Sunday 30 October 2011

A contrast in swinging

The last 2 swinging experiences have been contrasting and a personal education to where my comfort zones are. The first, 2 weeks ago, we had gone to the new club but when we got there it was pretty quiet. Only another couple and a single guy and it was all very polite chatting. We decided to head to the other club. We got there at about 10:45 wasted no time at the bar we stripped to our underwear and headed upstairs to play.

All the rooms were full, people fucking and playing on all the beds, it was BBW heaven for YSL, full figure sexy ladies in abundance. We head to the bed in the main orgy room and we sit close to a 3 some that was in full throng. YSL started pleasuring a lady, Mary, she was sucking another guys cock while YSL went down on her. Her partner turned his attentions to me, wanting me to lie back but I wanted to watch YSL. Hands appear on my breasts from behind and I allow them to touch while I watch. I wank 2 men that are teasing me and I enjoy the attention. At one point we are part of about 10 or more bodies all touching and playing with each other.

After YSL makes Mary cum several times he rejoins me on the bed and encourages me to lie down. He fists me and makes me cum hard and squirt, Mary is transfixed by YSL doing this to me and the guys clearly aroused. YSL holds me while inviting 2 men to fuck me. Neither last long but the attention is pleasant but it was lacking the intimacy of previous moments. I move further up the bed and get on all 4’s, Ivan, a very well hung swinger we have met on most club visits takes me hard from behind. YSL sits in front wanking his hard cock while he watches me, I feel more aroused and thoroughly enjoy the moment. Ivan climaxs before I get to but the pleasure of his hardness was still enjoyed. I move forward and take YSL’s hardness in my mouth and slowly suck him, knowing my cunt was totally exposed to the room while doings so.

Mary had been entertaining a few men but just at that moment she was ready for someone to fuck her. YSL takes his cue and goes to the edge of the bed where she was bent over and fucks her hard. For a moment Im lay alone watching YSL fucking Mary, seeing her face light up as she felt YSL’s hard big cock push inside. Her partner joins me and lies between me and YSL fucking Mary… I instantly feel cut off from YSL and I feel uncomfortable. Graham, Mary's partner, gently rubs my clit, im struggling with my arousal and I know im dry which is a rarity these days. I move so I can see YSL still and try to get back in the mood but continue to struggle. A young guy asks if he can lick me and he does so skillfully but to no avail as my mind had gone far from the pleasure. I move again and manage to watch YSL finish, cumming hard and making Mary squeal again.

We dress and head home after a quick exchange of screen names for the swingers website. One of the guys from the group play earlier is ordering a taxis but YSL kindly offers to drop him off in town so an exchange of fun swing stories entertained our journey home instead of our normal debrief.

I was feeling the need to be held and YSL immediately address it, pulling me close and stripping me naked. We spoke a little of how it had been the most apart we had been in a club situation and I told him I hadn’t felt comfortable. He agreed and pulled me close.

We head to the bed and he makes love to me, long, slow and tender, then upping the tempo and fucking both holes hard until he fills me with cum. I so needed this closeness again, my feelings from earlier had been a surprise and an unwelcome one at that but it had clarified in my mind what I already thought was the case, my pleasure of swinging is from joint pleasures, the extension of ‘us’, adding new experiences to ‘us’ not as an individual.

The next evening we had together YSL asked how I’d felt in more detail, both keen to ensure that we understand each other’s needs. We talk at length whilst curled up together but some things don’t need to be said though, YSL always makes me feel so wanted and safe when swinging.

So we head back to the club again….

We arrive early and are both pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the quality of our fellow swingers. There is nobody in the room we have on our ‘no’ list. The ladies all seem to be YSL’s type, especially the lady with the huge breast at the end of the bar that I suggest Motor Boating as we survey the room.

We head upstairs and find play has already started, the main orgy room has 2 ladies being pleasured in so many ways and Mary is bent over the bed sucking cock while being fingered from behind.

We watch for a while before YSL tells me to lie back on the bed and Mary lies next to me. The first of the men to give me pleasure (Jag guy) rubs my clit slowly and squeezes my nipples while I caress Mary's breasts as YSL licks her thoroughly. Jag guy looks for approval to fuck me and I nod, he slips on a condom and pushes his hardness into me. YSL leans over and kisses me, he starts to fuck Mary and holds my hand. I adore this moment, both close and sharing the experience, arousing each other in turn. We whisper to each other and enjoy the fucking. YSL’s hand moves across my body and arouses me further, I feel a trail of goose bumps where his hand touches, he reaches my throat and firmly but affectionately holds it, the sight of it I can tell pushes Jag guy over the edge and he cums and I turn my attention to watch YSL and Mary. Within minutes eager hands on my body appear and I smile at the BBC I had enjoyed a few weeks earlier. He kisses my neck and trails his hands over my breasts while he also pleasures the lady to my left. The Adonis looking guy has just been fucking her so hard with his large hard cock, he moves in front of me and I take the invite to suck him. I take him deep and he proceeds to fuck my mouth, I pull back and catch my breath before he does it again. He asks to fuck me, I get on all 4’s and wait for him to find a condom, once inside me he pounds me hard but puts too much of his weight onto me and my arms give, as I fall forward he pushes hard into my arse, it would of benefited from the kindness of lube but thankfully his shaft was wet from my cunt. He fucks me hard until I cant take his weight any more. YSL is right next to me fucking Mary still and stuffs his fingers into my arse where his cock had been, I suck Adonis again while enjoying YSL’s probing.

I start touching the lady next to me, Debs, waiting for approval and then her eyes encourage me. I lean over and start sucking on her breasts while exploring her cunt slowly. YSL joins me and I continue to rub her clit while YSL fingers her cunt. The BBC returns to the bed and I smile and invite his attention he is distracted on his way to me and the Jag guy beats him to me. Jag guy asks to fuck me from behind. I get on all 4’s and he impales me in seconds. He sheepishly takes hold of my hair and I turn my head and tell him to pull it, making it clear rough is good. He starts pounding me hard as one hand holds my hip firmly. He lets go of my hair and changes angle so he is as deep as he can be and holds both my breasts. He starts to shudder and grunt as he cums hard, clinging onto me still as he enjoys the moment before retreating from the bed.

YSL has Debs on all 4’s and she is in such a state of arousal she is quivering on the verge of cumming, I whisper to YSL, she is about to cum, she gasps that she is and starts climaxing long and hard. As she collapses on the bed she exclaims she has never had such an experience. YSL fucks her until she cums again, she is so enthralled moments after she leaves the room she returns with a friend pointing at YSL and say “it’s him, OMG he is so good” as jokes about needing a queue for YSL’s attention.

The BBC arrives on the bed and starts to play with me, just at that point YSL needs a drink, its been hard solid play for a couple of hours and I was also getting parched. He kisses me just as BBC is putting a condom on and tells me he is going to get water and not to stop. I’m a little apprehensive but I know most of the people in the room and know he wouldn’t leave me if he wasn’t sure. I relax and pleasantly distracted by the fucking I then got. BBC holds my ankles, making me so wide open for him and he slams into me each time, when YSL reentered the room he said it was such an arousing sight just seeing my stocking clad legs either side of his torso as he fucked me also he could hear him slam into me before he could even see me.

I cum from the fucking and having YSL so close again, having him kiss me and whisper to me increased my arousal so much. We switch position and BBC fucks me hard from behind as I watch YSL play with Mary again. After he cums I join them and we share Mary. We finger her simultaneously and then I fist her, something I’ve never done to another woman before and before long she starts cumming, my hand is soaked.

