Wednesday 26 September 2012

A sexual oddity that happened this morning

A very strange/arousing thing happened when I got up today.

I had a really restless night and woke several times with fingers between my thighs and soaked. At about 4 I woke in the throws of a climax and went back off to sleep feeling a little more sated.

The alarm went off at 6am and I got up and went to go to thebath room, had a wee and crawled back in bed and lay thinking about my dream, i felt a rush of arousal rip through me all of a sudden I sprayed all over my thighs!

I wished YSL had seen it, it was like when French sprayed us both (click here to read and see pics), my thighs were all speckled with milky white stuff!!

Saturday 22 September 2012

Sinful Sunday - different points of view

We headed to the Dungeon Club on Thursday,it was an unscheduled night together but very welcome as time together has been thin on the ground last couple of weeks.

Many we're just socialising upstairs so it gave us private time in the dungeon and a chance to grab a couple of images.

YSL strapped me to the spanking bench and thoroughly thrashed my bottom for over an hour, I was dripping wet by the time he put down the 5 layered belt for the last time and released me.

When we arrived back at YSL's place he fucked me so hard my juices where spraying all over us as I came. I can only describe my state of arousal as rapture, the long time of denial and giving myself entirely to him had me in a frenzy.

Sinful Sunday

Wednesday 19 September 2012

E-Lust edition 40

Photo courtesy of @iSlut_ of A Slut's Memoir

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The Bitch is Back - The temperature at the table drops several degrees. “Like that?,” I say. ”Is that what you want?”

On Women Who Like Sex - I like sex as much as any man I know. I am not a weirdo, I am not a slut, and I am not in any excessive danger.

Secret Secretary- There she was in the reception room on my couch, lying on her back, legs spread, skirt hiked up over her torso, her hands frantically feeling between her legs.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Street Harassment: It’s everywhere, all the time

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Thoughts: Regarding Limits In BDSM

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Monday 17 September 2012

TMI - strip for me, strip for you

Thank you to Andee for submitting this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.
Strip for me, I’ll strip for you

1. Have you ever danced naked in front of anyone? What prompted the experience?

I answered this question here and it's worth the visit, not so much for this answer but because I just noticed I wrote it the day I met YSL and if you check out question 6 it will make you sigh to know I have him in my life!!

2. Have you been to a strip club? Was it what you expected?

Yes been to a few mainly because of entertaining clients, especially in Amsterdam. Not really my scene, I'd rather be participating and I'd rather watch real couples. I remember watch a show one night and looking at how board the woman was, her expression was so blank!

3. Have you ever been to an “amateur night” at a strip club?


4. Do you think strip clubs are exploitative or are they misunderstood as simple adult entertainment venues?

I think that it's all about choice, the girls I know that work in the clubs in town make great money from flashing their assets so good luck to them.

5. Would you ever consider stripping to pay for college or other expenses?

I doubt many would pay to see me strip but so long as I have an appreciative audience I'm up for it!!

6. Have you ever given your partner a private dance?

Again check out the older post for the amusing tale


7. Would you ever perform a lap dance for a complete stranger?

We all have a price... 

8. Showgirls, Strip Tease, Magic Mike … What is the sexy Hollywood stripper scene you have ever YouTubed?

Got to be the pole dancing stripper bloke from last years erotica!!! He is called Hamish McCann and he is mind blowingly amazing.

Bonus: Do you have a stripper fantasy, that given the chance of not being found out, you would turn into a reality?

Does doing Hamish McCann count?


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Saturday 15 September 2012

Sinful Sunday - Bliss

That moment the orgasm has finished ripping through your entire being leaving you grateful but unable to move.

YSL held me as I enjoyed the moment drinking in the intensity and pleasure he gave me.

Make sure you check out everyone else that plays along...
Sinful Sunday

Tuesday 11 September 2012

TMI - Orgasms

1 - Do you remember your first orgasm? How old were you? Tell us about it.

I think I was about 15 the first time a had one and knew what it was and shamefully it was because I had found my Mother’s vibrator and had a go! First orgasm from a boy was from receiving my first oral sex, it was a wonderful experience ruined by the boy picking up his guitar and singing a song he wrote about me. He subsquently sent me dozens of bears to my house and stalked me until my dead threatened to break his legs.

2 – What is your favorite way to orgasm? (Sex, g-spot/p-spot, oral, etc).

Cant choose! Especially as YSL has the knack of combining the pleasures which has the most explosive results. He's like a sexual one man band with his hands, mouth and cock busy all at once.

(YSL fucking my ass while fisting me)

3 – Are there any ways you want to experience an orgasm but haven’t yet? (oral, p-spot/g-spot, with or without a vibrator, squirt, etc).

None that I know of...

4 – Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep?

