Sunday 30 May 2010

A week in review

Sat in bed naked and catching up on emails. Kids out for the day and hubby gone for beer as footy about to start.

16 orgasms 4 of which I gifted to myself

1 man kissed me

1 man tied me up and adored me (and gave me therapy)

1 man made me cry and said id broke his heart

nobody fucked me

2 new sex toys, ben wa balls and a feeldoe

2 firsts done in this weeks therapy session

I featured in e[lust] for the first time

3 people loved my OHNT pic the-otherhnt
11 people loved my HNT offering

Strangest request:
to attend a party and allow everyone to eat dinner of me... now im a big girl and if you think im just lying there will everyone else gets to eat you got another thing coming!

Favorite request:
To join a naughty friend and his filthy slut, her tied up like me in this weeks therapy and surprise her.

To write for new community area and review sex toys! If there was ever a perfect job for me...

Fav blog reads this week include.. I came wanking to this filthy stuff I so get this woman, so many similarities in life What a bad bad girl she is... I want to meet for cocktails Always a pleasure and this week a delight

Have a good week peeps and dont forget to say hi when you drop by and ask me a question if you fancy, use the box on the right hand side.

Wednesday 26 May 2010


Pic from last weeks therapy session, off to see therapist at 2 today so know doubt by tomorrow night I will have many more naughty tales and pics.

Planning on trying the feeldoe on his ass tomorrow but we will see if he can take it or if I need to give him homework.

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x

Ben Wa balls..... mmmmmm

The delivery has arrived with my new toys from!!I was so excited as soon as I got home headed straight to the toilet and unpacked the lelo luna beads. I didnt waste any time and stuffed them straight inside me and returned to my evening duties. I had finished work early to do the housework and I must add that the Ben Wa balls buried deep inside me made the house work fun!

I bought the beads for 4 reasons:-

1, Ability to crush a mans cock with vaginal muscles alone. Its great to be able to sit on top, not move an inch and milk him.

2, Having endured child birth twice I want the continued ability to laugh, sneeze and cough without accident!

3, As a fan of being fisted I don't want it to adversely effect how tight I feel

4. Just being damn naughty and feeling touched from within while doing the most mundane chores or work meetings.

So far fav things to do while wearing lelo luna beads:

1. Yoga

2. Ironing

3. Driving over speed bumps

4. Going downstairs

5. Running on the wii fit

6. And my super fav household chore is now the vacuuming!!

I was so aroused and as you can see from the picture I was soaking wet.

I haven't allowed myself to cum as yet and I'm saving myself for tomorrow afternoon. I have to add this is a tall order as I have just delivered a training course for 7 hours, walking around feeling them stir inside me. I so need to cum. And I'm off to dance class so that should be fun!

Seeing the sex therapist tomorrow... any suggestions on this treat for him???? other than a gag and lots of lube!

Tuesday 25 May 2010

photo courtesy of Lila

Welcome to e[lust] - Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #14? Start with the rules, check out the schedule in the site’s sidebar and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Answers with an Agenda 1- Fisting - Once you’ve gotten started using two fingers for a bit, then it is time to build until four fingers are sliding in and out of the person, and you are on your way.

Gagged - I think it’s got to be a combination… fingers sliding into your cunt, a merciless tease of your clit, and yes, it’s going to have to be, lining my cock up with your ass.

Mine - I feel you stir beneath me as I create a rhythm, your breathing changing growing more shallow as you slip from sleep into arousal. My eyes lift to yours as you smile and try to move your arms and then freeze.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Puppet Master - When I was right next to them and they still did not notice, I put my lips to his ear (loud music, you know) and whispered “Touch her boobs, I bet she’d like that” and I backed up a foot.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Shaping Some Limits - “If you ever did that to me, I promise you would never see me again”.Those words were spoken to me this past weekend by my pet during one of our overnight dates. The subject was face slapping.

See also: Pleasurists #77 for all your sex toy review needs.

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Sensory deprivation: What do you enjoy most about it or Why do you like it? What have you done in that type of play?

Sensory deprivation is such an intense experience and I must add I can only do it with a trusted lover as with any sort of bondage. Just having a blindfold on is amazing, not knowing where the next touch is coming or what it is, listening to every sound to get a clue.. the Velcro being pulled apart knowing the restraints are about to be applied, the soft humming of a vibrator as it is turned on and wondering where it will be placed. Feeling the warm breath of you lover as he hovers over you ready to kiss you but making you wait mmmmmmm. Every touch is magnified, you feel everything so much more. But take away your hearing as well. Not knowing what is to happen, you mind becomes a fertile and creative place. Tied up in that state anything could happen. Every touch is electric. The therapist is always amazed at my bodies reaction to every touch when in this state. The goose bumps, the erect hard nipples, the juices flowing from me.