I then hold her cunt open and feed YSL’s cock into her. YSL tells me to lie on the bed in front and instructs Mary to lick me. She starts licking me with enthusiasm but gets distracted by the fucking but im enjoying watching the YSL. Mary starts to work her hand inside of me, she has been wanting to fist me and takes the opportunity, I’ve never been fisted by a woman before and thoroughly enjoy the experience as she manages to make me cum twice. I move back to sitting next to Mary and finger her arse while YSL fucks her, I tell her to cum on YSL's cock and tell YSL to fuck her hard lick he fucks me. Before long Mary starts to cum as I hold her and YSL shoots his cum.

Ivan joins us on the bed and asks to fuck me, get on all fours so I can watch the fun and enjoy Ivan’s very large manhood. He only lasts a couple of minutes before I feel him stiffen more and swell, I tell YSL what Im feeling as he sits in front of me holding me and kissing. Just as I finish speaking Ian starts to cum, falling back on the bed and smiling at me.

We head home elated by the nights fun, both thoroughly enjoying all aspects of the nights events, falling into bed with cocktails and fucking until YSL fills my cunt with his cum.

Saturday 29 October 2011


Just finishing of decorating the house and carving my pumpkin!

Busy night tonight with friends and family coming for fun and games.

Pop back as I'm going to post a picture (a little sneaky one) of me in my costume.

Happy Halloween

Thursday 27 October 2011

HNT - the riding crop, both perspectives

 I enjoyed my view of the riding crop

Loving the effect it has on YSL, he kindly shared the benefit....

in case you missed in earlier in the week...

Video of it in use also here

Happy HNT xxxxx

Join in the fun..

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Wednesday 26 October 2011

Cropped and squealing! Video

If it won't play try this link but do come back and leave a comment please!

I think the video speaks for itself how much i adore this new addition to our sex toy basket. The sting from the riding crop is so different to the spanking that both myself and YSL are passionate about.

We both enjoy the closeness of over the knee spanking and have been hesitant to remove that level of contact but always willing to explore new options.

I wasnt sure until we went to Clair Obscur the BDSM club in Cap D'Agde about using a crop but after using one on a restrained sub, who was totally un aware his wife had handed the riding crop to me a complete stranger, the noise it made on contact was arousing and seeing how hard it made him intrigued me as i cropped his cock.

A little later YSL stapped me onto what I can only describe as a horse type bench, he retrieved a selecion of whipes, crops and floggers and we experiemented. Having watched a professional Dom and the resident BDSM advisor/trainer at the club deliver a thorough lashing YSL set about my ass with enthusiams and new skills. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed and as you will see from the video we are enjoying exploring beyond just cropping my behind.

We also tooks some great pictures which I will be posting a couple tomorrow for my HNT,

Tuesday 25 October 2011

TMI Tuesday

1. Name 5 things you did more of before social networking (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.)?

I don't think I did anything more as I'm quiet passive with Facebook, it's very rare I go on there even rarer that I do an update. Twitter has become an increasing interest but thankfully due to the iphone I do it on the go.

2. Your house is on fire, what do you grab as you run out?
My children and the Hitachi, my pleasures in life :)

3. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Assuming you mean sex... Both please, but if I can only have one night please then I will work out how to temp you by the morning.

a. What time did you go to bed last night?
About midnight, I was at ysl's until 11pm having such a loving evening curled up in bed.

b. What time did you wake up today?
I didn't sleep well, I was too aroused, we had been playing with the riding crop before I left and the result was being so turned on. I woke at 4 with my fingers buried in my wet cunt masturbating, I continued until I came and went back to sleep

4. A kid comes up to you and kicks you in the shin, what do you do?
Just seen programme trailer for 'the slap' where a guy slaps the kid fir doing that. I think I would take a deep breath and go find the parents. A violent reaction to this sort of behavior would reinforce the child's idea of how to deal with tough situations.

5. What three things do you never leave the house without?

Money, keys, bullet vibrator

Bonus: Name a place that you visited last week that you’ve never visited before. Briefly tell us about the visit.

I visited number 10 on my pain threshold with YSL and very much enjoyed it, it was intence, I wanted it to stop but as soon as I did I wanted more. I will be going there again soon.

Go see who else played


Sunday 23 October 2011

Part 10 - Cap D'Agde, watersports and the dunes

The conversation of watersports had come up a few times between us and when we had seen thd large wet room at the apartment we had both made comment, nothing more was said but after YSL had woke me, his cock inside me and fucked me until we had both came together, i headed to the bathroom. I really needed to pee but i thought this was an opportunity not to miss. I stood against the shower wall and called for him. When he arrived i pulled him close to me, kissed him deeply and placed his hand between my thighs just as the hot stream of pee started. I wasn't sure if he was even going to enjoy this but I felt comfortable to try it with him. His cock responded hardening against me, telling me he enjoyed it very much.

After a quick trip to the shops for bread, we get to the beach earlier than normal, fully equipped with picnic, umbrella and beers. It was hot so we spent the first hour or so lay close under the shade. We were surrounded by couples many of them slowly fucking or giving each other oral.

We decide to take a walk into the dunes, we hadn't even got past the enterance there is action. An older lady, about 60, attractive and in good shape is being gang banged. A crowd surrounds her, when we arrive we are about 3 deep in naked people watching. I alert YSL to an ambitious young guy trying to find a short cut to the action and a better view, I whisper "the definition of optimism" just as he looses his footing and lands butt first in a bush. The whole crowd stops to laugh at his misfortune, he springs up and laughs but you could tell his pride and ass cheeks were in tatters. The fucking and cock wanking/ sucking continued, my mind wandered to how comfortable everyone was, guys with naked errect guys wanking while watching right behind them, every now and then I could see their cocks rub against them, I wondered how accidental it was. Just then I learned a lesson.... Don't stand with idle hands in an aroused wanking crowd as a cock was thrust into my palm by another optimistic soul!

We walk through the dunes from there, some if the guys following us, the Cap D'Agde version of Logans Run, stop and your fucked!

YSL wants to walk to the end of the Dunes but my leg was too sore and didn't want to ruin it for the night. We head back and grab ice creams, enjoying them stood knee deep kn the sea watching a bukake. There must of been 2 dozen men around the woman, wanking there cocks, hoping to be sucked and shooting cum on her.

Back at our stead on the sand we spoon, YSL deep inside me, slowly fucking while we watch a couple fuck, she is riding him, we can see in detail his cock move in and out. A little further down the beach a large older couple fuck and provide an arousing show along with 2 others right next to us. At one point during the afternoon as we looked round there were about 4 or 5, the ladies sucking their partners cocks, then it was like dominoes, one at a time all cumming, it was mind blowing to see. It was like watch 5 porn films all end simultaneously.

A couple set up camp next to us and enjoy watch me and YSL fucking, I'm on all fours taking him deep as they masturbate each other. YSL pulls out and I take his cock in my mouth, it's our turn to watch them. I get the feeling they want to play with us but it's not clear so I stick to sucking YSL's cock.

Once they cum they pack up and leave and we take the opportunity to head back early and gets some photos in the sea.

Back at the apartment we enjoy our nightly bathing of each other, when he finished using the shower in my cunt to get the sand out he pushes it in my arse and fills me with water. He kisses me and whispers he will leave me some privacy. It was such an arousing action, just doing something so intimate to me.

Once dried off I enjoy my first opportunity to shave YSL. I've never shave a mans balls before and I thoroughly enjoyed the intimacy and trust between us as well as doing something so caring.

