Tuesday 15 June 2010

Sex is Sex no Matter the Sex

Confused? I was talking with a blog friend of mine the other night and we both seem to be wired the same way. We both are sexually attracted to people not because of their sex but because of sex... making any sense yet?

I think its because as I have aged and I am at ease with myself in so many ways, although I do still pencil time each week to do a little self loathing and to stare into the abyss. These days without a conscious thought I start to generate sexual fantasies of all sorts of people in my life, never a thought for if its male or female.

The other day I was in a meeting with 2 clients of mine, the conversation was dull but they are both great people. my mind began to wander. I glance to make sure the assistant was taking notes and then set off on a mental journey.

The client, Andy stepped up suddenly from his chair and kissed me. My chair was against the wall so I had nowhere to go but surrender. As I relaxed and kissed back he stood up and unzipped his pants and stuffed his engorged cock deep in my mouth. suddenly I felt hands creep up my thighs and push them apart.

Her long nails dancing over my panties, she then hooked a finger under them and pulled them aside to expose me. She calls my assistant over and asks her to hold them while she licks me. It feels amazing, I feel both of the warm faces against my thighs as they take turns licking me. I'm unable to protest as I am impaled orally on his cock. My blouse is being undone I have stopped looking at who is doing what and closed my eyes as my panties are removed. I'm sat there unable to look but knowing my skirt is hitched up, my blouse is open and my breasts exposed.

I'm led to the table and bent over, the scent of a pussy is before me, I bury me face deep and start to lap at her juices and he pushes himself into me hard from behind. I open my eyes slightly and glance the fiery red hair on her mound and know who it is I am tasting... she is delicious. He is fucking me so hard and I feel two hands on my ass cheeks holding me so open for him. Allowing him so deep.

Then they asked what the time table for launch is???? for god sake!! didn't they know I was fucking them during that meeting. When they left I went to the toilets with my bullet and came within moments.


  1. You are absolutely right. When someone is making you feel good, I don't care if it is male or female!
    They both can fuck you with his hard cock or a dildo, they can both finger fuck you, they can both devour your pussy with their tongues. So it is true.
    The one thing a woman can one up on is the way she dresses up....no man can pull off thigh highs and a corset like a woman...lol

  2. Oh the joys of daydreaming during a boring meeting, I am forever doing it, great Yummy fantasy.

    PY you are soooo right only a woman can pull off thigh highs and beautiful lingerie...

  3. May I attend your meeting? Can I be your assistant? How sturdy is that conference table?

    Thanks for the lusty tale and a peek into your naughty mind. ;-)


  4. Hedone ~ there is enough room on the table for you my darling x

    Therapist ~ you always seem to be in day dream when im there lol

    PY ~ ooo thoughts of you in corset and stockings

  5. I can well see that you are a seriously sexual woman, and you put serious heat on your blog. I find it...warming.

    Great pictures too.

  6. Hot hot hot fantasy! Can you tell me where your business is so I can be your client? ;)

  7. Lust transcends gender every time...

    The hardest part of dreaming is not talking in my sleep!

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen....you are forgetting the most important part of this scenario.... And that is not the top of the table but the fact I am under the table licking her pussy while I warm her up for you!!!!!!


  9. I totally agree....no matter the sex. I've had some amazing sex with both men and women.

    Hot story!

  10. Nicely told. Glad you werent taking the Minutes tho... that would have made interesting reading!