Last night I met the therapist for a 'coffee' and he blindfolded me and put in the ear plugs. tied my wrists together with a belt and then teased me for an hour. It was so good, he used my speculum to open me up while he licked at my swollen clit then and fingered my ass. he moved away and the thing about sensory deprivation that not being touch is as intense as being touched. the next thing i felt was a sting on my left nipple as he clamped it, as I got my breath back he applied another then fisted my furiously until I gush all over the place.

Thanks for the question, now aching and wet sat at work. I'm alone and have 20 mins before next meeting... fresh batteries and a little porn now required x

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Monday 24 May 2010

Random facts about me - the TMI replacement

1. I have a fetish for sleep sex
2. I adore kissing and could never sleep with someone who was incompatible in kissing
3. I always wear Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
4. I'm shaven on the lips but keep a little hair to the front
5. I like being talked to dirty in bed but don't expect much of a reply if I'm in the zone

my bonus fact is..... im waiting a naughty delivery from with a few naughty treats! can't wait!!

Tell me if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few players....

A filthy but wonderful gentleman - part 2

Dinner was a delight, he is a domestic goddess in the kitchen and a man whore in the bedroom. As we finished dinner he apologised he hadn't made dessert but we agreed his cock made better eating. I sat at the table enjoying a post dinner cigarette and his cock.

It tasted of the built up sexual tension of the night so far, covered in precum. He took me to the bedroom and told be he needed to fuck me. Its been so long since I've fucked, I haven't allowed anyone in since HIM. I bent over the edge of the bed and he slid his ample length deep inside taking my breath away with his size. Jack started to pound me, fucking me so hard. He paused a moment and I felt him reach for something from my bag. The glass dildo was then slid into me.

The first notch slowly the second deliberate. As soon as I got my breath back he started pounding my cunt again. Every thrust pushed the glass dildo inside more. He told me one of my fantasies, one he knows I would never do but he gets what the difference is and made me think about it being done. I started to cum again so hard, making my arms and legs shake.

He whipped out the butt plug and replaced it with his huge cock. I love the feeling of him inside. Ive missed having a cock inside.

We changed positions with the ambition of me being sat on top with his cock in my ass and his fist in my but alas the dodgy knee wouldn't allow it fully, although by fucked in the ass that was feeling my wetness pour out of me over his stomach turned me on so much.

I returned to giving him oral, giving him deep throat, My head tipped over the bed letting him fuck my mouth.

I needed fucking again, I bent over the bed and he fucked me with such vigour and slapped my ass as he did so. Holding me by the throat and telling me another fantasy, telling me how he was fucking me and 6 men were stood around me watching, ready to cover me and fuck me as well. He covered my mouth as I started to cum, I came so hard again all over his cock. It felt like he was swelling inside me and then the warmth of him as he came.

God he is an amazing sexy dirty fucker **sighs**

We finally collapsed into bed after a little more debauched play and slept for a couple of hours. I was woken by his fingers probing me, then his cock entering me. We fucked as lazy spoons for a while, my fingers wanking myself as he moved inside me, both of us tender from the nights antics. We dozed off again and woke a few hours later. Lay talking about plans for the day and the enjoyment of the night previous.

I went to kiss his cock and retire to the shower but it looked so edible I thought I better eat it. I gently lapped at his cock and sucked slowly. Taking it deep and changing rhythm. Listening to him gently moan with my movements. He has such a suckable cock, its rare I get such pleasure from doing it.

We parted after a delight of a breakfast feast, fresh coffee and kisses. Promises to meet again and I can't wait for our next encounter.

Sunday 23 May 2010

A filthy but wonderful gentleman... part one

Its rare that 2 such people collide. He is a rare breed,Jack, cultured, intelligent, witty, sexy as hell and a deviant. I got back in touch with Jack a few weeks ago and we decided we should meet again. Our previous encounters have been amazing, creative and sexually ground breaking on most occasions.

I arrived at 6.45 after a long day at work. He has wonderful urban wharehouse style apratment in the heart of Edinburgh. I was greeted by him at the door, his eyes still as striking and his smile captivating, he grabbed my bags and I followed him upstairs. Within seconds of being in his company it was like the 10 months had not past since we last saw each other.

I had packed cosmo's, we normally meet at Harvey Nicks for them but since I was driving I figured we could enjoy them still. We chatted, kissed and teased for some an hour or so. The conversation turned to the blog and he was intrigued and enjoyed a quick view of it. I disapeared to the bathroom to shower and dress for the night. Whilst in the shower he also changed and put on something a tad south of naughty. I was dress in a black slip, fence net stockings and heels, perched on the end of the latex covered bed upon his return.