We make dinner together and sit outside as the sun sets, sipping wine and reflecting how amazing the week has been so far.

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Saturday 22 October 2011

Monday; tied, adored and whipped

I'd joked I would be naked in bed waiting for him and decided that I would follow that through. I sent him a teasing picture and when he arrived home I was already snuggled under his duvet, wet and in need of him.

His face told me it was a good surprise as he lent in and kissed me. He bathed, made drinks then slipped in next to me, pulling me close to him, the feeling of him against me making me feel so good.

His hand wanders and cups my sex, he tells me in a moment he is going to part my legs and take his pleasure from licking my cunt, clearly indicating that this wasn't for me, but I know this was going to be heavenly.

He goes under the covers and parts my lips and licks slowly my exposed clit. I feel her swell and become more aroused, he locks his mouth around and sucks on her only releasing her to drink my juices as they flow from me.

An orgasm starts to build but he is in no hurry to let me cum and he slows down, I'm begging him not to stop as my thighs start to tremble and my climax rises through my cunt.

He doesn't stop, he pushed his fingers inside me and continues to lick, suck, slurp and drink me. Before long I start to cum again, he buries his face in the midst of my juices as I involuntarily shake as I cum hard.

As he appears from under the covers, his face is drenched and his cock is rigid he tells me that was just for his pleasure. I take his erect cock in my mouth and slowly adore every inch, enjoying the precum and the hardness, knowing licking me made him this aroused.

I lie back and kiss him, wanking his erect cock slowly while I tell him how much I want him, how much I want his cum on me, for him to show me how much he wants me by cumming now. He shoots his cum powerfully over my tummy and breasts, I take his hand and encourage him while still shuddering to rub it in.

We head to the kitchen and make supper, taking it straight back to bed with us, not a moment of the night was to be spent out of bed that didn't have to be.

When we finish supper he offers me a drink, he tells me I better have one as it will be a while before I get another. As I sip on my pepsi I hear him rustle about in the wardrobe, items are placed on the bed but I didn't dare look. I wanted the anticipation more. He sits next to me on the bed and buckles my new leather wrist restraints on me. On holiday we went to a bdsm club and he had used leather buckled restraints on me, the process of them being fastened had been so arousing and how secure, how definite they felt was surprisingly arousing. When we got back I had ordered some from Eden Fantasys and I was so pleased I had. This is the first time we had used them and they felt even better than the club ones, the nice soft fur lining held my wrists firm but kindly.

He checks I'm comfortable and tells me to stand up. He leads me to the centre of the room directly under the ceiling hook. He attaches a chain and a nylon restraint cord. He raises each arm and attaches me, tightening the cord so my arms were raised up and I was totally his. I gasp and shudder at the pure moment of him standing back and looking at me. His cock thickening and hardening as he gazes at me. He kisses me then lies back on the bed wanking himself.

The not being touched and being so exposed I could feel on every inch of me.

He moved to the edge of the bed, kissed my tummy and breasts then bit me hard on my bikini line. Instant goose bumps cover me and I feel my cunt ache with the intensity. He moves to the other side and does the same.

He stands and moves behind me, pressing his hard cock against my bottom, he pushes me forward, as far as the restraints will let me and he impales me with his cock. Making me watch in the mirror as he holds my hips and plunges into me. I'm so close to cumming and he fucks me harder, telling me to cover his cock in cum.

He pulls out and picks up the riding crop, starting with my bottom he taps gently, each tap increases in strength until the taps become a stinging whip. He alternates sides increasing intensity and telling me how well im doing. I can feel my juices trickle from me.

He moves round and starts cropping my tummy, it takes my breath away, the stinging is electrifying and has me squealing. He turns me so I'm in front of the mirror, he crops my breasts, instantly my nipples go hard and he immediately strikes them firmly. He continues to crop my breasts in turn, I instinctively try to cover my breast but I can do nothing but verbally protest as he pushes my limits. He drops the crop and pushes deep inside, he watches us in the mirror as he fucks me, I'm so totally his, I can do nothing but take him, his cock deep inside, his hands firmly grasping my hips, my arms restrained and unable to protest.

I cum again, so hard, he pulls out and jumps on the bed wanking his cock in my face, showing me just how hard the play was making him, I open my mouth but I'm not rewarded. He teases me, showing his arousal but not letting me have it. I'm begging for it with my eyes and mouth but he continues to tease me, I want him inside me again or at very least to taste his cum.

He picks up the riding crop again and goes to work on my bottom. He strikes me harder each time, I start to pull away as I get close to my limit. He tells me I need to take 2 more and I knew it was going to be harder than ever. The first strike lands, it stings, I can't say it hurt because it felt good and it would confuse your understanding, it was a delight, pain in such a desirable way, the next strike lands, I'm almost disappointed it's over, I can't take anymore but want so much more.

He unties me, slowly unbuckling my wrists and tells me to lie back on the bed. He kisses me and holds me tight as I quiver from the intensity. His cock is harder than I've ever seen it, he wanks it firmly as he kisses me. I hold my cunt open for him and ask for him to cum on it. Sat between my thighs he wanks himself furiously and covers my exposed clit as I had asked.

We review our new joint swingers profile and pick couples we want to play with together while snuggling up together. Predatory plan discussed and organised he starts rubbing my clit firmly and makes it clear I'm to cum for him. I'm a good girl and open my legs wide but the sensitivity of my clit makes me instinctively close them again. He forces them back apart and continues to manipulate my clit, it's so swollen I know he is wanking it like a small cock. I start to climax, you can here his hand suddenly squelch in my juices as I shudder in his arms, knowing I need to leave soon I beg for him to fill me with cum, I want to lie in bed at home at taste him later and in the morning. He tells me to get on all fours and slips inside before I'm fully in position his urgency to have his cock inside dictating the pace. He takes hold of my breasts to anchor himself and fucks me hard, I'm cumming again, I feel insatiable my cunt is aching for more as he fills me so deep with cum. We collapse together but I'm still aching for him but so aware the cropping has put me in a state no amont of fucking or cumming will fix and I'm due home.

He holds me tight and promises more on Wednesday, he tells me every cock that is hard in the club will be fucking me as he holds me, it doesn't help my arousal but leaves me aroused with a purpose.

Thursday 20 October 2011

HNT - 6months

Yesterday was 6months to the day that I met YSL, details of how we met are here. I wasn't looking for what I found, maybe that's why it's so perfect.

It has been such an unexpected and wonderful 6months, YSL has added such a richness and depth to my life I could not of wished for.

What we have experience together in these few months is more than some people get in a life time, I'm so grateful and looking forward to many more moments together.

Whilst we have an amazing sex life together he has become I great friend and our enjoyment of each other far outreaches the bedroom.

I've never felt so enabled personally, no fear of being laughed at, rejected or let down, he makese feel so loved and wanted.

I love you YSL, so much.

Happy HNT xxxxx

Join in the fun..

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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Part 9 - Cap D'Agde, the sauna club

After hearing those words "love you" on the beach I was walking on air. We got back to the apartment and showered, he washed me affectionately head to toe then used the shower hose to clear the sand from my cunt. I held my cunt muscles tight then squirted the water over his face. We swapped places and I adored every inch of him as I clean the sand and lotion from him.

As we return to the bedroom he instructs me to lie back on the bed, slowly and meticulously he shaves my pussy, he knows I adore the intimacy of this act and he indulges me with every detail of care. When finished he slowly rubs aloe vera lubricant into my pussy and using a syringe he fills my cunt with it.

