Monday 10 May 2010

Therapy session # 2

Following the amazing progress I made from the first therapy session I thought I better go back for another! I was so horny before getting there, aching to be tied up and played with again and he didn't disappoint. He had everything ready for me to shower as I'd requested. I like to be clean inside and out before I start so I can relax totally.

First job was though to take pictures of my new shoes for HNT and of course Sheen (mwah) and only sheen is getting a sneak preview before Thursday.

He then bound my ankles and wrists and blind folded me. In seconds I could feel my clit swell. It was trapped between my lips and bound legs and I needed it touched. He forced his hands between my thighs and touch me making me shudder then withdrew his touch again and teased my body, taking time to kiss and tease me. The sting on my nipple was then increased as I heard a peg close onto it. He kiss me hard to distract me and muffle me. He held my throat so affectionately I ached from inside it was perfect.

His tongue then was darting between my bound thighs and lips, the teasing was making me so wet and making him hungry for more of me.

He unbound my ankles and began lapping at my wet cunt. Within a few minutes his hand was also inside me and i was pushing back onto it wanting more. I could feel an orgasm building so I pushed down hard taking his fist inside. I could feel myself cover him in cum.

He continued to fist me and suckle on my swollen and sensitive clit urging me towards another orgasm. It was so good and it was his first time to fist a woman. he slipped his cum soaked hand out of my and shared his wet fingers between both holes, as soon as he entered my ass I came so hard. I was shaking from head to toe. He kissed me, he was covered in me, it tasted so good and it turned me on more as he tortured my nipple some more while pushing his hand against my throat again.

He rolled me onto my side and again fingered both holes and rubbing my clit furiously making me writhe on the bed. I wanted him to fuck me so hard but not today, I'm not ready for that yet.

After another shudder it fed his cock in my mouth, it was dripping as it went in my mouth. It pleased me to know it had turned him on as much. He then moved between my legs and wanked himself, catching my clit and pussy lips with his hardness before finally covering me in red hot cum.

He made me cum once more before I showered and left after a coffee and a delicious bit of chocolate! perfect therapy. And he says yes to house calls x


  1. Now that is the only kind of therapy to have!!!

  2. Well you GO GIRL!

  3. Multiple orgasms are the best kind of therapy.

  4. Oh man, I'm with PY! Yes please! *grins*

  5. Thats some therapist, you are so lucky orgasm after he has cum and then chocolate!!