Sunday, 13 June 2010

A fantasy of mine

I got talking with a blog friend and we got to the subject of MFF vs MMF 3somes. We seem to share similar views. I have never done the MMF, I have held it too precious, I have a specific fantasy and I don't want to sell it short. I nearly did it last August with J and Jack but alas the gods where against us and it never happened. It also nearly happened with J and HIM but in hindsight Im pleased it never did as HE couldnt deal with sharing me>

I wrote the fantasy in an email to her and thought I would share

I have 2 lovers that I care for/love, they are aware of each other, I am with one of them, blindfolded and being teased, I'm unaware that my lovers have spoken and arranged a treat for me.

I suddenly feel an extra pair of hands, I'm confused and excited, a kiss falls upon me that I recognise and realise that I am with both my men. Both lie next to me, their hands exploring me, their mouths tasting me.

They take my breath away, adoring me and penetrating me. Holding me open for each other.

I'm affectionately abuse by them both and devoured totally by them all night. Eventually we fall asleep tangled together and I'm woken intermittently by them making love to me.

I got so aroused after writing that and she arouses me anyway when I read her blog, I had to gift myself an orgasm. In my mind she joined us, she adored me and I adored her. I shan't name which sexy blogger but perhaps she will reveal herself??

Thanks honey I enjoyed sharing that wih you x


  1. I know who you speak of...and she is delightful, that's for sure! Now you got two reasons to visit America. Hehe!

  2. I love the fantasy, its very similar to one of my own!