After dinner we dress I put on a black corset and a silk skirt, gold stilettos and my hair tied up. We head to the spa on our way as we pass the bars I hear a woman shout my name several times, I turn and see the Israeli couple enjoying drinks with the 'small French' couple from the Le Glamour grope room. I pretend I don't know them despite knowing he had made me cum, tried to fuck me and YSL had licked his wife's holes. The Israeli woman leans in for a kiss, just like the beach she wants more than a quick moment. The whole bar is watching as we passionately kiss and hold each other. The spa is near the bars where you have to walk through the people watchers and YSL had enjoyed couples admiring me, tonight was no different, YSL said nothing but he walked behind me as we passed the crowds.

We arrive at the spa and pay the 'all inclusive' fee, change into our towels then head to the bar. I wasn't in the mood for alcohol, today’s pace and mood was so different, we grabbed a cold drink and we went to explore the club.

The place was kitted out lovely, round from the bar was a large massage area, oils provided but you massaged each other, the next room was a huge bed that had about a dozen heaving bodies on it, not much group play but clearly people enjoying being intimate in the company if others. Through a locked door was a labyrinth of rooms, single guys waited patiently in case any couples ventured in for fun. Their faces often pressed against the narrow glass window trying to watch the couples play. Off from the main room was a huge Jacuzzi, steam rooms and a hamman.

We head back to the bar and curl up on the sofa people watching and talking. I wanted to reassure YSL after him telling me he loved me where I was with us. One of the winning factors of our relationship is our honesty and sharing of expectations. I tell him how pleased I am and underline I know that this is still on the basis that both of us have our other relationships we do not wish to end of upset. I know this has to of been a concern for YSL and I want him to know things haven't changed. YSL is pleased and we continue to discuss how much we mean to each other, how in our space together he means so much to me.

Our conversation is interrupted by a couple we like the look of smiling and indicating they want to play. We talk a moment and the guy asks if I want a massage by him and YSL. Ooo yes please! We head to the room and I lie on the table, his wife has gone off to massage someone else which had not been what I had thought! I roll with it and the massage starts, YSL is being so sensual as he rubs the oils on my back, the guys wife throws a hand full of condoms next to us which was a tad random and the guy starts rubbing my thighs and then opts for fisting me!!!! Definitely not what I was expecting.

At the right moment we excuse ourselves and find space among the heaving bodies. Neither of us has the time nor need for anything that does not add or enrich our experiences.

We lay holding each other and whispering the rest of our conversation. YSL tells me he considers me as a major part of his life, a significant other, I am blown away by his words, more so because it reflects how I consider him and hadn't dared to hope he thought of me in such a way. At that very moment as he held me and told me how he felt I felt our relationship grow. To have someone want me in such a way but not expect anything more from me than I am able to give is unbelievable and only dream worthy. Both of us felt quite emotional from sharing where we were with each other and our partners but also feeling so euphoric from the reassurance and knowledge of the depth of each other’s feelings. I have never felt so loved.

We start to kiss and slowly masturbate each other, I was aroused but it was more about closeness, I needed to feel YSL inside me but not to fuck me, to extend the emotional connection of right now to being physical.

I felt 2 sets of hands touch my legs, caress and stroking me. I alert YSL and his mood and needs reflected my own and when we realised it was 'small french' couple we decide to leave. Tonight we both only wanted each other.

Back at the apartment we slowly make love, every touch and kiss felt do deeply, he came so deep inside me and without moving we fall asleep in each other’s arms, as I was drifting off he pulled me close and whispered it again.

In case you missed them, pictures in some posts x

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Monday 17 October 2011

TMI - tell me more

It’s TMI Tuesday again. You know that dreaded interview question “Tell me about you/yourself?” Who the hell knows how to answer that! These questions are a lot more fun (and easier) way to Tell Us More About YOU 

You can make snap judgements on my personality based on my answers... What do you think? 

1. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”…What is it that you will show me?

It's going to have to be my nipples purely so I can show off! It's a recent discovery of mine than I can unite a from full of people through discussion of how big and hard my nipples are when aroused.

2. What was the last thing you regret buying?

A dress on line, I'm too tall for most normal dresses but I'm alway optimistic that they have used a tall model... Rarely am I right! Leggins and knee high boots are my friends.

3. How happy are you? 1 = not happy at all to 5 = very happy

5! I've just been tied to YSL's ceiling hook for last few hours, adored, whipped, fucked, filled then held so lovingly...

4. Last night, what did you go to bed thinking about?

I couldn't sleep so ended up on swingers site looking at a bi-couples profile and then I played thinking of mine and YSL's first experience with them. I came thinking of being fucked by the bi guy while YSL licked my cunt and caught my juices as the dripped from the guys balls.

5. Tell us something that made you happy this past week or made you think “that’s cool!”

Happy has to be an email I received from YSL after I sent him my next account of our holiday, it's the hardest post I've written in a long time due to the emotion in it. His response filled me with reassurance, happiness and loving.

Bonus: What is your favorite mark of punctuation? Why?

The riding crop!

(yes I know I answered that so wrong but I don't care it leaves a mark)

Go see who else played

Sunday 16 October 2011

Greedy girl and the riding crop

I was already at YSL's house when he arrived home, I was making us tea as he paced the floor finishing off a phone call. He kept admiring me, stroking his hands over me as he talked business, moving up close behind me as I stir the curry.

As he switches off the phone he tells me what a wonderful welcoming site I am and pulls me in close to kiss me.

After dinner YSL goes bathe and sort things for the morning, I join him in the bedroom to change. I remove my dress and he stops what he is doing and tells me not to move.

He leaves the room and quickly returns with the riding crop in hand, a new addition to our sex toys. He motions for me to bend over, I do as I'm told, perched on the end on the bed on all 4's.

He pulls down my panties and exposes my bottom.

The first strike lands, it's gentle, he just taps it rhythmically. Just as I relax he strikes me harder, it takes my breath away, it stings beautifully but doesn't hurt. Instantly my arousal jumps. He strikes my other cheek, the riding crop whips my other cheek as it reaches across, it's a more intense feeling, it hurts but in a good way, its unexpectedness was an added thrill.

He pulls my cheeks apart and lands more strikes against my exposed holes. I'm clinging to the bed as the intensity builds, I can feel my juices trickle from me. He pauses a moment and as I get my breath back he surprises me again, his tongue penetrates my arse and then laps at my cunt before he resumes whipping me.

The next pause is punctuated by him slamming his cock deep inside me, he pulls me back on to him, my stinging cheeks pressed against his thighs. He then pulls back and whips me again.

Each strike increases in depth as he builds confidence and as I become more sensitive, as I buck and instinctively pull away he pulls me back to position and tells me to keep still and present my open bottom to him. The direct instruction is another arousing dimension, just the simplicity of his hand placed against the middle of my back tells me to relax and push back. I'm rewarded again by YSL's demonstration of his arousal, he dips his cock deep inside me again to the hilt. He doesn't fuck me he just shows me how much I've turned him on.

He tells me I have 2 more to take and tells me how good I've been, the first strike is the hardest I've felt so far. I gasp and enjoy the sting, as I recover the second is announced and delivered, harder that the last, I'm so aroused and needing more but he knows that and isn't going to let me have it just yet.

We dress and depart for the club, my cunt dripping wet and my bottom tingling as we drive there.

The club is new, it only opened last week, we park and head to the unmarked door, a single guy joins us as we work out the door entry system.

Once inside and the mandatory show round is complete we grab drinks at the bar and survey the others in the room.