Not this week... I frequently do especially if frustrated in my life in other ways. My body and mind seems to use sex as a coping mechanism and an outlet.

5 – What is the easiest/fastest way for you to have an orgasm?

YSL abusing my clit I think is probably the fastest, for me alone it would be a vibrator on my clit and something penetrating me. I adore cumming because of YSL licking me, he has such a skill to get me in a state and then drag the most satisfying climax of of me.

6 – How many times a week do you try to reach orgasm?

I dont set a target! Its just whats right at the time. I can cum lots but its not about that, its about the intimacy and pleasure gain from getting there. Last week I had the strongest orgasm ever, YSL had teased me for what seemed an eternity, taking his pleasure from me, hovering close or only touching me to inspect not to arouse which in turn made me more aroused than ever. When it was my turn to cum the Hitachi was deployed and he fisted me, agitating my G-spot and assaulting my clit until I gave in to the climax.

7 – Have you ever had an orgasm at the same time as your partner? Who normally cums first?

Yes we have enjoyed this moment together and often before YSL cums I may of enjoyed several climaxes however.... I have a slight problem in that I find him cumming inside me so erotic, it’s just one of those things that really turns me on and I often want/need to cum again after sex as Im so aroused from feeling him spill inside of me.

8 – Can you have multiples?

Partners or orgasms? Both anyway

9 – How long does it normally take you to reach orgasm?

Totally depends on mood and what’s happening to me. Sometimes alone I take ages to cum but I think that’s because my mind can wander, if it takes too long I get frustrated and in turn prevent a climax occurring! With YSL at the helm though he can have me on an orgasm filled cloud in under 5 minutes.

10 – Have you ever faked one?

Yes, just to get the moment over as the person was keen to get me there and it just wasnt happening, instead of hurting his feelings I made some porn star’esk moans and groans and tried not to laugh at myself.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Sinful Sunday - starved and wanting to be fed

Competition week again!! Images are to be inspired by Shakespeare's famous quote "if music be the food of love play on".

I love competition week! Not for my entry things have been a tad to manic to have time or space to be creative but because I can't wait to see what all the other entries are!! If going by previous competition weeks the creativity seems to go wild.

Make sure you check them all out at:
Sinful Sunday

I wasn't allowed to take him in my mouth, I had to lie still, he took his pleasure from me and I was only be tempted by his cock, not even allowed to taste him other than what he smeared on my lips and face.

When I got to have my pleasure I came in a way I've never experienced before, the ferocity as it ripped through me left me in pieces and grateful for it.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Cap d'Agde part 2 Le Glamour (spit roast with a stranger)

Part 1 is here Dressed in white and ready for Le Glamours famous white party. My dress was goddess style with a scoop neck made by The Deviant Seammistress coupled with silver heels and my hair scraped up partially for practical reasons in the heat. YSL was wearing Ralph Lauren white trousers and linen shirt, white boating shoes, he really looked sexy in the Euro trash get up. The club was literally 100 yards from our apartment building, as we approached you could see women dressed as Vegas show girls on stilts and a man similarly dressed and entertaining the queue. I'd been told to ask for the manager but the staff spoke little English and Whilst the gesture of a little VIP treatment would of been great it wasn't why we were there.

We paid in and ordered a bottle of Ballentyne's whiskey.I write a note for the manager so he knows I was there, I didn't want him to think I didn't come when I said I would. The place was still quiet and we grabbed seats at the bar to enjoy people watching as the hoards of sexy couples entered all wearing white.

The music upped the pace and the dance floor started to fill. A woman with a Brazilian look to her and a Brazilian shaped bottom to match gave good entertainment on the poles just in front of us but before long her stage was taken by more professional looking pole dancers that climbed the height of the pole and displayed very well to the room her ability and her lacking in underwear. I'm sure the pleasure she gave us watching was also felt by her as she ended her display slipping slowly down the pole with her crotched jammed tightly against it.

We head downstairs for a look around, the rooms seemed a little lighter than I remembered with exception of the dark grope rooms, they were as dark as I can vividly recollect being fucked by the stranger last year.We huddled in the couples grope room and enthusiastically reached out n the darkness to fondle a stranger. Our advances were dismissed by the husbands hand, it seems there understand of the room was confused.

As action in the labyrinth of play rooms was yet to start up we headed back upstairs and enjoyed the music and more people watching. We both agreed the night felt different, perhaps because it wasn't new or we had yet to unwind fully, either way we were still enjoying ourselves. The outside area were the foam parties take place was open, we hadn't seen this area previously, clearly the club was busy and the extra room was needed.

