Thursday, 31 March 2011

HNT - red nails

Wet.... Nails also just painted

Happy HNT xxxxx

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Questions kindly sent by Hedone ( and contribution from Virtual Sin ( thanks guys x

1. Who would you call for bail money? Dad! He is always there for me

2. Your life has been threatened unless you do one of the three following things. Which would you do? Why?

a. Do a sanctioned and well-promoted strip tease at a WWE event

b. Have sex with anyone of your choosing in a full of trash garbage dumpster

c. Star in your own Girls Gone Wild video knowing that it will be distributed, for free, in your hometown.

I'm going to go with b. As it keeps my private life private and I get to have sex with someone I want. Everything else can be showered off or mentally blocked out.

3. What is your most hated chore on your household chore list?
Clothes washing or tidying the play room.

4. Do you perform any chores in the nude? Which one(s)?
I clean the bathrooms on a Sunday morning normally naked, music on full blast, dancing and singing as I go! I do sometimes to chores with either my Ben wa balls in or bullet vibrator in, it certainly makes doing the ironing more pleasurable!!

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you turn out to do that?
I wanted to be a farmers wife!

I have scar on top of my thight near my bum where my boyfriend chucked me in a river and was about to dive in next to me, unfortunately he didnt think it through, there was a shopping trolley in the water and the romance was gone as i struggled out the water with blood pouring from me! Yes I dumped him, right after I got a tetanus and some stitches!!

See pic..

I snore and talk! I can't watch horrors pre bed time as I get nightmares but if I watch porn or have sex I end up with very saucy dreams and can often wake in the throws of an orgasm.

Mood dependant, but I like pretty much anything except heavy rock. Loving Rhinana most at the moment though, if I want to chill though it's Adem or Peter Brodderick

BONUS: Buried or cremated? Why?
Cremated please and scattered to the wind, I don't want my children to tend a grave I want them to know I'm everywhere they need me

Thursday, 24 March 2011

HNT - a very bad man

Getting such a good hard fucking, it seems an age since I had such a session and it was very wecolme when I met a very bad man on Monday, I will be posting the details of this enlightenjng session where even I had my boundaries pushed.

I should gave it donefor the weekend if you pop back and see me.

Happy HNT xxxxx

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New toy on its maiden voyage (in my ass)

Exciting stuff when a new toy arrives, thank goodness the box arrived in discrete packaging the husband thought it was just cake decorations not sex toys!!

You are going to have to wait for a therapy session or next time I see a bad man for a picture of it being inserted but click on the image of the toy for a a picture on it in place!

I was going to wait until I saw the therapist but Ive been working away at home and it was calling to me...

so a did what any filthy bitch would do.. grabbed lube out of handbag (dont you keep lube in your handbag for emergancy sex?) slipped down panties and flcik on the soft vibrations.

Pushing it my ass was a delight, its big enough to be a challenge but not hurt. The vibrations where nice and soft. Its meant to be a bullet but as bullet vibrators go its doesnt pack enough amo.

My ass closed around it and left a cute curly pigs tail o a handle!

I lay back on bed and introducted it to my rabbit and enjoyed a DP fantasy and climaxed twice (yes I am greedy). Im now sat back at desk with rather damp panties and the butt plug still inside (material of handle is really soft so sat here conforatble and distracted).

Im so aroused and in need of some filthy sex.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Tmi- the ten sexual commandments

If there were 10 commandments that every sexual partner should adhere to what would some or all of them be.

Follow these and I might part my thighs!

Thou shalt not come before me
Thou shalt talk dirty to me
Thou shalt not humiliate me
Thou shalt ask permission before sticking your cock up my ass
Thou shalt not stop trying just because I came, I want more
Thou shalt kiss me and touch me at every opportunity, demonstrate impeccable manners and be chivalist (White horse and knights armour optional)
Thou shall not call me Hun, babes or darl, other terms of endearment including princess, goddess and temptress all acceptable
Thou shall be happy if I invite a woman to join us (this may change from time to time for couples, males or all of the above, however you may not assume any and subsection b, clause c says I'm right and it's my choice)
Thou shalt be happy for me to take pictures and blog about your performance (good, bad or indifferent)
Thou will have the stamina to play all night if I so allow, I don't do quickies!
Go see who else played.....

Thursday, 17 March 2011

HNT - Nipplecharms

I had a HOT coffee, that went very cold while we played with my new nipple charms. They are amaxing! As the big G will concur, he had lots of fun with them while making me cum 4 times.

