Thursday, 17 March 2011

HNT - Nipplecharms

I had a HOT coffee, that went very cold while we played with my new nipple charms. They are amaxing! As the big G will concur, he had lots of fun with them while making me cum 4 times.

I got a few different one so watch out and go see more at OHNT, or visit which is where I get them from, super sexy non piercing fun.

Join in the fun...

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... the-otherhnt


  1. Charming indeed! Both the nipples and the clamps ;)

    Shame about the coffee, but hey, you can always get another one after a few more orgasms!

  2. I just had an idea! Attach a string to your nipple necklace from...

    Your clit clip! Guaranteed to keep you in a certain position. ;)

  3. Up until now, I didn't think that nipples could get any more fun, looks like you proved me wrong :)