Monday 28 June 2010

Danger may explode without any warning

Day 17 of abstaining. Seriously getting to be too much, but I'm also loving the feeling. Knowing the reward that awaits me for when he touches me.

He has been teasing from a distance, lots of naughty flirty texts, the odd IM conversation where he gave me teasing instructions which I followed to the letter.

Everything is sexual, everyone is suitable but no-one is right. I meet him on Friday at the airport. I meet the man I want so much, its been so long since I wanted to be with someone so much. The very thought of him makes me ache to be touched. I want to held and kissed by him as much as I want to be debauched and kinky with him.

I'm so aroused Ive woke up fingering myself a few times this week, I woke up almost cumming from an erotic dream another night. At this point even turbulence on the aircraft on my way over might set me off. I feel that when he kisses me I may just explode but I don't want that, I want all this wait all this teasing to explode at the right moment. I want it to be when he is tasting me or penetrating me. I need him to be covered in my orgasm and feel me cum for him.

I want to be covered in his orgasm too. He has also abstained so our first few moments together I expect will be frantic and intense, a perfect way to start the weekend.

Some of the thoughts that have consumed me this week...

I'm pushing the glass butt plug inside me and then spooning me, fucking me long, hard and deep, pushing the butt plug in as he moves against me holding my breast and throat.

  • Tying him up, blind folding him and sneaking a lady friend in the room to helping me tease him till he explodes.

  • Totally giving myself to him, letting him tie me, blindfold me and then affectionately abuse me. Using my speculum on me, fisting me, anything to make me feel so full and stretched.

  • Kissing, so much kissing must be done. I have such a thirst for him to kiss me at the moment, its like drinking from an empty cup every time I think of his kisses.

  • Kneeling before him and giving him a long slow teasing blow job. taking him to the edge and holding back until he cant no more.

  • Being woke up by him penetrating me. Fingers and cock, I need everything he can give me.

  • spooning! just simply spooning, lying there talking, laughing, touching, being me with him, feeling wanted for being me.

Picture courtesy of the sexy Nolens Volens! nice to see he thought of me on his holiday... thanks NV


  1. Love the photo, it describes me too!!!

    I am so excited for you to fly and be treated with all these things you desire. But I don't know how you are going to make it. You make me want to cum for you...wink wink

  2. Fun, fun. That's what you are. Hope it's all you want and more, honey.