I was unpacking my toy bag, he wanted me to go through it with him and tell him about my experiences recently with the exlover. He was interested in what we had been doing with the pegs and ribbons. I lay down and he started to play with me. He attached the pegs to my pussy lips and then tied the ribbons to my thighs so I was totally exposed to him. He began to lick me, suckling on my clit that was vunrable and ready for him. He reached for my speculum and opened me up then continued to lick. He brought me to a wondeful shuddering orgasm and then joined me further up the bed. He also had pegs in his naughty bag and he began to attach them accross my breasts. I have never done this before and it was amazing. I have senstive breasts and the stimulation sent my through the roof.

He had told me earlier in the evening that he wasnt going to get his cock out for a while, I was aching for it and he knew it, he has the most amazing monster of a cock and it is beautiful (as cocks go).

He untied me and led me to the lounge where he had covered his sofa with another latex sheet. I knelt and presented me ass and cunt to him. He wanted to fist me as he knew it made me gush and squirt. His lubed hand slid into me with reletive ease and he started fisting me. A few fingers then entered my ass and before long I could feel the pressure of his whole hand trying to enter me. He partially removed the other hand and pushed a little deeper into me, then returned he other hand into my cunt. He repeated this until my ass gave in and drew him inside me, I gushed instantly. Hearing it clatter of the latex sheet was so sexy.

I came so hard and remained in that state while he double fisted me. It was a first for him. It was wonderful for me. I was shuddering for a few minutes when we had finished.

Its funny how we can go from one extreme to another and it fits so well. I was sat in the kitchen sipping Proseco enjoying great conversation and swapping cooking tips, however if you were to view this moment I was half naked, breats hanging freely sat on bar stool in stockings and heels, he was in latex gear with his peach of an ass exposed.

So much more to tell but im off to bed, trying to catch up on Friday nights lack of sleep. I will post more tomorrow and show you a little more of what we did, I shall leave you with an image of what I had for dessert.

A week in review

over 20 orgasms lost count and probably nearer 30

2 men kissed me

1 man tied me up and adored me (and gave me therapy)

1 man ate chocolate out of me

2 men made me cry

1 man fucked me and 1 man agreed not to fuck me, just adore and abuse me

1 person loved my OHNT pic the-otherhnt
3 people loved my HNT offering

Did I do bad this week with the pics or did you just admire silently?

Strangest request:
A TV/TS asked if he/she could clean my house every week for free... so tempted!

Favorite request:
To meet have dinner and spoon ... yes please

Fav blogs this week for so many reasons

Therapy session booked for later this week!!

Be good and don't forget to stop by and add comment... and ask me a question if you fancy!

Saturday 22 May 2010


Can't wait to share last night with you, I met the filthy but wonderful gent again. What an amazing evening, kink, culture and friendship what more can a filthy slut ask for. We took so many naughty pic I will share tomorrow. He is currently reading my blog and what I have previously written about him so awaiting a tough critic!

still tender from the nights fun and loving that I can still feel where he touched me so deeply.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Therapy session #3

I turned up a few minutes late and greeted by my therapist, we chatted briefly over coffee about my week and decided to talk while taking pictures. This weeks HNT has a theme as its 5 tomorrow. We needed to replicate my first submission, mine was only a few months ago but it was fun redoing the picture. I lay on the bed, still partially clothed as he took the pictures. I was getting aroused as he positioned me and took the shots.

When he finished he joined me on the bed and kissed me, trailing his fingers over me. Suddenly he got up and told me to undress. I took everything off except my panties and heels and returned to the bed. He placed the blind fold on and put ear plugs in. Until you have experienced this you will never understand the power of sensory deprivation. Suddenly every touch is amplified. I cant hear him move around the room. Each touch is like static electricity to me. I dont know what he is going to do. Something soft is trailed over me then a sharp sting on my mound. it was the paddle. it trailed over me again so gently but i was waiting for the next sting. He teased me with his breath over me, knowing i wanted kisses.

I was aching for his hands between my thighs, he knew and pleased me. He massaged my clit until I came, the first of many.

He moved away, his next touch was his hands holding my ankle, the silk rope felt so wonderful as he kissed and nibbled at my ankles while tying me. He hogtied me ensure I was able to part my thighs enough for him to access me.

He slipped his fingers inside me, opening me up, pushing harder each time. I was so wet his hand entered my forming a fist inside. fingers were pressing against my g spot and when in a few minutes i started cuming. As the juices flowed out of me his other fingers rubbed my clit. I seemed to be in a constant state of cuming.

He stopped a moment and a light sting on my bottom was enjoyed and again... gentle spanking me. a sharp sting on my nipples came a shock as a peg was attached, then pegs were placed on my pussy lips, 4 i think, I was dizzy not knowing where he was and what was coming next. He pushed open my legs and held my clit in his mouth, sucking it and licking it, making it swell and throb, then came another peg right on my clit. It took my breath away, it felt like my body was plug into the mains. he untied my ankles and removed the peg and began licking me to another peak.