A couple in there 70's walked passed us, the woman looking like an old screen syren, dressed sexy and carryingherself with such sexual prowess and confidence, the made partial clad in leather, Charlton Heston like, followed her proudly as the crowds parted for her. A moment later another striking couple passed us, again older, the woman in her later 60's, looking like Helen Mirren in a cat suit, her hair scraped back and pouting lips, her partner, clearly a PVC enthusiast held her chain that attached to her diamonte collar.

After a little more people watching we decided to go enjoy some fun. I headed straight for the medical table in the end chamber. YSL slowly fitted my heels into each stirrup before ceremonially un buttoning his shirt sleeves and rolling them up out of harms way. His warm breath on my clit made me shudder and ache, my cunt surged forward to greet his tongue. A few couples hid in the semi darkness watching as YSL drew an orgams out of me, a woman wanked his partners hard cock as she watched and waited her turn on the table. YSL slipped his fingers at first inside me and then worked his hand in, his mouth never leaving my clit as he did so. I was in such a state as he worked his hand against my spot and sucked hard on my clit. I could feel my climax building, that coiled up tension building in the pit of my stomach waiting to release. My cunt clenched YSL's as the oragsm took hold of me, every inch of my body felt like electricity was flowing through it as I cover YSL in my juices.

We headed to the bathrooms and freshened up, I had juices flowing down my thighs and my legs were still trembling. Once centred and refreshed we headed back to the couples grope room, the place was busier and we found a corner to play in. We kissed and awaiting wandering hands and before long I felt 2 hands touch my bottom. I whispered to YSL that we had a visitor. I unzipped YSL's trousers and reached for his cock, it was already semi hard and a took it in my mouth to complete the task.

The pair of hands enthusiastically took advantage of me being bent over and started to finger my cunt and then the familiar sensation of a tongue on my arsehole was felt. I could tell by the size of the hands it was a man that was taking advantage of me and I was thoroughly enjoying the sensation. The stranger worked more fingers inside me and I could feel pressure against my arsehole then a finger slip inside there as well. I was going to to cum, I stood up and kissed YSL, whispering the status update of what fingers were where.

As my orgasm started to build so did his intensity, his entire hand was inside and fisting me as my whole body shook as I climaxed. He didn't stop, his fingers adeptly manipulated both holes and my clit until I was in a complete frenzy. The stranger offered his cock to me, I bent over and took it in my mouth, YSL slipped his hardness inside me and held my hips firmly. The flashing image of me being spit roasted and being centre of these 2 cocks sent a further surge of arousal through me, I felt like I was on a cloud of pleasure.

The stranger reached round to pleasure me further while YSL fucked me, it was clear that in another circumstance this guy must be bisexual as it felt like he was daring YSL to thrust his cock against his hand. I stood and kissed the stranger and wanked both cocks, comparing the strangers cock to YSL, it was extremely firm, as long but not as much girth to it. He offered his cock to my cunt and in my best French accent I said "preservatife" meaning condom, I felt his cock shake which I assumed reflected his head movement to say no and he dropped to his knees and fisted me again, this time exploring my tummy and ass as he did so, clearly a BBW lover as his hands traced over my imperfections.

I came again after his fingers and tongue worked there magic this time my body went hyper sensitive, I thanked him and negotiating my cunts release from his hand we headed back to the dance floor.

After dancing our socks off and a stiff drink we headed to the dark room, the one where the single guys can go in. We could hear people n there already fucking but couldn't see where the fun was taking place. We found our own space and I sat back on my elbows and enjoyed YSL kissing my lips and neck. Hands reached out and touched my but it wasn't like the last time, this time the guy touching me was clearly just coping a feel and not interested in playing another hand touched me and clearly doesn't like the fullness of my body.

We don't like the vibe and we head back to the bar. YSL held me as he sat on the bar stool, delivering kisses to my neck and chest, he made me feel so good and feel so loved. It was about 4am and we decided to head back to the apartment and get some sleep so we could enjoy some time on the beach later that day. Part 1 is here

Tuesday 4 September 2012

TMI Tuesday - Cum, are you a fan?

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions come from the wacky, inventive, and sexually creative mind of the late phoenix.

1. We are all incurable sex addicts, but name one thing—a job, a passion, a creative outlet, a collection—of yours you use as a replacement, a distraction from constantly thinking about sex 24/7.

Shopping for shoes! And I do love my work which can be a distraction but seeing as I wrote about sex toys and advice as part of my job toy maybe it's not such a great distraction?!

2. Have you ever loved somebody so much you thought having sex with them would actually sully the pristine purity of that love?

No, sex is a wonderful way of being close, what could be better that a physical connection?

3. If you could make love to yourself, would you? Describe this experience in full detail.

I make love to myself when I masturbate, there's no greater expression of self appreciation but in the intention of the question...

Long slow and teasing, I would kiss myself, nibble and luck every inch of me whilst making myself lay still and absorb every sensation, telling myself how I'm going to use and pleasure myself using all my holes before making me beg to cum.