There are 2 other couples and 3 single guys so far in the club. A single guy at the bar makes an introduction, he seem nice and polite. He tries to endorse his experience with an unintentionally amusing story about a 3some he was part of where he had to dress up as a game keeper.

We grab seats and chat, a few more people arrive and YSL suggests we get things started. The enthusiastic single guy has already stripped down to a suspicious pair of Speedos and his socks and stands back at the bar. We walk past and head to the changing room and I strip down to my leopard print basque and stockings.

We head to the first play room and ysl goes down on me. I'm soaked and in need of his attention and it doesn't take long before I'm cumming. He pushes his hand inside and starts fisting me as a couple of guys walk in to watch, it's the young game keeper and the older guy from the door.

They both watch respectfully and I can see in the half lit darkness their appreciation of what they see as their erections are visible.

They move closer as YSL has me squirting, they both want to see, the game keeper clearly quite new to all this gasps and exclaims 'she's really cumming!'

YSL pushes his hard cock inside and starts pounding me, he takes hold of my hands and places them on the erections of the 2 guys. I feel myself blush and I'm pleased the room is dark, I’ve never done this before, been so greedy or so the centre of attention, it feels indulgent and a guilty pleasure. Both guys expose my breasts and both exclaim their delight at my nipples, the older guy adds he has never seen such nipples in his life, I'm giggling and so aroused by the attention.

I suck the older guys cock as YSL fucks me, the gamekeeper rubs my clit, I feel like he is wanting to touch YSL as much as me and the thought turns me on more.

YSL tells the guys to hold my ankles, I'm pulled wide apart, ysl fucks me the hardest he has ever, I'm holding the 2 cocks still and wanking them when I remember!

Each pound slaps so hard against me it feels like he is spanking me at the same time. I cum hard and it's spraying all 3 of them. YSL steps away and moves to the top of the bed, he lifts my head so I can lie against his chest, he holds me close and invites the guys to lick and play with me. The gamekeeper licks and fumbles about, it's pleasant but the pleasure is only from the scenario, YSL takes hold of my wrists and continues to instruct the guys to pleasure me, I see how hard he is watching the men give me pleasure, that alone was enough to make me cum. I go sensitive and we take the chance for a top up of fluids as I was losing them rapidly!

The bed was ruined, I’d squirted and gushed so much when we returned to play we headed to the next room. Another couple were already playing, the 2 guys from earlier joining in, we move in and join the fun. I suck YSL until he was hard and the woman grabbed hold of his cock I hold her ankle as the gamekeeper licks her, she sucks the older guy and wanks her husband. The amusing thought that I bet she could be a one man band runs through my head!

She cums and leaves the room, YSL pushes me back on the bed and starts to fist me. I suck the older guy while holding the other woman's husband's pierced cock.

YSL again invites the other guys to lick and pleasure me, the pierced hubby guy immediately demonstrates his ability navigate a wet cunt. He licks and fingers me perfectly, the other guys presenting cocks to wank and suck, I cum again and I soak his face.

I continue to suck and wank the other 2 guys and they both are getting close to cumming, I tease the older guy, stopping sucking just as he is about to start cumming. I flash a naughty smile and he calls me a dirty bitch, I repay the compliment by wanking him hard until he cums over my breasts, the gamekeeper joins him and covers me.

The room empties as I straighten myself, once alone I bend over and beg for YSL to fuck me. He pushes inside, holds my hips and gives me what I need. I cum hard on his cock before we go to the bar.

As we all chat together YSL slips his fingers into my cunt and coats them in my juices before working them into my arse. I can feel my juices trickle from me as I try to remain composed. The gamekeeper notices and the odd smile at the bar acknowledge they know something is happening out of sight. YSL takes my hand and leads me to the large play room.

Before long we are joined by the gamekeeper. He optimistically announces he has never done dp or anal before but wants to try it. Ysl shares his wisdom without chastising him "whatever happens will be spontaneous".

I'm lay on my side kissing YSL as the game keeper holds me and kisses my neck and back, his hands wandering, not very skilful but I'm enjoying being held by YSL and having another man hold me that I cannot see. The gamekeepers large hard is lay against my arse cheeks, he moves in to fuck me and I tell him to put a condom on. He hadn't brought any to the room! He runs back to the lockers and returns with now a semi.

He struggles to get hard enough once the condom was on so we swap places. Ysl moves behind me and without any delay rams his hard cock deep in my arse, I felt like announcing 'that's how it’s done and how I like it'.

The gamekeeper wanks my clit while wanking himself, ysl is so hard and deep inside me, I feel like had we been somewhere else we could of shared this guy but as it was the pleasure I felt was amazing.

The gamekeeper is close to cumming but failing to deliver, YSL shoots what feels like a bucket of cum inside me. I tell the gamekeeper my ass is now full of cum and I want his over me.

He still can't cum so I tell him he has 30 seconds, I take hold of his balls tightly and whisper "5" he face was a mixture of panic and delight, "10" determination to cum now takes over, "15", "20" panic sets back in as I knows if he doesn't cum I’m walking away "25" he starts to cum "30" he is shooting his load and trembling.

When we get back to YSL's it's late but we are both aroused from the nights fun, we snuggle under the covers and YSL holds me close and masturbates me as we talk about the night. I hold his cock as he tells me next time he is going to hold me and invite the men to fuck me nod at a time. I can't hide how much this turns me on, my whole body shudders and starts to cum, I beg him to fuck my arse again and put more cum in it. He pushes in and fucks me hard, I'm cumming and soaking his balls as he fills me again with more cum.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

If you can't view it click here for the link, show some support and click if you enjoy on the star rating

Support Breast Cancer awareness and show your ta-tas some love; they're already close to your heart

The guys at Eden Fantasys are helping raise awareness for breats cancer awreness so I thought Id join in and share my thoughts in my own special way... naked!

If you cant view this click on the link below and you will see me in my full naked glory with the other guys that have posted.

Breast cancer has affected my family and friends but thankfully all have survived it, the scars are still there, my Mother had double mastectomy and for my best friend she had a signle mastectomy, a reconstruction which looks great but her hair is still to grow back but at least they are here and have won their battles.

2 of my other good friends have also discovered lunps, one turned out to be nothing the other caught things nice and earlier on so a minor op and a tiny scar

I frequently check my breasts for 2 reasons, apart from being partial to keeping healthy and loving my breats!

1) because it is hereditary

2) I’ve had 3 different forms of cancer before so I’m always checking to keep on the ball

Across at Eden lots of bloggers, toy reviewers and friends of the website have posted their videos and stories, show you support and check your breasts and check their videos!

I found this helpful for when I started self checking so thought I would share

Be breast aware

Every woman's breasts are different. Many women have one breast bigger than the other.

Get used to how your breasts feel at different times of the month. This can change during your menstrual cycle. For example, some women have tender and lumpy breasts around the time of their period.

After the menopause, normal breasts feel soft, less firm and not lumpy.

A five-point plan for being breast aware:

• know what’s normal for you

• look at your breasts and feel them

• know what changes to look for

• report any changes without delay

• attend routine screening if you’re 50 or over

Look at your breasts and feel each breast and armpit. You may find it easiest to do this in the shower or bath, by running a soapy hand over each breast and up under each armpit. You can look at your breasts in the mirror. Moving your arms around will allow you to see your breasts from every angle.