This time his fingers were exploring both holes. i felt some cold enter me, then ebb away, my body heat took it quickly. he then stepped away not knowing where he was. The next touch was him opening my mouth and stuffing his cock in. I was hungry for and sucked hard. he held my head and fucked my mouth until i could take no more. I lay back on the bed catching my breath, the mystery of what had been cold was then solved... today's chocolate, half melted and covered in my cum, he smeared the melted remains over my face and then kissed me.

His hands parted my thighs again and explored both holes each time pushing more in and deeper. He licked at my clit and distracted me from his hands forcing their way into me. I began to cum again this time so hard, i was writhing in ecstasy as he pushed both hands inside finally. I was so full. I kept cuming, my hole body was shaking and trembling.

He removed himself and stepped away. I was then on all fours with him fisting my cunt so hard and deep, I was gushing down my legs as he filled me.

I collapsed onto the bed in a quivering next touch was to be his cum jetted over my face.

He untied me and held me as lay trembling still. He took me to the shower and held me as he washed me, telling it had been the most intense and wonderful sex session he had ever enjoyed.

We sat sipping coffee for a while after reviewing the pictures, talking of the next time, discussing a fantasy of mine and agreeing that we shall continue without penetration.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

HNT - 5th birthday!

Happy birthday Osbasso and HNT!

In case you have been hidden under a large stone this week we are celebrating HNT's birthday and the theme is to post your origional past and a remake... just finished the remake and read tomorrow how naughty it got... tut tut that naughty naughty therapist!

I have posted below the story of the first HNT pic, it was such an amazing night, it was the night I found the real me.

The Old...

The New...

Yes I'm a wanker, always found myself needing to cum almost everyday if not more than once. The husband lost interest in sex when we had the kids, yes sounds like reverse roles. I've done everything from the naughty undies, the sending sexy messages, letting him catch me play, but nothing, told me he would put kettle and asked would i be long!!! Is he gay or am I ugly was my 2 worries, then is he having an affair. Well maybe all???

I can tick off ugly and gay abut the affair still is my favourite, but maybe he just got old and i didn't notice.

So to save my sanity and to prolong the family unit staying together I decided to embark on an affair. I armed myself with several glasses of wine and a laptop and entered I want an affair into google. Wow its was an eye opener.I had no idea how may people where in the same family trap as me. I joined an upmarket site that was for married professionals. I met some great men but after lunch they wanted dinner and after dinner they want theatre.... as they say... you had me at hello and I can ill afford the extra calories.

By the time you got to the theatre there was talk of love and long lasting relationships..... all well and good but these guys hadn't had sex with there wives in years and were more lacking in sexual finesse than a stick. and lets face it they have to be able to kiss.

So i decided to move down market, a friend I met on the afore mentioned site recommended a book and swinging, butcher baker candle stick maker, it was a good read, little did i know it was to be about me.

I joined a swing site and sat and waited for a response, it took all of 10 seconds i think. I was snowed under with filthy requests and i was starting to panic that id gone too far to the other end of the spectrum. I spent the next 2 weeks just looking until one Friday, husband was away with the kids so i decided i should talk to someone off the site to find out more. My search criteria was, tall, young, experienced and no cock pic... how many cock pics are there on those sites!

I found a profile 33, 6ft 3, verified as being a very very bad man and a cute pic of his ass in the tightest of Calvin's... mmmm yum.

I went to message him but panicked, I ended up cancelling it ... so I thought.... I had sent an empty message to which I got a cheeky reply... messages went back and forth then for an hour or so, he seemed fun, intelligent and look delicious.

He asked if I would be up for a drink and seeing as I was alone for the night, well the whole weekend in truth. I went home showered and picked out some cheeky underwear and a thoroughly naughty shoes teamed up with a sexy dress. I was shaking on the way for the drink, I only spoke to this guy 2 hours ago on line and I'm going to meet him, am I mad!!! Plus according to his verifications he was very experienced, very kinky and plays all night long... he will eat me alive I could hear screaming in my head.

After 1 drink it was so clear we had chemistry and it was only going to end one way... my knickers on his bedroom floor. I offered to take him home and thank god he accepted, i was scared to death he would turn me down. As we pulled up at his again I was shaking fearing rejection. the gods were kind and he suggested one more drink before I head to my friends (fake back up story I had just in case he turned out to smell!).

We drank, we talked, we laughed and we got naked.

