Thursday, 13 October 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

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Support Breast Cancer awareness and show your ta-tas some love; they're already close to your heart

The guys at Eden Fantasys are helping raise awareness for breats cancer awreness so I thought Id join in and share my thoughts in my own special way... naked!

If you cant view this click on the link below and you will see me in my full naked glory with the other guys that have posted.

Breast cancer has affected my family and friends but thankfully all have survived it, the scars are still there, my Mother had double mastectomy and for my best friend she had a signle mastectomy, a reconstruction which looks great but her hair is still to grow back but at least they are here and have won their battles.

2 of my other good friends have also discovered lunps, one turned out to be nothing the other caught things nice and earlier on so a minor op and a tiny scar

I frequently check my breasts for 2 reasons, apart from being partial to keeping healthy and loving my breats!

1) because it is hereditary

2) I’ve had 3 different forms of cancer before so I’m always checking to keep on the ball

Across at Eden lots of bloggers, toy reviewers and friends of the website have posted their videos and stories, show you support and check your breasts and check their videos!

I found this helpful for when I started self checking so thought I would share

Be breast aware

Every woman's breasts are different. Many women have one breast bigger than the other.

Get used to how your breasts feel at different times of the month. This can change during your menstrual cycle. For example, some women have tender and lumpy breasts around the time of their period.

After the menopause, normal breasts feel soft, less firm and not lumpy.

A five-point plan for being breast aware:

• know what’s normal for you

• look at your breasts and feel them

• know what changes to look for

• report any changes without delay

• attend routine screening if you’re 50 or over

Look at your breasts and feel each breast and armpit. You may find it easiest to do this in the shower or bath, by running a soapy hand over each breast and up under each armpit. You can look at your breasts in the mirror. Moving your arms around will allow you to see your breasts from every angle.

Breast changes to look out for

See your Doctor if you notice any of the following changes:

• a change in the size, outline or shape of your breast, especially when you move your arm or lift your breast

• a change in the look or feel of your skin, such as puckering or dimpling

• any discomfort or pain in one breast, particularly if it’s a new pain and doesn’t go away

• a new lump, thickening or bumpy area in one breast or armpit that is different from the same area on the other side

• nipple discharge that's not milky

• bleeding from your nipple

• a moist, red area on your nipple that doesn’t heal easily

• any change in nipple position, such as your nipple being pulled in or pointing differently

• a rash on or around your nipple


If in doubt go see a Doctor! hindsight is not a benefit when it comes to breast cancer.

EdenFantasys supports Breast cancer Awareness - Show your Ta-Tas Some Love

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