke me pushing inside me and we slowly fucked without even opening our eyes, he couldn't cum because he needed to pee so he slowly filled my ass with it as he held me tightly.

4)First time I tried anal fisting
Me and M had been talking about it via email while I was away in the middle east. I had read a book that had featured it and it had aroused me and then M asked me the very next day if I fancied trying it. The day after I landed I went to his, it had been his birthday and I had some treats for him. We enjoyed playing for a while getting me aroused then he bent me over and fucked both holes, then started to work his fingers inside while still fucking my pussy. It felt so amazing. I think we only got to 4 fingers when I hit my limit, my head was in the clouds and obviously I couldn't see! perhaps M can confirm how many?

5)The First time I managed a full anal fisting.
It took literally months of anal training before I finally managed. The moment HE pushed inside me, Ive never cum like that in my life. I gushed so much it was like a tidal wave. I hit what I believe they call subspace in BDSM terms. It was so intense and mind blowing.

Planning a battle reenactment with M, if our previous encounters were anything go by its going to get messy and a lot of fun.

Sunday 16 January 2011

A week in review - sex in front of a log fire

3 orgasms (all gifted to myself)

1 man made love to me in front of a roaring fire (please note above lack of orgasms)

1 man said he had missed me and wants to get naked with me again. He is the man responsible for opening pandoras box and showing the sexual delights of the dark side, he has quite amusingly started to follow the blog as 'the box opener' so very very appropriate!!

6 of you liked my HNT and 3 liked my OHNT

I saw the farmer this week while I was out shopping. He looked hot, in builders gear and hard hat, was very arousing as he leant over and pecked me on the cheek but lingered.

Exciting news!!! I've been asked to judge sex blogger awards this year. Watch this space for details in the coming weeks of how and when to submit nominations etc.

Thursday 13 January 2011

HNT - blast from the past!

------Click to enjoy the full picture----

M got back in touch this week, he is the man that unlocked my naughtiness

This is an email i sent him, we did it most of it the following day.

Naughty thought... You hear me knock on the door, you open door to see I did as requested, I'm blindfolded, cuffed and wearing underwear, stockings and heels with a coat over my shoulders only, you remove the coat and I'm stood outside trembling with anticipation you take hold of the nipple chain you saw hanging over basque and pull me in the house. You push me forward over sofa to check I'm wearing the clit clamp, butt plug and if I'm freshly shaved. I'm not shaved, you change the cuffs so my hands are behind my back and spank me because I'm not ready for you. You then move me so I'm knelt on the floor over the sofa and shave me. You keep gently touching my clit teasing me making me so wet. I'm begging for your cock but you won't let me have it until I'm totally ready for you.
When I'm shaved and smooth I feel your tongue glide over my clit round to my ass penetrating both holes deep, I'm soaked and urging you to fuck me. Still you won't instead to tell me to kneel up and you sit infront of me and the push me head down onto your cock making me take the full length in, I hungrily suck you till you think I deserve to feel your cock within me, you go back behind me and rub the tip on my clit I beg you to fill me the head of your cock is pushing now against my soaked lips but still not enough, I need more, suddenly you push yourself hard and deep into me pull the nipple chain as you do. It takes my breath away as you remain deep inside me. I then feel the cold of an ice cube against my ass just as that shocks me the wax hits my bum and back, you feel my excitement and shock as my pussy tightens around your cock.

Happy HNT sexy peeps go see who else played at Osbasso's place.


Sunday 9 January 2011

A week in review

Nobody kissed me
Nobody fucked me
12 orgasms (3gifted to myself)
1 man spanked me
1 man made me gush and squirt as he fisted me
1new bullet, 3 speeds from!letc~ev!10201||et!letc~ev!44426||_40151_-1_10201_76644_10001_
1 man let me down (bastard!)
1 man told me I was beautiful just because he wanted too

Bought some new sexy undies, hopefully have good reason to wear them soon with my new heels.

I've rejoined and have been enjoying a mans attention, we are meeting for drinks tomorrow after work, worried he won't fancy me in the flesh buy I've got nothing too loose.

Worst chat up approach this week has too be:

"yo whats up,, looking all sexy and wanting some black meat,, u wana bring that tight white pussy here and ride my big black cock? x"

At least it made me laugh!

Been a while since I had full sex and even longer since I've made love. Need to remedy this asap.

3people like my OHNT (I don't think you can tell it's me this week)
14 People liked my HNT I think it had the most views of any of my hnt's ever!

Fingers crossed drinks go well tomorrow

Thursday 6 January 2011

HNT - want to pull down my panties?

~~~~~click pic to pull my panties down~~~~~~

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Tuesday 4 January 2011

TMI - random sexual facts

Hi everyone! Happy New Year it's time for the first TMI Tuesday of 2011. If you participate let me know so I can add a link to your TMI post.

Jan 4, 2011 - Virtual Sin idea

A few "what do you think" questions.

1. What drives your sex life? Rate the following factors: libido, relationship, play, convention. Add other factors you think order of importance...
libido - i have a high sex drive and I find myself getting emotionally frustrated without an outlet
relationship - i love to express my feelings through sex, whether its passion, affection, stress or even anger
play - i do adore to have an adventure
convention - doesn't factor for me

2. What sense turns you on? Vision, touch, scent, taste, other?touch and scent as well as the important part of having my mind stimulated. Vision is low on my list in fact being blindfolded to heighten the other senses is my preference.

3. Which of the following turn you on? Which turn you off? Comfort, familiarity, novelty, risk, pain, other?
Knowing someone intimately is a big turn on for me, knowing how to turn them on and have them aching.
If I'm in a trusting relationship risk, pain (erotic) and novelty are all good. If my other half wants me to dress up as a pixie and spank me till I squeal I'm up for it!

4. Of the factors above, which are currently working well?The erotic pain I often ache for especially when I'm stressed the Therapist helps sate.

5. Of the factors above, which are not going well?
Other than the therapist and J who I see now and then I'm without a regular partner so all of the above I seek and more than anything I want intimacy and affection.

I'm off to meet the therapist this afternoon. Christmas has been stressful work and family wise so I'm hoping for a little relief from a therapy session.

Sunday 2 January 2011

A year in review

1 man loved me and I still love him

7 men fucked me (doubling my total sexual partners) (see poll I did last week for what you guys got up to)

I played with 2 couples

3 men hurt me, I wish I didn't care

100's of orgasms

1 woman fucked me

1 Therapist pushed so many boundaries and was a great friend

I started blogging and made some great new friends. Its my blogging 1st birthday in a few weeks.

Still married, no further forward

Worst sexual experience has to be the Vampire piggy

The best has to be
It was the last night I spent with HIM.

I started this year loved by HIM, I ended this year with new friends but I so ache to be truly wanted again.

I hope that 2011 brings all my friends want to want and more.

Happy new year x