Breast changes to look out for

See your Doctor if you notice any of the following changes:

• a change in the size, outline or shape of your breast, especially when you move your arm or lift your breast

• a change in the look or feel of your skin, such as puckering or dimpling

• any discomfort or pain in one breast, particularly if it’s a new pain and doesn’t go away

• a new lump, thickening or bumpy area in one breast or armpit that is different from the same area on the other side

• nipple discharge that's not milky

• bleeding from your nipple

• a moist, red area on your nipple that doesn’t heal easily

• any change in nipple position, such as your nipple being pulled in or pointing differently

• a rash on or around your nipple


If in doubt go see a Doctor! hindsight is not a benefit when it comes to breast cancer.

EdenFantasys supports Breast cancer Awareness - Show your Ta-Tas Some Love

HNT - fisted and fucked

I was a very bad girl last night and a new swing club, I did a few firsts!

Post to come with the details very soon.

Happy HNT xxxxx

Join in the fun..

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... the-otherhnt

Tuesday 11 October 2011

TMI Tuesday - 5 Things ...

List five (5) things you have done that other people probably have not done.

Obviously im going to assuming you mean sexually! Me thinks I might have a long list here

Being anally and double fisted

Group sex with 16 people

In a pitch black room shared a cock with partner and we have no idea who it was (post coming soon)

Fucked with an audience of hundereds applauding

Been given an enema by partner (and gave him 4  )

List five (5) things you have not done that other people probably have done.

Ysl was shocked given my adventurous outlook that I haven’t done DP (double penetration)

Other than in the above pitch black room Ive never done a ful on MMF session but I have such a fantasy about it I dont want to spoil it

I havent had sex with my husband for over 3 years now

Lots of things I havent done on my limits list HERE i think it needs an update since meeting YSL

Bonus: What is the oddest thing that you’ve ever seen?

Robinson Crusoe look alikes at every swinging venue! We think this must form part of an unwritten bylaw in swinging circles,

For any swinging to take place there must be:

a strange bearded man present

a man with wild staring eyes

man with shirt on, no pants and the afore mention shirt tied in a knot above his belly button, Madonna cira 1980 style

So many other things we have seen recently that have made me and YSL laugh while at clubs...

The woman that snorted when cumming

The woman that asked “are ya not bored yet” because we had been slowly enjoying ourselves, she was broad Scottish and looked just like Jimmy Krankie!

People discussing what flavour toasty to have while fucking

People nudging each other as we walked past and putting their hands into praying position because they had seen YSL double fist me.

A little Chinese guy fall over because he was too busy watching me walk down road in Cap D’Adge in my corset and heels.

Bonus, Bonus: What is the oddest, kinkiest, or craziest thing you have ever done?

I think I have too many to list on the kinkiest and I couldn’t decide which is the top 1! I think the most recent would have to be giving each other enemas, video and story of it here.

Craziest thing I’ve done also falls into the best thing I’ve done... go on holiday with YSL. I still can’t believe I managed 9 days holiday not to mention that it was at Europe’s biggest swingers resort and what we got up to. It was the best thing ever because it cemented our relationship, it gave is quality time together and we proved it wasn’t just sex that was keeping us together.

See who else played

Monday 10 October 2011

E-Lust edition #30

Photo courtesy of Emmy @ Right Turn Without Signaling

Welcome to e[lust] - Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you�re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you�re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #31? Start with the rules, check out the schedule and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Week�s Top Three Posts ~

Crotch Topiary & Other Delights - I admit I started simple, I realised my teenage dream of having a Winona-inspired heart emblazoned on my mound. It was perfect. I used Contact paper to design my heart and just went to town pulling out every hair that was not covered.

In Defense of Exclusion - Sometimes it's nice to be with people who are like you. It's nice to be around people who get your kink, your fetish - to be somewhere that you don't have to explain it to.

The Boy At Summer Camp - It started with an email with the subject line �butch at your service,� and an offer for a blow job. And I thought, hm. Well, you know, I do like those. But I�m not usually attracted to boys.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Ask Lilly: "My sex toy stinks - what should I do?" - Would you put it in your mouth with that smell? Would you gag from the smell and taste? If yes, then why the hell put it in your vagina or ass??

~ Featured Post (Lilly�s Pick) ~

A Day At The Circus

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the �read more�� tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Sex News, Interviews, Politics & Humor

Internet Drag
Selling Used Socks on eBay for Extra Money
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The Curses of the Scarlet Woman
Things I Looove Thursday

Friday 7 October 2011

The most special day of the holiday by far

We started the day with shopping, I dare to bare in the supermarket and as I was paying at the check out YSL was stood outside the shop smiling broadly and looking lovingly at me. We made an important purchase… the sex hat! The sun was so hot down on the beach and there is no shade or shelter we decided a hat was needed so we could continue to fuck without a care. We made other purchases to increase our comfort on the beach, the previous few days had taught us that those that are prepared have good sand free sex! We also bought foody treats, lots of local produce for the next few evenings meals.

There were more chores when we got back, including washing the bedding through, 3 days of us fucking and they were done for. It seems such a dull thing to share with you but it was a really special time together, we don’t often get to do the ordinary together so we value these moments.

As the bedding was drying we lay out and enjoyed a Pastiche and Lemon along with sun shine, on returning with fresh drinks YSL puts one of the clothes pegs on my nipples instantly arousing me. I know he won’t don’t anything about it though, not until we go on the beach later anyway.

We enjoy lunch and pack our bags and some cold beers for the beach. We enjoy the slow walk and stop half way along the beach, partly because my calves were killing but more so I just wanted YSL close, he holds me as we stand close, our feet in the water and looking over the calm sea. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

Id taken to wearing my nipple chains pretty much permanently during the day as they got such lovely attention and they also made me feel good about myself as the kept my breasts very pert.

When we get to the swingers beach YSL asks me to find us a spot again, we go for up near the back so we can look down over the beach/action later. We settle and curl up on our towels together and start people watching. At 7 o’clock (the direction) were the ‘old wankers’ we had seen this couple every day. They must have been 80, clearly Cap D’Adge professionals. They had their 2 deck chairs, umbrella and even a little table. They swap from just wanking each other to wanking themselves, now and then swapping commentary on what is happening on the beach, while eating peanuts like they were at the movies they were funny to see but kind of sweet as well.

Andy was spotted at our 2 o’clock. Clearly his disability he had demonstrated on the plane had passed as he was able to run up the beach to perv at couples fucking or follow couples through the sand dunes without the need for his wheelchair!

As we sat slowly touching and kissing each other the Israeli couple joined us, the woman leant in and kissed me, I go to pull away but she holds me and kisses me deeper, I respond back and enjoy a passionate moment, the men clearly not grumbling.

We sit and chat and they suggest the comeback with Dutch a little later, more kissing occurs as they leave. We resume enjoying each other and before long Dutch heads over to say hello, my lips are in demand as he leans in and kisses me. After a catch up on the fun both parties have been having and more wisdom is shared by Dutch, “you have to give action to get action” and “let the fun come to you” being the key notes of his conversation, he takes of his straw hat, smiles at me as I’m lay on the beach naked, places the hat on my face and whisper you will never know it was me. As I start to giggle I suddenly realise what he meant as his tongue parted my lips and he licked and sucked on my clit.

It felt so good as YSL held me, feeling another man between my thighs, before I came he jumped up kissed me and left. We lie there laughing at how surreal it was becoming, surely things like this don’t normally happen. We slowly fuck for maybe more than an hour it was just passed 4 I think judging by the beach action starting to build, YSL tells me to get on all 4’s so he could fuck me. Just as he is starting to pound me our friends return.