I didn't notice getting naked until he stopped for breath from giving me oral. He then turned me over and fucked my ass. Something until then i hadn't really enjoyed. but at this point it was amazing. Within minutes it was like the sex Olympics, I did more firsts that night than I've ever done. My most amazing discovery though of the night is that a gush and squirt when aroused enough. I'd arrived at 6pm on the Friday and I left on Sunday at lunch time. We didn't sleep, we only stopped to eat and take on board fluids. It was a huge sexual watershed for me. I was myself in the bedroom for the first time.

And he laughed when I said I'd been fearful he would eat me alive... turned out I did the eating... I devoured him. I left him an empty shell of a man but with a smile.

This was the start of regular and filthy sex exploring my fantasies and discovering new ones.

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Random facts about me - the TMI replacement

1. I adore spooning, especially in the morning.
2. I haven't had penetrative sex since first week April
3. I miss HIM more than I though it was possible
4. I have just cum, masterbating and watching porn... my new fav porn site is a new friend told me about it
5. Id rather a carpet picnic than a dinner out

My fav blogs of the week are: Ive just done my first submission to e-lust

Have you ever fucked a guy using a strap on

no I haven't, it is something myself and HIM were discussing and my thoughts were yes I would like to but I would rather use a feeldo, , it's a strapless strap on, part of it goes inside me so I would feel what i was doing. Otherwise I think it would be more enjoyable just to use a toy. I suppose it seems disconnected to me otherwise. Hope that makes sense!

Ask me anything

Monday 17 May 2010

What would you like to explore next with your therapist he is clearly very talented in his field!!

Im loving the bondage play and have been thinking I would like to be hog tied by him. We havent had sex and I'm also enjoying that, even though I ache for it I like the abstaining and I also think I can't get my head around it not being HIM, the ex lover, inside me.

I did have a quick session with the Therapist on Friday, greeted with coffee and chocolate and him wearing a rather sexy set of Transperanzi stockings and panties. I was sat at the table and he kissed me while pinching my nipples so hard I winced and moaned. I had my period so I had made the boundaries know before hand. I don't mind blood sports but not for a quick play or with a new partner. He pushed his arm across my throat in my mind I was tied to the chair and i couldnt move as he massaged my clit. I came. I stood up and bent over the table he fingered my ass while rubbing my clit again until my legs buckled as I came again. I sat down and sucked him then offered my breasts to him to cum on.

Finished the choclate kisses and left! Can't wait for next time.

Ask me anything

A week in review x

The new shoes seem to of caught the imagination and thanks for the posts and sexy emails x

17 orgasms 5 of which I gifted to myself

1 man kissed me

1 man tied me up and adored me (and gave me therapy)

1 man bought me chocolate because I had a bad day

2 men asked for my number just because

nobody fucked me.... my choice 2 people wanted to

4 people loved my OHNT pic the-otherhnt
15 people loved my HNT offering

Strangest request:
actually the most annoying request was from an old friend to meet him and watch him wank???? why would i do that?

Favorite request:
An old friend, the filthy but wonderful gentlemen asked to meet me in Harvey Nichols for cocktails, booking my train ticket. He also sent a verification note for my profile....

Yummy is a deliciously decadent and extremely entertaining lady in public, and fabulously filthy fun in private. She's also imaginative, interesting and indefatigable, so if you're lucky enough to engage her attention, remember to take your vitamins and have lots of sleep before you meet her... You won't get any when you do!

this made me smile... mines a caphrini xx

Therapy session booked for later this week!!

Wednesday 12 May 2010

HNT - Yes im switch... I love it both ways

I did promise the pic of the shoes....

and yes it speaks volumes... I'm switch x

Whats your preference?? are you sub dom or like me depends on the mood??

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x

Thank you for asking him about home visits shame I live the other end of the country.

Well he said if you are ever in the area he would be pleased to give you a therapy session as well.... perhaps joint therapy x

Ask me anything

Whens your next therapy, am loving it.

next week I think, Im sure he will read this and let me know when he can slot me in....

Ask me anything

Monday 10 May 2010

Therapy session # 2

Following the amazing progress I made from the first therapy session I thought I better go back for another! I was so horny before getting there, aching to be tied up and played with again and he didn't disappoint. He had everything ready for me to shower as I'd requested. I like to be clean inside and out before I start so I can relax totally.

First job was though to take pictures of my new shoes for HNT and of course Sheen (mwah) and only sheen is getting a sneak preview before Thursday.

He then bound my ankles and wrists and blind folded me. In seconds I could feel my clit swell. It was trapped between my lips and bound legs and I needed it touched. He forced his hands between my thighs and touch me making me shudder then withdrew his touch again and teased my body, taking time to kiss and tease me. The sting on my nipple was then increased as I heard a peg close onto it. He kiss me hard to distract me and muffle me. He held my throat so affectionately I ached from inside it was perfect.