I got a few different one so watch out and go see more at OHNT, or visit which is where I get them from, super sexy non piercing fun.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

TMI - random sexual facts

I got these questions from my twitter followers:

1)Have you tried triple penetration? If not would you be willing to try?
Ive only done this with toys in 2 holes while M fucked my mouth, and came over my face like the very bad boy that he is. I was tied up and he tipped hot wax over my bum before taking pleasure from firstly fucking each hole then filing it with a toys.

2)Fingers or toys?
both? there are more than one hole you know! and yes your right I am greedy :)

3)Whats the kinkiest thing you have ever done
I think the above picture was one the more kinkier moments but for me I think having my ass pissed mid sex then he continue to fuck me when he finished. It was so intense, the full details are here

4)What are you absolute limits?

I don't to scat! otherwise I would consider most things if with the right partner... my full limits list is here

5)What is you most recent fantasy?
You tied my wrists, one to the head board, one to the foot of the bed, I was bent over ass presented on the edge of the bed but I was still clothed but blindfolded.

You left me to answer the door and didn't return for ages, I shouted for you, you came in the room removed my panties, stuffed them in my mouth then spanked me and told me I wasn't allowed to speak.

You left me alone again.

When you returned you got on the bed and positioned yourself so your cock was deep in my mouth and you held my down on it. Then I felt another cock enter me. I couldn't stop it, I couldn't speak. You tell me I'm a good girl for taking it for you, only 6 more to take after this one.

Other naughty folk you should visit today who normally play TMI

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A very naughty post I was rereading and thought I would share what I was reading while masturbating right now

wow and double wow, what a night.. and early morning. Sat here aching, tender and soaking wet.

I came so much this morning I feinted when I got out of bed. I think all the blood ahd gone to my engorged cliterous!

He messaged me to say he was 5 mins away and to be naked in bed waiting for him, that was no challenge! I slipped the bullet between my lips to ensure I was soaking for him. He appeared at the bedroom door naked and lent over me and kissed me, holding my throat with affection and intention. he turned me over and slipped straight inside me and then pulled me hair so I pushed back onto him. 

He was fucking me vigorously and rubbing my clit, as I neared cuming he stopped, he told me I wasn't allowed until he said so and he removed the bullet turned it down onto a low setting and replaced it. It was like torture, it wasn't enough to make me cum, but enough to keep me bubbling on the edge.

He then removed his hard cock from inside me and said he was going to wank instead, make me ache for it. he held my legs apart ensuring I could feel him wanking, his cock and hand striking my entrance with every stroke. he spanked me gently and I was begging for him to enter me, he gave me what I wanted... except he didn't stop wanking. He forced his hand inside me while still holding and wanking his cock. Within a few minutes I couldn't hold back cuming anymore and I gushed over his hand, in turn triggering him cuming deep inside. It felt amazing.

He took his cum covered hand and slipped 2 fingers straight into my ass and started to work it open, 3, then 4 fingers stretching me wide. He then pushed his cock deep in my ass and held me by my breast and throat... so gently but enough to set my mind racing with heady thoughts.

He replaced his fingers with a peg on my nipple and rubbed my clit, whispering I had to cum on demand. As I neared cuming he stopped rubbing me but then started to count back from 3. I had 3 seconds to cum! It was impossible, but he knows that and loves to see me frantically try to achieve the impossible. As he got to 1 he grabbed my wrist and took my hand away telling me I had failed and will have to wait. He repeated this, ensuring a failed and delivering a few spanks each time I did. I was so aroused, my juices where running down my thighs as he was fucking my ass.

He then told me to cum, I knew this meant he was near also. He released my hand so I could rub myself and he pushed his fingers in my cunt as he filled my ass. Feeling his warmth fill me set me off into the most intense orgasm that left me trembling.

We fell asleep entwined and at 4.30 this morning i was woken from a deep sleep, his hand was already inside me. I hadn't opened my eyes when the blindfold went on and my wrists were bound together with ribbon. Next my feet and ankles bound and then my thighs. I was at his mercy.

The glass dildo was still cold as it was forced into my ass and a dildo in my cunt. pegs attached to my nipples and a vibe on my clit. I could hear him going through the draw, I realised he was looking for stockings and heard him slip them on and then heard him buckling a pair of my heels on himself. He slipped a pair on me and told me shortly the shoe was going to be forced deep inside me, until then I wasn't allowed to cum. He lay next to me wanking and delivering smacks with a paddle on my ass, ensuring that the toys were inside as deep as they could go.

