Wednesday 24 July 2013

Cap D'Agde swinging

With less than 6 weeks to go im getting excited for our trip. We have booked a lovely apartment near the beach and close to the clubs.

Whilst the sexual nature of the resort and our trip clearly is a major part of my excitement. Spending time together in such a hedonistic way, no clothes, no time constraints or partners to get in the way is my main focus.

The delight of just walking naked to the bakers each morning has the same draw as sex on the beach,  selecting wines, cheeses, meats from the wonderful fresh French produce and equally cooking together and appreciating the great tastes together whilst watching the naked world go by fills my head with wonderful thoughts.

This doesn't mean I’m not planning for fun! Its hard to explain about the pleasure of being on the swingers beach. Lay there on the beach enjoying the sun, surrounded by others in the same aroused state. Its mainly couples but there are a healthy sprinkling of single males that circle the beach, the majority being very respectful and the others responding to a ‘non’ quite quickly and politely.

Up until about 4pm couples keep mainly to themselves, slowly masturbating and being discrete with oral sex, although some go into the dunes for more gang bang and bukake based activities. At 4pm though it’s as if a silent bell goes, as the sun intensity lessons the passions rise and groups form on the beach.  Couples perform and crowds surround them, applauding at climax, it’s utterly surreal.

My first ever beach experience was with YSL fisting and licking me, I had my eyes closed as the sun was so bright and as I opened them I discovered about 100 people stood around smiling and watching us, it was a shock and a turn on.

Generally the beach is self policing. Last year a group of drunken lads strolled through the beach and instantly everyone stopped play. If anyone clothed passes through inappropriately they are promptly heckled and ushered on.

With the improvement of technology comes the threat of people taking secret recordings of the beach action. On our last day last year I suspected someone trying to record me and YSL fucking on the beach and when I alerted YSL to him the entire audience surrounding us turn to the man and in seconds he fled the scene realising he had been caught.

On an evening the mood changes in the village areas, during the day its very much about naturism but on a night its more about the swingers and exhibitionists. The outfits are often wild and more suited to the bedroom. My chosen attire is normally lingerie and heels, maybe a sexy dress or a corset. For men anything goes from holiday linens to full on gimp suit, although in the heat I wouldn’t fancy the latex! 

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