His tongue then was darting between my bound thighs and lips, the teasing was making me so wet and making him hungry for more of me.

He unbound my ankles and began lapping at my wet cunt. Within a few minutes his hand was also inside me and i was pushing back onto it wanting more. I could feel an orgasm building so I pushed down hard taking his fist inside. I could feel myself cover him in cum.

He continued to fist me and suckle on my swollen and sensitive clit urging me towards another orgasm. It was so good and it was his first time to fist a woman. he slipped his cum soaked hand out of my and shared his wet fingers between both holes, as soon as he entered my ass I came so hard. I was shaking from head to toe. He kissed me, he was covered in me, it tasted so good and it turned me on more as he tortured my nipple some more while pushing his hand against my throat again.

He rolled me onto my side and again fingered both holes and rubbing my clit furiously making me writhe on the bed. I wanted him to fuck me so hard but not today, I'm not ready for that yet.

After another shudder it fed his cock in my mouth, it was dripping as it went in my mouth. It pleased me to know it had turned him on as much. He then moved between my legs and wanked himself, catching my clit and pussy lips with his hardness before finally covering me in red hot cum.

He made me cum once more before I showered and left after a coffee and a delicious bit of chocolate! perfect therapy. And he says yes to house calls x

Having what done to you is guaranteed to make you cum?

Me and my bullet are the guaranteed element but as for what turns me on so much I would say being tied up and teased. Add to that a blindfold you better put a towel down if you don't want a wet mess on the bed. Also being told I can't cum and being forced to at the same time drives me wild.

Ask me anything

Does your therapist do home visits?

Not sure I will ask him this afternoon as we have a session booked today. Im sure we will cover lots of deep issues.

Ask me anything

Sunday 9 May 2010

Can you enjoy sex in your office?

I haven't ever had sex at this office but I do often masturbate at work. I ALWAYS have my bullet with me in my handbag. I often slip it in my panties when Im alone and watch porn or force myself to work until I cum. I have enjoyed sex at previous work places though.

Are you offering?

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A week in review

12 orgasms given to me 4 I gifted to myself

2 men kissed me

1 man tied me up and adored me

A new good friend helped me with a challenge in my life and I thank you so much my darling

1 new pair of shoes and yes Sheen I will be taking a picture this week just for you

nobody fucked me.... my choice 3 people wanted to

3 people loved my OHNT pic the-otherhnt
8 people loved my HNT offering

An old friend contacted me to ask if I would play with him and his filthy slut, seriously considering

Strangest request:
well the guy in the picture who describes himself as tall, clean and attractive has to be one of the funniest! he looks like a cross between billy brag and terry nutkins!!

I've been offered some special time alone with a kinky man and has dog... WTF! (i do have my limits)

Favorite request:
A new friend who is very tall and attractive wants to spend a night being kinky and a morning spooning with me. I cant wait.

So a quiet week then!

Friday 7 May 2010

what does he need to do to earn this?

Sent to me by my admirer

A reward from my princess - tell me in the comments what he needs to do to be rewarded.

As I lay down before thee, my nakedness growing all the time with anticipation, pleasures whirling around my body, senses on fire awaiting your approval, your touch.

On my back, I look up to see the beauty before me, over me, tempting my eyes with your fine stockinged legs astride me, stood tall with fabulous breasts delighting me, daring me to touch. Anything. After what seems an eternity, your silky legs bend and sit over my excitement, I feel the touch of silk, moist panties at the base of my length, pushing my aching balls down, then the warm glow as you slide up to m throbbing swollen glans, roughly pushing down from atop, if only there was no silk between us, I should dare to push upwards to enter thy temple, but alas, no joy, as I begin to feel a hot stream flow down and around me, my end straining against the material block, I swear I am nearly within you, perhaps my end is, pushing panties inwards also, as the golden stream begins to cover my balls and pulsing erection, and now slowly standing up you’re moving up my body, I can see the beautiful droplets glistening as they fall to cover my body, hot streams running all down me, the hot followed by the chill, working up my body, sharp high heels scraping the side of my ribcage, by chance, I think not, drawing blood, stinging as the golden shower slowly spreads into the fresh shallow wound.

And upwards still. Covering my chin and running down around my ears, you are so close now I want to reach up and grab that powerful figure, sink my teeth into the depths of you, now my hair all matted to my brow, few droplets falling now, heat subsiding as I look up and enjoy the wet gusset approaching my face, sliding up and down my face, the odours so strong of your sex and sweet release, my face ridden like a huge glans, wanting to fully enter, tasting the sensual mixture seep through the panties as you settle over my mouth, taking a nibble at the lips bulging through the fine silk, taking silk into my mouth, sucking, swallowing, and biting down as you start to stand, slowly, your panties held firm, your body erect, my face covered in your wet panties.