The Israeli woman sits in front of me and Dutch crouched down to kiss me while YSL is deep inside me. The Israeli woman lies back and presents her cunt to me and her husband and Dutch present hard cocks. I wank her husband while suckling her clit, now and then sucking her husband and Dutch. More cocks are presented to her, some are taken, she is wanking and sucking at about 4 or 5 of them. I dismiss any others, im not interested. The Israeli guy gets near to cumming and his wife asks if he can cum on me, I suck his cock hard and allow him to cum in my mouth with the sole purpose of dripping it in to her mouth, she wasn’t expecting it but she clearly loved it.

The crowd around is was getting big and lots of single guys swarming so we cool things down and allow them to depart before finishing off our fun.

Back alone we lie together enjoying a cold beer and reflecting on the day I have such an urge to be alone with YSL, we head into the sea and swim out a little, once alone we start slowly enjoying touching each other in the water, YSL is so hard I wrap my legs around his waist and he pushes himself deep inside and makes love to me in the water. As I lie back in the water, feeling his cock pushing inside me, the sun on my naked body, the sky so clear, I was thinking this is one of those anchor moments, something so perfect to think about when you need a good thought, everything was so perfect, it didn’t feel like it could get any better than this.

We emerge from the water and walk along the beach naked together heading back to the apartment as the sun was setting. YSL stopped, held my hand tighter than ever, pulled me in close and pressed his cheek to mine, he said what I had been feeling, what I had wanted to hear from him “love you”. I just melted, I couldn’t reply I was too busy doing cartwheels in my head and my tummy was doing sumersaults! The moment had just got even better.

In case you missed them, pictures in some posts x

HNT Picture Cap D'agde
Part 1 too aroused to sleep
Part 2 flight, arriving and omg
Part 3 Le Glamour, the best swing club experience ever
HNT Cap D'Agde; naked in see and audioboo of sharing Margarets Cunt
Part 4 - sex on the beach **aplause**
TMI video we took while away a
HNT - naked in the sea
Part 5 la tantra swing club
Part 6 10some on the beach
PArt 7 The Germans and Sharing Margarets Cunt

Thursday 6 October 2011

HNT - post it note theme!

So normally post it notes are used for shopping lists, phone messages or sarcastic notes in my house and I realise Ive ran out!

I messaged YSL and asked 'HELP!'

"Have you got any post it notes?"
"yes" he says "what do I need to do?"
"just write something related to one of our pics and send it through and I will sort out a click through"
"Im in" is the reply I get back

then I got the e-mail....

Smiling and giggling so much, post it notes are now to be used for things I want and wish for.

Last night he gave me so much pleasure, fucking me so long and deep, ensuring I was pleasured so much.
Details I published last night here

I didnt notice what had happened on the last picture he sent until I was uploading. I had to down tools and get the Hitachi out. I pleasured myself looking at his cock, thinking of last night.

I want your cum ...


Love you YSL x

Happy HNT

Join in the fun..

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... the-otherhnt

Wednesday 5 October 2011

The Marital Home

Last night was such a special night for many reason, but the most important for me was YSL seeing a part of my life he hasn’t previously.

We’ve been together nearly 6 months and its just flown by, every moment spent with him has been valued and enjoyed. Having him in my life has enriched it in ways I can not begin to put into words. Ive never felt so at ease with someone, able to ask anything and worry about being judged, rejected or laughed at.

I invited YSL for dinner, yes to my marital home. Hubby was away and the kids away on a trip. I prepared something simple for tea as I didn’t want to spend the night faffing, I wanted him to see me at home. He arrived at 7:30 just as I was preparing the food. While the venison sausages sizzled away we chatted, enjoyed a drink and I showed him round the downstairs. Its silly I know but I want him to be able to imagine what I’m doing, if I message I’m curled up on sofa he can now picture that.

Just being in his presence makes me feel uplifted, I feel the weight of the day dissipate as he holds me in the kitchen

Dinner is enjoyed and my efforts appreciated, I suggest we have dessert later and I make him a pot of coffee before we head upstairs. We kiss at the foot of the bed before I take the lead undressing him. Im trembling before we even start, the emotional intensity of being in my bed has me almost over whelmed already.

I remove my dress and lie on the bed, YSL parts my legs and leans forward to kiss me. I feel his cock stiffening against my thigh as we kiss deep and passionately. He slowly rubs my clit and comments on how swollen and engorged she feels. I’m soaked as his cock pushes inside and my wetness increases as he delivers long slow thrusts inside me. It doesn’t take long before I’m about to cum, every ounce of me is welling up with pleasure.

I cum hard on his cock and the sound of the increased moisture is delicious. He pulls out and begin licking up the juices that are escaping from me, he is literally drinking from my cunt. He slips his fingers inside and penetrates me while licking adamant I’m going to cum again on his face. Again my body stiffens and this time I cum even harder, I’m shaking and my eyes fill up its so intense. He lies beside me and holds me close, kissing me and encouraging me to enjoy the moment. He moves back between my legs as I lie on my side, we both enjoy this position for depth of penetration and access to touch each other. His cock feels even harder as he fucks me forcefully. I can feel his tip pushing against my cervix. I reach round and feel his cock as it pushes inside me, caress his balls and feel the wetness trickly out of me with each thrust.

He pulls out again and leans forward this time to lick my cunt. He slurps and eats my cunt hungrily like its his last meal, im writhing in his arms and holding onto his beautiful cock. Trying to wank it but I’m too far in gone, his attention to my cunt has me on the edge of cumming. I want to cum but im not, I need pushing over the edge, I seem to be at tipping point for ages, it feel wonderful yet desperate, so intensely wanting to cum but its not happening, every part of my is aching with the need for release, he pushes his fingers inside me and I start to cum, I even hear it het YSL in the face as it jetted out of me. I was in a such a euphoric emotional state from cumming so much, YSL’s face was literally dripping, the bed covered. He held me so close, loving me. He holds my bu, cheeks firmly, holding me open, knowing how feeling exposed like that arouses me.

As I recover he tells me he is going to have a sip of coffee then fuck me on all fours. I turn round and get into position, as he put his cup down he turned to see me bent over with my cunt and ass presented to him.

He slipped his cock immediately into me and fucking me hard, telling me how wonderful I look, telling me how much he loves fucking me, holding my hips tightly as he pounds me. After a seriously deep hard fucking I feel his cock swell and harden which tips me over the edge again, he jets his cum deep inside me and we collapse back onto the bed and make it back into each others arms.

As we lie together talking he tells me something that has had me smiling ever since, he tells me how I’m the second person ever in his life that he has felt so assured and happy in a relationship with, the first is his significant other of 15 years. It’s how I feel about him, I never doubt him being there for me, I consider him my best friend as much as my lover. I bring homemade apple crumble to bed to enjoy together and enjoy just being close.

He starts stroking my nipples and he is amused by the rate of it hardening and going from almost inverted to rigid, he continues to play and it arouses me. His hand moves to my clit and he locks his mouth around me nipple, sucking and biting it so hard I’m wriggling and pushing away, I love him torturing my nipples that way. I take hold of his cock and use it as my muse while he plays with me, frigging me hard until I cum again, each time harder and more powerfully.

His cock is hard as I wank him, he tells me he wants to cum on my clit, I part my thighs and he kneels between my legs. I hold open my cunt for him and he wanks himself hard as I tell him I want his cum. He violently shoots his cum all over my exposed cunt. As he lies back next to me, he slips his fingers between my wet slit and rubs his cum into me ensure I cum one more time before he departs.

It felt like we had only been in the bedroom for an hour tops but it was nearly midnight when he snook out of me house.

