Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sinful Sunday - both ends of the spectrum

We arrived at the penthouse apartment and quickly undressed urgently needing to be close to each other. After a prolonged spanking over the breakfast bar with various butt plugs and toys being used to fill my holes, YSL proceeded to alternately fucking both holes until my knees buckled as I came so hard.

I headed to the shower and YSK followed with wine glass in hand, he took a mouthful then delivered it to me with a kids. We embraced in the rain shower with such ferocity. It felt like we hadn't seen each other for weeks and just couldn't get enough of each other. We soaped up each other's bodies, YSL slipped his cock inside me again and my moans echoed against the stone walls, he grabbed my breasts and squeezed the nipples until my moans turn to an orgasming scream.

Still wet and YSL still hard we returned to the breakfast bar and I tapped the bench indicating to YSL to climb on board. I perched on the edge of a bar stool and devoured he cock almost to the point of ignoring it was his, I just sucked and licked it for my pleasure. My efforts were rewarded as my mouth and throat flooded with his cum as he spilled inside me.

Our guest was due and we needed to dress, I was nervous so took another gulp of wine and refilled my glass. We hadn't seen a picture of this woman but her writting had been that of an educated person just lacking in sf confidence. YSL was excited and confident that our new companion would delight.

I checked our account on a Fabswingers and there was a message from her. "Just noticed you don't meet smokers" my reply was positive to try and keep forward motion "I'm sure you can be considerate and not smoke before meeting us" she agreed and we continued to get ready... I mean drink lots.

There was just something that didn't sit right with me, she seemed to say one thing then contradict in her actions but given all the turn downs I have given YSL with other potential swinging meets I wanted to stay positive and try to see the best in this lady.

YSL headed to the shop to get more wine as it was clear the couple of bottles weren't going to last as it was only 6pm! He returned and then went to meet Tina. My nerves continued to build and I continued to medicate with wine so by the time YSL returned with Tina I was half cut and unsteady on my feet wearing a see through negligee. 

The woman that had said she wanted to dress slutty but was more comfortable in jeans skulked in wearing jeans and trainers, oversized tshirt and unwashed hair. The smell of smoke reached me before she did and my stomach wretched, I took another large gulp.

Clearly shy and lacking in confidence I try to make her feel at ease, my thoughts were if she's naked and showered this could still work. She enjoys some wine and finally manages eye contact and starts to converse with ease. The content of conversation again doesn't match the persona but I think she needs this fasade to feel comfortable. 

Someone had drank all the wine again... Erm.... Might if been me. YSL ventured to the shops again for more supplies and I decided I would try and get her stripped and smelling nice. 

I got as far as suggesting we get our clothes off as YSL returned. As she stripped I tried to not let my face betray my thoughts as she refused to remove her socks.

The next thing I remember was throwing up red wine all over the bathroom. 

I remember YSL briefly playing with her in the bedroom and me sitting on the bed and then running for the bathroom again. 

I remember my elation as she left and crawling on the bed to discover she had pissed all over it. 

Then it was morning... My head hurt so much but YSL making love as we spooned was helping ease the pain.

Sinful Sunday


  1. Aww, sorry your evening didn't turn out as you hoped

    Flip x

  2. Ouch... sorry for the bad experience!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Hopefully the next time will work more like you hope. The bad experiences certainly can sting.

  4. Oh my goodness. It started off so well with you and YSL then oh jeez! I hope your next encounter with someone is better xx

  5. Oh how me and the BF know about the downfalls of Fabswingers and other such sites!!! They can certainly be lottery!!!

    At least earlier in the evening went well!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. Damn red wine! ;) Still sounds like a nice evening.

  7. Better luck next time!

  8. I have always found that alcohol and swinging never worked well... but then maybe that is just me but I like to know what I am doing and with whom. However you are right, so many people are not what they portray themselves to be on-line.


  9. Sorry your evening was lacking. Hope your next attempt is better. ;-)