Friday, 28 January 2011

The circus of an evening... entertaining and funny!

I get to hotel and start getting dress, an online friend was also staying at the hotel so I told him to pop along while I dressed. Poor thing has been begging for weeks to meet me and when he does I was keeping him at arms length and talking about the fun planned.

I allowed him to attach my stockings on and then ushered him out the room with his erection. To make matters worse for the guy he was next door and was to hear us partying all night long.

J arrived with supplies I thought we would have more time alone but within minutes he ties me to the bed and blindfolds me, there is a surprise downstairs apparently.

Im tied tight, lay there in my leopard print basque, stockings and heels with a very wet pussy. He leaves the room and im nervous but so excited, he seemed ages, then the door went. Im listening intently trying to hear who it is... I can only hear one person and I think its J but I cant be sure. Im quivering and can hear my breath quicken. A gentle touch starts at my ankle and works its way up my leg. it touches me everywhere except for where i need it. Im waiting for more hands but they dont come. Im confuse, nervous, excited and so aroused, perhaps they are standing near the door. I jump as I hear the door go, I giggle nervously as I hear someone approach. I hear people undress, bag zips, whispering but no touching me yet.

Then I feel someone mount the bed and the sting of a teasing smack on my thighs. Then nothing. I think they were knelt between my legs, I hear the swoosh of a riding crop and a stinging noise... it wasnt on me. it made the person between my legs jump.

I still cant work out who is there, if its a male or female, if there are 1, 2 or more people in the room. All I know is i want to cum.

I hear more whispering then the warmth of a tongue. It felt like a mans tongue but couldn't be sure and I couldn't tell through me stockings what their skin felt like.

I start to cum and they stop. I think J had instructed them to not let me cum. They keep teasing me. Then I feel her long hair on my thighs, I think its a single fem as J wouldn't be spanking a male. After relentlessly licking me to the edge of cuming she goes to 69 me... which is impossible unless you are over 6ft 4 other wise I'm too tall. She is liking me and then pushing back onto my face every now and then... I'm thrown, I'm no expert but she tasted different... I put it down to using lube then I go to lick her clit and it seems so different to what I know. Just as my confusion sets in I cum from the delightful licking. Then as she pushes back onto me the penny drops ... its a transsexual! OMG!

The penny just dropped with J and within seconds he is receiving 'the emergency'phone call... you know the one... granny has been arrested or hamster has given birth...

The blind fold is taken off and there she was... we all dressed and we quickly headed out the room to deal with our emergency... as we got to the car park and she left me and J burst into giggles and tried to fit the pieces together.

Now don't get me wrong I have no axe to grind with transsexuals but what does get me is not being upfront and allowing people to get into uncomfortable situations like that. But you have to admit she looks good on the pictures so i can see how J was duped!

Anyway after once round the block we get back to the hotel and its about 7;30pm and a couple are on their way to meet us... lets just say the next part of the tale gets even funnier.

Shall post the rest in the next day or so but check out yesterdays HNT for more pictures of the night.


  1. Wow that seems like quite the adventure! Great pics!


  2. That's a good one! Can't wait for the rest of the story......

  3. That is one hell of a twist.
    Damn you put a man in a dress and give him tits and he still keeps on lying...geesh. lol
    Well I am glad you at least got to cum a time or two.