As your glistening pussy hovers over me, I now need to touch, to taste, to drink from you, following your beckoning hand I raise onto all fours and move to near where you have sat, close enough to inhale deep odours of you, the edge of the chair, legs spread wide and inviting, your pleasure will be my pleasure.

As my head is pulled towards you, I feel sharp heels dig into my back, and I can wait no longer, I see your clitoris beckoning me towards it, showing itself swollen and in need of attention as I take it between my lips and suck, come to me my princess.

How do you make your blog popular?

Using fairy dust and naked pictures I think

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Wednesday 5 May 2010

HNT - want to know why my panties are so wet?

It's a click through if you are a filthy filthy perv or perhaps you just want to appreciate my wetnes of my hidden flower x

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x

Therapy session #1

I was having a tough few days with life and as ever my outlet is sex.

I went to talk to a friend, he’s a therapist so who better than to talk to about what was chewing me up. We arranged a time and he got the choccy biscuits in ready. He had also offered to take a pic of me in my new shoes.

We got talking and 2 coffees later we got around to the pictures he suggested we took the pics on the bed... excellent black 5” patent leather heels should be pictured on a bed. He suggested we used a few props, some rope and a paddle.... another excellent plan.

I was nervous as I had never been naked with him even though he had seen pics of me naked and I had discussed at length some of my sexual escapades. He gave me a hug, sensing my apprehension and kissed my neck, knowing it is what turns me on the most. I removed me dress and underwear and lay before him.

We kissed passionately as his hands gentle explored my body respect the boundaries and waiting for me to invite him each step. I rolled on my side and invited him to explore me further. He reach between my thighs and cupped my sex. Taking my clit in his fingers he began to tease me. As me wetness increased he fingers began to dig deeper, more fingers each time. Within minutes I was nearing orgasm and with the addition of his attention to my breasts it tipped me over.

I asked for him to tie my ankles together with the rope. He expertly bound my ankles and thighs with the Japanese silk ropes and started to tease my clit gently, not enough to give any relief. He disappeared a moment and returned with a belt and bound my wrists tightly and slipped on a blindfold. I was aflame, whilst he is a friend I have never trusted him like this, given myself to him. I felt an amount of threat but it only added to the sensation. He then placed a silk tie in my mouth and parted my pussy lips and brought it out the other side and pulled it tight. It was to be my only means of pleasure now.

He teased and tortured my nipple, I still don’t know what he used but it felt amazing. I lay there gritting my teeth knowing if I let go of the tie I would not come. I was moving myself slowly so the silk rubbed against my clit, it was so frustrating and perfect.

I came with such a shudder,he then fucked my mouth until I was given the taste of him, we kissed and he enjoyed the after taste on my tongue knowing Id swallowed him. He untied me and enjoyed the rewards of my wetness and he fisted me so deep until I shuddered again. Time was up I had to go, I hadn’t planned the therapy to be so deep and intense! And alas it means we didn’t get to take the pictures but it gives me a great excuse to go back again.

HNT - I wonder why my panties are wet?

It's a click through if you are a filthy filthy perv or perhaps you just want to appreciate my wetnes of my hidden flower x

Monday 3 May 2010

The sex party - part 2

We got back to the apartment and poured drinks for everyone. J sent me to change, I had a cute black see through baby doll and stockings to put on. he loved to see me in it. He stripped to his whities and led me to the lounge, lay me back on the sofa and parted my thighs. he gives such good oral.

Before long I was kissing Ann, a beautiful woman, in her late 40's. Se was blonde, amazing figure and delicious pert breasts. J stopped licking and Ann took his place. One of the other girls sat astride my face. It was so hard to concentrate on doing anything, Ann was so amazing with her tongue and fingers, she had me on the edge in minutes. She stopped and suggested us ladies head to the bedroom. Me and Ann 69'd while the other woman licked her from behind. J and G (ann's husband) joined us to watch. I have to add they had stopped at the kitchne on the way and made a pile of toast and tea, you would of been mistaken that the cricket was about to start!

I got ann on the edge and started to work my fingers inside her, she had been teasing me. Without saying anything we both new it was time to push each other over the edge. We both came so hard and squirted on each other. It was amazing. We then took the other woman lay her on the bed and made her centre of attention.

We took turns licking her and sucking at her breasts. The guys were so aroused by now and led us back into the main room where we discovered people fucking everywhere. It was amazing.

J knows I wont go with just anyone so he kept the rear guard so to speak. Ann asked if I would suck her husband. I obliged. It there was one thing I deserve a medal for in life its my oral skills. I do give good head. I also give good deep throat. Within seconds he was telling his wife to video me for later. J began pounding me as I sucked G. It was amazing feeling. Ive only done this once before but was too drunk to appreciate it fully then. This time I was so aroused by it. Knowing that the room was watching me, 16 men and women wanking or fucking while seeing me get it both ends. It truly was empowering. Believe it or not I have a low self esteem and I'd worried I'd be the fat ugly one nobody would want instead I had the pick. I came again and G shot his load on me. Ann took my hand and lead me to the shower.