He teased me and tortured me so lovingly, it was amazing. I was begging for release, I needed to cum so badly. When I could take no more he untied my legs and pushed them open, a shoe was removed from my foot and immediately it was being pushed inside me. It slipped in with a little help from him. I managed to take it deep, he then proceeded to fuck me through the open toe of it. It was amazing feeling so held open and full of him. I came almost instantly it was just so amazingly kinky! He kissed me hard and deep as I came, taking my breath away.

He then led me into the bathroom and lay me in the tub. He push the shoe back inside and told me I had to pee... I realised why, I would pee into myself! the shoe would capture it and divert it all deep into me. Eventually i managed to pee and the site of it sent another jet of cum out of him over me. It felt so naughty, feeling the warmth of myself enter me. He then removed the shoe and replaced it with the shower head and filled me with cool water and rubbing my clit. We returned to the bedroom and he lovingly held me and told me to cum one more time for him.... well ended up being another 4 times as he fingered my pee hole and wanked inside my cunt again leaving me full of him as he went to work.

Friday, 11 March 2011

first blogger meet - outside vanilla

I was working in London last week and as soon as knew I was heading South i messaged him as we have been promising to meet up and do the tequilla!

I was working all day and headed to his place on the Tube, i was excited but hadnt realised how nervous until the train was drawing closer. He had been kind to offer a bed for the night and dinner with him and the family.

He was at the station awaiting my arrival, as ever I was chatting on the phone and was last to appear out of the staion. I recognised him instantly.

From that moment I felt so relaxed in the company of a good friend. Its funnmy how you can know so much about someone but really know nothing... we remedied that with the most wonderful evening of dinner (yum! have cooked it since I loved it that much) a few drinks and so much laughter. His family are great... The wife is an amzing woman, if I lived closer I would seek her friendship.

Once the small people went to bed we lounged and the talk turned to naughty conquests and fun predicaments we have ended up in. Whilst im submissive he knows about the time I tried having a sub.. I made him do my parents lawn with a ribbon on his cock just to save me doing it. then made him give me a foot massage and sent him home, we laughed so much.

I must confess at this point I wanted him to jump my bones!

It was late and a school night so we headed to bed. I lay awake for hours so aroused and masterbated at the thought of him coming in to see me. Wouldnt you knowing that beauty of a cock (and man was lay naked only feet away from you).

To add insult to injury I saw him naked heading to the shower in the morning and fuck me he has an arse that could crack walnuts!

I shall let him give the verdict on me...

but next time im in London Im looking him up! go see him at

Thursday, 10 March 2011

HNT - Therapy

Posting tomorrow about meeting blogger last week! and did you see my post yesterday about my group fun and the biggest cock???


With all the stuff going on at the moment I have made a few visits to the therapists. And whilst the chat and the advice has been great, the spanking, nipple torture and some light fistings has been just the ticket!

This was my first zip... he also pegged my cunt lips together and teased me before flogging me gently and rhythmically it was a delight.

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Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... the-otherhnt

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

London visit, group sex and the biggest cock I've ever seen (and experienced)

Met with the doctor early afternoon, we checked in and I headed to the room to shower and put something sexy on. I text him to come join me, as he opened the door I greated him dressin heels, stockings and a black slip. He looked pleased.

We kissed and within minutes he was doing his favourite thing, eating pussy. He is so good at it, nibbling, licking, sucking... As I came the first time he paused a moment and then dived back in for more. I list count if his many times I'd cum. He was holding me down so tight I couldn't pull away as my clit got so sensitive forcing me to keep coming.

I returned the favour with a long teasing oral session. Licking his tip so gently before taking his ample length deep in my mouth and throat.

He moved between my legs and plunged his cock deep inside and fucked me deep and hard. It felt so good, I could feel my wetness run from me and between my arse cheeks.

He tells mr to get on all fours, he licks my SSS a moment before fucking my pussy hard again from behind. His balls were beating off me with each thrust.

After a seriously good session he explodes. We slump on the bed and he indulges me with his fingers making me cum again. I'm so wet he starts pushing more fingers inside me until he is fisting me. It feels amazing and I can feel myself building to cum again. He keeps fisting me and licks my clit until I shudder and cum on his hand over and over again.

After a brief nap we dress and head out for dinner, he is a pleasure to be in the company if both in and out the bedroom.