Monday 3 October 2011

TMI - breaking up is hard to do

1. What’s the worst reason you have been given for breaking up?

Being too sexually demanding in bed, the guy said I was emasculating him as he never felt he could satisfy me.

Hmm being dumped for always wanting sex, I thought that was a good thing??

2. What’s the worst reason you gave, to someone, for breaking up?

I got a friend to ring up and say I was dead!

I was about 15 and had been dating this guy he was nice enough but about 6 weeks in a realised he only had one arm, yes this is true, it was a good false one! Honest! Anyway I was so embarrassed I hadn't noticed that I though best way was to play dead!

I bumped into him about a year or two later, thankfully he just said I looked better than he last heard and laughed it off!

Another one was I told a guy that I didn't like how he stalked me, he wasn't too happy and next morning I woke and he was sat at the end of my bed and for weeks sent teddy bears and sat in his car watching my parents house!

3. Have you ever engineered the end of a relationship e.g doing something you know will put the other person off? If yes, what did you do?

I irritate the husband daily by waking up... And he still doesn't get it!

4. Have you ever stayed with a partner just because you could not bear to end it?

Yep, we like to call it marriage vows and parenting here.

5. Have you ever encouraged a friend to end a relationship? What happened? Are you still friends?

I'm a good fan of stating out of other people's lives and just being there if they need me, there has only been one exception and that's because her partner was violent and she needed the encouragement to break free. She's back with him and we aren't friends anymore but I don't regret trying to help.

Bonus: Have you ever been the cause of a relationship to end? Tell us about it.

Not directly but I have been on the end an irate phone call from a pissed off wife when she went through her hubby's phone. Oops! I must of been sharp that day as I just said 'I'm just the Avon lady' and hung up, I did feel sorry for whoever the local Avon lady was!

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Part 7 - Cap D'Agde, the Germans, sharing Margarets cunt

After dinner we dress and head out to find another club we had read about earlier, on our way there we had discovered some bars, they were packed, heaving bodies, people on tables all in varying states of undress. Out the corner of my eye I see a TV, he must have been 6ft8 in his heels, so skinny, dressed very goth. He is trying to dance on his heels and as he does a high kick he ends up on his back, he bounces back and walks out the bar, seemingly still with a small amount of pride intact. Giggling at the specticak we continue past the bars and head to the club.

Café bars line either side of the walk way and people sit and enjoy the outrageous to the beautiful as they go past on their way to clubs.

As we emerge at the other end of the walk YSL pulls me in close and tells me he was so proud to be with me and watching everyone admire me as we walked through. I adore how much he loves every flawed inch of me.

We don’t like the look of the club so we head back to the busy bars and wade our way to get served. We enjoy drinks,the music is sexy and almost hypnotic, we start dancing and ysl lifts up my skirt and starts to fingers both holes in the midst of the crowds.

We decided to head back to La Tantra and it was a great decision.The place was quiet and we were greeted by the owner/manager wielding air fresheners like a ninja, he immediately leant in to kiss me and ‘num num’ my breasts, it made us laugh and feel welcome, clearly we had left our mark yesterday.

After a few drinks YSL started lifted my skirt so my cheeks were just exposed then delivered a few stinging spanks as people watched.

I was so aroused from the earlier fingering and now the spanking, We headed to the play rooms and enjoyed some private play time. I unzipped my skirt and revealed the black basque and panties, ysl removed them slowly, i told him to lie back so i could suck his cock.

The owner was back and as i was bent over sucking YSL he trntatively touched me, i didnt flinch and flashed him a smile as did ysl solidifying the invitation. He fingered my cunt then slowly rimmed me, continuing to finger both hols then rubbed my clit hard until I came. He kissed me, told me I was beautiful and left us to enjoy each other again.

We fucked vigorously declining offers from the odd single guy, im bent over and loving how deep YSL is filling me, telling me to cum for him, to cover his cock. I cum hard like a good girl and we dress and head to the bar.

A pretty young girl arrived with her buff boyfriend she had such wonderful and large breasts that begged to be played with, I smiled kindly, like any predator would.

We headed upstairs and within 5 minutes the owner brought us champagne. Trying to balance to glasses of champagne and fuck me proved too much and we spilt half a glass over me.

(you can listen to me talk about the next bit while masturbating by clicking here Sharing Margarets Cunt)

While we mop up the champagne a couple come up the stairs on to the deck, the woman catches both of our eyes, she's has the most amazing curvaceous figure, it's like a real live Jessica rabbit. The guy sits down and she dances round, clearly drunk but amused by herself.

She starts doing a lap dance and teasing her partner. We get ourselves a front row seat, I'm now bent over a bar stool, YSL fucking me hard both enjoying the floor show.

She sees us watching and removes her trousers, giving us teasing glimpses, she heads over to us. Just in front of us is a sofa, without saying a word she lies down almost upside down. Her legs over the back of the sofa, her cunt exposed right in front of me, I accept the invitation and enthusiastically lap at her wetness.

YSL clearly likes what he is seeing I feel his cock get even harder, the pounding getting harder.

She asks if I want to share a gift she takes my hand and leads me over to where her partner is sat watching and wanking. A young guy appears and presents a very well proportioned cock. She asks me to share it with her, I whisper for her to enjoy while I suckled her breasts and rubbed her clit.

The young guy goes down on her, she starts talking to me , she tells me I'm sexy and that she wanted me, I tell her how beautiful she is and tell her to dismiss the young buck and get a proper licking from YSL. I tell her I want us to of shared her cunt. She taps him on the shoulder and tells him to move aside, YSL moves between her legs and I enjoy holding her cunt open for him to devour.

She moves from being aroused and giggly to not being able to speak due to the building need to cum as YSL does his magic. She kisses me and holds me tight as her whole body tightens, YSL is covered by her as she squirts while cumming.

We do the 'swingers thing' and introduce ourselves after the fun was finished and made tentative plans to 'see' them on the beach.

We headed back down stairs and the pretty thing was by the bar dancing, I say hello, and she comments on my breasts, she says in broken English she adores my large nipples. I admire her breasts and ask if I may touch, her Boyfriend nods and she says yes enthusiastically.

I gently trace the outline of her dress and lean in to kiss her plush flesh, lifting her breast out of her bra and start to suck on her nipples and play. She tells me it’s the first time a woman has ever touched her like that, I want to lead her astray but her boyfriend doesn’t want to play.

The Hooker is back with her big German friend, she's giving head at the bar putting on a show, her employer is loving the attention, she leads a gaggle of single guys to the play rooms, he follows merrily. We head along to watch and to see on the large bed at the bottom, a PVC clad German couple are fucking and entertaining some single guys. YSL tells me to lie face down and he rims me then starts to fuck me hard doggy style.

The German couple are pretty miserable, a pet hate of mine and YSL’s is people talking about mundane stuff in swing clubs while others around them are in the throws of pleasure, even to the extent of one night a women ordering a cheese toasty while being fucked in Blackpool!

We make it clear that if they want to play with us we want to but they continue to contradict how they are dressed and are far from being sexy.

As ever me and YSL enjoy ourselves regardless and I cum hard on his cock. The Miserable couple have met more miserable Germans and are now having a foursome on the bed, Swapping partners several times, Im watching through the wrought iron bars, My breasts are exposed and YSL pushes me forward and drops to his knees. The couples will of thought I was aroused by them as out of sight was YSL licking my ass and fingering both holes taking me close to cumming again.

We left the club and walked back to the apartment along the beach, enjoying our toes in the water, he holds my hand tightly, I feel so happy and lucky to be here with him.

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