We kissed and washed each other for ages. it was so intimate and delicate we then fell on the bed wet and wanked each other teasing each other until we couldnt hold back any more. It was 5am when Ann and her hubby left. Me and J continued to party until rudely stopped by a fire alarm and we had to run down stairs. You could see the staff must of know what we had been doing the way the looked. I think they had hoped more were still left at the party when they did the fire test.

boob quake

We are trying to get the gound to move over at Sages place and I've contributed some of my pictures to the cause. Go see the fine collection of earth shattering pics us ladies have given charitably.

Geeese he is such a kind man to donate his time to collect our boob pics, im sure he will get his rewards along the way!

part 2 of party to come later today

head over to sage's and tell him i sent you x

Sunday 2 May 2010

The BIG party AKA ORGY ............part 1

It was a daft drunk idea J had, it was his fantasy, drunk fueled I decided I would do it. He wanted to host an orgy. We had been playing togther for a while, he is a sexy guy, loves to please and loves to see me pleasured. We have been to a few clubs around the country but will tell those stories seperately soon as there are a few funny tales to tell.

A few weeks before the planned night I started to look for playmates to join us. I posted an Advert on Fabswingers. The conversations started. We had a tight selection criteria and my friend that I have mentioned in an earlier post assisted as he live in the area and was able to put flesh on the bones of some peoples profiles.

We booked an exquisted venue it was the most plush apartment suite I'd ever seen. The rooms were stunning, perfect for the party.

He asked if there was anything I wanted to do at the party. There was one thing.... I wanted to do DP, double penetration. I have a specific fantasy that requires 2 regular lovers that have a passion for me. I arrange that on the lunchtime of the day of the party we would meet with Jack, the sexy kinky gent I have mentioned before and J. We would enjoy lunch, champagne and then have the pair of them adore me and take my DP cherry. Ive had so many occassions I could of lost it but I have held onto it as I didnt want to blow my fantasy on a crap fumble.

It was 2 days before the party when i got the call from jack ... he had swine flu! dashed were those thoughts of DP. I focused on the party planning. On the morning of the party J turned up to collect me, we had a few hours drive to the venue. He had text me to say he was early I replied I was just going in shower and he said stay naked and he would take me when he got there. I hurried and dressed before he got there as I wanted him to wait. We had 24 people meeting us that night so there was no need to panic and cum just yet. Besides I wanted to tease him all the way there.

We got there for about 3 ish and checked in, He worked for an hour or so while i bathed and did my hair and make up and exchanged texts with all that were meeting us.

The plan was and J to go eat at 7, meet peeps at 8 at the pub, 10pm at the swing club 12pm back here for party.

What happened was 6pm I was dressed and 6.10 he had undressed me and took me in the shower, at 6.30 I did hair n make up, at 7pm he fucked me again and I needed another shower as he had covered me!

at 7.45 we left the hotel and my hair was scraped back in a pony tail and I was re-aplying makeup in the taxis! we got there just before the first couple, I was starving and tipsy!

Suddenly me and J were the centre of attention, so many people arrived, some I recognised from pictures some that recognise me and J. Most of the peeps were great there were a few that J had to do the polite sorry to. It was 11 before we got the the club. In most clubs the lady changes into sexy undies... so I did I had a purple corset on and matching french knicks, laboutins on to finish the outfit. as I walked into the bar it seems this club did not operate such a policy!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! J insisted I stayed as I was. We have a funny but good relationship, he adores me and treats me so well but its at a slight distance, more like really great mates. This night though he was amazing, he made me feel so good.

We went down to the play rooms to have a look around. a few of the couples followed and me and J put on a show. after about 15 mins one of the ladies asked if she could borrow J. I agree and enjoy her husband kissing and touching me as J went down on her. Everyone was getting so hot and horny we decided it was time to head back to the apartment. J gave 16 people our address and arrange to meet back there for what was promising to be a wild night.

part deux tomorrow if you interetsed to know more..... and check out sage tomorrow for boob quake! a couple of my cheeky pics as well as a bucket load of other sexy ladies trying to see if we can rock the world with our boobs x

Hi have you had or would you like your breasts bound?

MMM yes i did! although not as extreme as ive seen it done, again I can't risk getting marks. Silly really as it took a year for him to notice I'd shaved myself totally. It felt good, i love the feeling of being restrained and presented to my lover. Ready for his pleasure, which is normally to focus his attention totally on me which I have to admit I love.

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