Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Have you ever had sex on a balcony where anyone could see you if they happened to look over there?

The pic is the real bridge we did it on.

not a balcony but I used to have a lover I called the ski instructor (due to his job) he fucked me pressed to a hotel window over looking the main bridge into town and all the traffic could see if they looked, he also fucked me while we were away at a castle, we went for a walk into town, the weather was lush and I was wearing a sun dress. We stopped on the crest of the bridge and admired the ducks as the swam under the bridge. He slipped inside me and fucked me slowly for almost half an hour there and then in the broad daylight. It was amazing.


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  1. Yes, I had a girlfriend who loved public sex, anything we could get away with. We made a point of having sex on the hotel room balcony whenever we had a balcony. She was not unlike you.

  2. OH.....love. that.

    One of my most memorable sex moments was being fucked on a balcony overlooking a busy hwy. Hot. HOT HOT.


  3. Man, you got me beat on that. ;) Did it at an apartment and at an aunt's house. Sounds so lame compared to yours... LOL

  4. Just tell me when and where and I will be on the lookout...WINK WINK