Tuesday, 29 June 2010

TMI Tuesday Dutch addition

2day, 23hours and 35 mins to go... flights better not be delayed! In honour of the 3 days of debauched fun I thought I would dedicate my TMI to things Dutch should know about me...

1. I drink like a fish and get naughty when I'm drunk but snore when Ive drank!

2. I adore being touched, kissed, fondled with in public.

3. When I cum my clit goes so sensitive I will ask you not to touch... ignore me, pin my arms down and keep touching it and make me cum again.

4. I love to keep my sexy undies and heels on while playing in bed but be naked to sleep.

5. I adore being teased, being made to wait for my orgasm or being told not to cum but making the task impossible

Bonus: I love to give and receive oral but never at the same time as I can not concentrate if you are lapping at my clit.

Now sat at work with very very wet panties.

Tell me your answers and if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few usual suspects....


  1. The idea of you at work with very, very wet panties shows how horny these days of denial have left. By the time you meet him, you should be ready to explode. And please share with us all the details of your meeting.


  2. #3 is sooo hot, and I completely agree with you on the bonus!

    PS: My TMI's are over on my new blog at http://lustolicious.blogspot.com and are not longer at Love, Lust & Lunacy. ;)

  3. Wearing heels and sexy undies to play in is SO sexy, I just love it!

    Have a totally lustfilled few days and travel safely!

  4. mmmmmm wet panties. Let the drool begin.

  5. Dutch has a sexy wild one on his hands. He's a lucky man.

    #2 yes, me too
    #3 yup, that too
    #4 I just like to be naked :)
    $5 uh huh...yes

    Bonus: Amen. Not a fan of 69 for that very reason.

    Have a sin-sational visit in Amsterdam.

  6. Excuse me, honey, I need a towel...:)

  7. I knew I loved you for a reason! We have the exact same list!! You're too much fun!!