4. Cum, are you a fan? Explain and expound.

I love YSL's cum, I adore feeling that moment he spills inside me, filling me with the gift of his cum. I adore him masturbating and filling my arse with him cum without touching me in any other way other than the need to store his cum inside me.

5. Does it creep you out to know that God is watching you as you’re fucking?

I love an audience :)

Bonus: Tell us something sexy that happened to you this week.

I message YSL at work and told him i needed fucking, I went to his place and lay masturbating on the bed. He arrived home, stripped and fucked both holes while spanking me, ensuring I came repeatedly before filling my cunt with cum. I went home with a dripping cunt and a smile on my face (and a red bottom)

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday 3 September 2012

Cap D'Agde - part 1

The temp must of been 30degrees as we got off the plane. Another flight landed straight after ours snd the airport was at capacity. Once we retrieved our bags we head straight to the taxis queue. After a few moments i notice the guy in front has 'fuck boots' as i call them on, i nudge YSL and say they look like the guy with the Jean Paul Gaultier type kilt on off last year. The couple are Dutch and the guy asks us to share a taxis, we clearly look like we are off to Cap D'Agde Naturist Village.

While waiting to get our tickets to get into the village I chat with the Glamourous Dutch wife and discover they are the Kilt wearing couple from last year!! It's a small world.

Our apartment was ready early and even better the apartment was great, more spacious than last year, the views of the sea from the balcony perfect. As YSL started to unpack some essentials I stripped and stepped into a cool shower ready for heading to the shops for supplies.

This year it was different having spent so much time together now we are both knowledgable about what we both like and have shared favourites with lots if foods and drinks. Armed with a shopping list and only wearing a sarong we headed for a our supplies, determined to get the weeks food and drink in at once so the rest of the week would be about relaxing.

Last year I remember the dread of stepping outside naked, this year I feel liberated and at ease with myself.

We filled the suitcase to make carrying the food supplies back easier, the wine, water and soft drinks would of been a killer to carry in the heat.

The cupboards stocked we set about relaxing and enjoying fresh french produce washed down with local wine. It felt like the first moment I've stopped since Mum died and a feeling of happiness washed over me as YSL smiled across the table at me while squeezing my hand.

The night was to be spent partying at Le Glamour, a 'white party' theme was on at Europe's number one swingers club. The Seamistress had made me a dress especially and YSL had ventured out and bought himself white shoes and trousers.

I lay on the bed and YSL prepared to shave my cunt. Before even touching me my whole body was awash with arousal. He slowly examined my cunt, holding me open exposing my clit entirely but not giving any relief or pleasure.

He holds the hot cloth against my entire cunt preparing me for his intimate attention, it takes my breath away and I feel a surge of juices trickle from me.

The soft hairs of his shaving brush as it lathered up my cunt brushed over my clit making me ache and shudder with delight, his fingers accidentally on purpose grazes my clit and hole.

I closed my eyes and relinquished all control to YSL, my cunt is entirely his as he starts to drag the razor over my most intimate areas. He pulls my flesh taught to get all the hairs, his fingers pressing hard against my swollen clit, I wanted to push forward for more but I know right now I mush keep entirely still.

YSL slowly rinses my cunt with the hot water and cloth before telling me to get on all fours. He starts again, this time examining my cunt and arse from behind before slowly lathering up and ensuring my holes were totally prepared for what ever the night would bring.

We lay together on the bed and my hand wandered to hold his cock as his hand cupped my sex. I'm too aroused and in need of release, thankfully YSL was clearly in the same state of mind and his erection grew firm as I caressed him.

The wand was already plugged in by YSL at my bedside and he encouraged me to use it. As I reached out to get it his fingers lubed up my arse and readied it for penetration. I adore that moment his cock head is pressed against my hole, pushing and waiting for me to relax enough fir him to enter me. YSL fucked me hard and deep, holding my breasts hard as the wand caressed my clit.

"bite me" I didn't need to worry about the marks for a week and I wanted to feel YSL upon me so much and in so many ways. His teeth sunk into my back as my climax ripped violently through me again, his cock stiffened even more before spilling his warmth inside me.

My cunt was still aching for attention and I begged for more from YSL. His fingers teased my cunt first before he pushed his entire hand inside me and fisted me vigorously into a repeated frenzy of orgasms, soaking the bed as my juices poured out of me.

After warm loving cuddles and deep passionate kisses we start to dress for our night at Le Glamour.

Saturday 1 September 2012

Sinful Sunday - Picture perfect

When I saw this image taken in our apartment on holiday post spanking, not taken with the intention of comparison to the artwork on the walls, it made me think I must of posed previously.

I'm posting the first of the holiday details later so pleased come back xx
Sinful Sunday