Tuesday, 4 September 2012

TMI Tuesday - Cum, are you a fan?

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions come from the wacky, inventive, and sexually creative mind of the late phoenix.

1. We are all incurable sex addicts, but name one thing—a job, a passion, a creative outlet, a collection—of yours you use as a replacement, a distraction from constantly thinking about sex 24/7.

Shopping for shoes! And I do love my work which can be a distraction but seeing as I wrote about sex toys and advice as part of my job toy maybe it's not such a great distraction?!

2. Have you ever loved somebody so much you thought having sex with them would actually sully the pristine purity of that love?

No, sex is a wonderful way of being close, what could be better that a physical connection?

3. If you could make love to yourself, would you? Describe this experience in full detail.

I make love to myself when I masturbate, there's no greater expression of self appreciation but in the intention of the question...

Long slow and teasing, I would kiss myself, nibble and luck every inch of me whilst making myself lay still and absorb every sensation, telling myself how I'm going to use and pleasure myself using all my holes before making me beg to cum.

4. Cum, are you a fan? Explain and expound.

I love YSL's cum, I adore feeling that moment he spills inside me, filling me with the gift of his cum. I adore him masturbating and filling my arse with him cum without touching me in any other way other than the need to store his cum inside me.

5. Does it creep you out to know that God is watching you as you’re fucking?

I love an audience :)

Bonus: Tell us something sexy that happened to you this week.

I message YSL at work and told him i needed fucking, I went to his place and lay masturbating on the bed. He arrived home, stripped and fucked both holes while spanking me, ensuring I came repeatedly before filling my cunt with cum. I went home with a dripping cunt and a smile on my face (and a red bottom)

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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