At 10pm our 'guests' arrive to join us for drinks. Their profile had said she was 35, he 25, both liars but sexy and fun so forgiven. She was 45ish, great body, fun, sassy and very sexy, he was tall, black, very handsome, about 21 and ive never seen such a well carved body in my life!

After one quick drink we head back to the room, us ladies got down to our underwear and A took of his shirt to reveal his chest, my face must of said it all.

I must add I've never had the pleasure of a black man before and this guy has now set the bar high!

He moves in and starts to kiss me while k smokes a joint out the window. The doctor starts kissing and moves to lick her while A licks and fingers me.

I remember at one point the doctor was kissing me and sucking my nipples and A slipped his HUGE cock inside me. I have never experienced a cock as big in my life!

He starts pounding me in a away that only a 21yr old fit guy could. It was almost too much which for me made it perfect! While hd fucked me she pushed her fingers in my ass, it was so intense. The doctor was kissing mr and teasing my nipples and at the point I was aware of the music, the only girl in the world by Rhinana, if so felt like it at that moment, so full, so devoured.

He bent me over and fucked me hard from behind while spanking my ass.

The doctor continued to give her oral but as A was about to cum he pulled out of me, unsheathed and gave it too her.

Within seconds A was recharged and hard again and pounding me, I was almost crawling up the headboard to escape his cock bug loving it all the same, he pushed me face down and then slowly but deliberately thrust into me until he came again.

After the guests finally left the Doctor lick and fisted me until I was shuddering and so sensitive. It had been an amazing night.

The next morning (well after a couple of hours sleep) we woke and played before he had to got go work.

I however stayed and had a little extra sleep then played until my batteries gave up on me!

Monday, 7 March 2011

TMI- random facts about me

Inspiration courtesy of 

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
Should of taken make up off last night!!

2. If you could take a class for fun right now, what would you take?
Pole dancing! Uber jealous of Hedone she does it weekly. I do dance though for fun though and love it.

3. What did the last text message you received on your mobile/cell phone say?
Such good timing, just got this from M.
Me too, your ass may just get the fucking of its life the instant I get there. No talking, no kissing just a hard cock straight up your freshly prepared ass.

4. What was the last song you listened to?
Rhinana, only girl in the world, it made me smile, last time I heard it was last week while I was fuck by a 12inch cock (that was attached to a 21yr old black model) while kissing the Doctor.

5. What was the last song you sang or hummed (cuz it's stuck in your head)?
It was a busker that inflicted it on me, he was awful and relentless.... Give me joy in my heart keep me smiling... Argh!!!!

6. First thing you wash in the shower?
Face :) 

7. When was the last time you masturbated in the shower?
Haha good question, today!!! :)

8. What color is your couch?
White... Buts it's leather so it wipes :)

9. Have you had sex on your couch?
yes with the husband 

Happy tmi x

And pop back later this week for  pics and the detail of last weeks blogger visit with http://outsidevanilla.blogspot.comand my naughty 4some.

Friday, 4 March 2011

When's the last time you laughed so hard, you cried?

On Tuesday, I met a great blog friend, it wS like we gave known each other forever. We laughed about some of my sexual adventures, especially the one were the she turned out to be a post op transexual. I only found out when she sat on my face and I discovered with my tongue! But what we howled about was last week my toy bag was stolen, the thieves thought it was a laptop bag. Imagine their faces when they opened the bag and found the restrained, butt plugs and dildos! Sweet revenge! I doubt they had much luck selling it on, there's not much of a Market for second hand butt plugs, you don't know where they've been!!!! Or rather you do!!

Ask me anything

Thursday, 3 March 2011

HNT - leading him astray

Apparently I'm leading him astray!

Just done a first for me tonight Omg it was so much fun.

You have to try and guess. There is a clue in my OHNT pic though!!!!

Go see some sexy peeps :)


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Can I help you Madam?

So I'm in a huge DIY store (b&q) just checking out the lighting department and then realise it's time to go.

As I walk through the store, dressed in a smart black dress, fishnet stayup stockings and heels, I felt that most dreaded of things.... The stocking top went. I stop still and clamp my thighs together to stop it making a run for my ankle. The place is busy so I can't just make an adjustment without drawing too much attention to myself.

I walk, thighs clamped, towards the wood stain section, it seems quiet, I lift skirt and adjust stocking just in time.

The voice from behind me makes me jump "can I help you madam" the helpful member if staff says with a big smile if his face!!!

I giggled and walked quickly for the door. Sat outside now still laughing.