Friday, 7 October 2011

The most special day of the holiday by far

We started the day with shopping, I dare to bare in the supermarket and as I was paying at the check out YSL was stood outside the shop smiling broadly and looking lovingly at me. We made an important purchase… the sex hat! The sun was so hot down on the beach and there is no shade or shelter we decided a hat was needed so we could continue to fuck without a care. We made other purchases to increase our comfort on the beach, the previous few days had taught us that those that are prepared have good sand free sex! We also bought foody treats, lots of local produce for the next few evenings meals.

There were more chores when we got back, including washing the bedding through, 3 days of us fucking and they were done for. It seems such a dull thing to share with you but it was a really special time together, we don’t often get to do the ordinary together so we value these moments.

As the bedding was drying we lay out and enjoyed a Pastiche and Lemon along with sun shine, on returning with fresh drinks YSL puts one of the clothes pegs on my nipples instantly arousing me. I know he won’t don’t anything about it though, not until we go on the beach later anyway.

We enjoy lunch and pack our bags and some cold beers for the beach. We enjoy the slow walk and stop half way along the beach, partly because my calves were killing but more so I just wanted YSL close, he holds me as we stand close, our feet in the water and looking over the calm sea. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

Id taken to wearing my nipple chains pretty much permanently during the day as they got such lovely attention and they also made me feel good about myself as the kept my breasts very pert.

When we get to the swingers beach YSL asks me to find us a spot again, we go for up near the back so we can look down over the beach/action later. We settle and curl up on our towels together and start people watching. At 7 o’clock (the direction) were the ‘old wankers’ we had seen this couple every day. They must have been 80, clearly Cap D’Adge professionals. They had their 2 deck chairs, umbrella and even a little table. They swap from just wanking each other to wanking themselves, now and then swapping commentary on what is happening on the beach, while eating peanuts like they were at the movies they were funny to see but kind of sweet as well.

Andy was spotted at our 2 o’clock. Clearly his disability he had demonstrated on the plane had passed as he was able to run up the beach to perv at couples fucking or follow couples through the sand dunes without the need for his wheelchair!

As we sat slowly touching and kissing each other the Israeli couple joined us, the woman leant in and kissed me, I go to pull away but she holds me and kisses me deeper, I respond back and enjoy a passionate moment, the men clearly not grumbling.

We sit and chat and they suggest the comeback with Dutch a little later, more kissing occurs as they leave. We resume enjoying each other and before long Dutch heads over to say hello, my lips are in demand as he leans in and kisses me. After a catch up on the fun both parties have been having and more wisdom is shared by Dutch, “you have to give action to get action” and “let the fun come to you” being the key notes of his conversation, he takes of his straw hat, smiles at me as I’m lay on the beach naked, places the hat on my face and whisper you will never know it was me. As I start to giggle I suddenly realise what he meant as his tongue parted my lips and he licked and sucked on my clit.

It felt so good as YSL held me, feeling another man between my thighs, before I came he jumped up kissed me and left. We lie there laughing at how surreal it was becoming, surely things like this don’t normally happen. We slowly fuck for maybe more than an hour it was just passed 4 I think judging by the beach action starting to build, YSL tells me to get on all 4’s so he could fuck me. Just as he is starting to pound me our friends return.

The Israeli woman sits in front of me and Dutch crouched down to kiss me while YSL is deep inside me. The Israeli woman lies back and presents her cunt to me and her husband and Dutch present hard cocks. I wank her husband while suckling her clit, now and then sucking her husband and Dutch. More cocks are presented to her, some are taken, she is wanking and sucking at about 4 or 5 of them. I dismiss any others, im not interested. The Israeli guy gets near to cumming and his wife asks if he can cum on me, I suck his cock hard and allow him to cum in my mouth with the sole purpose of dripping it in to her mouth, she wasn’t expecting it but she clearly loved it.

The crowd around is was getting big and lots of single guys swarming so we cool things down and allow them to depart before finishing off our fun.

Back alone we lie together enjoying a cold beer and reflecting on the day I have such an urge to be alone with YSL, we head into the sea and swim out a little, once alone we start slowly enjoying touching each other in the water, YSL is so hard I wrap my legs around his waist and he pushes himself deep inside and makes love to me in the water. As I lie back in the water, feeling his cock pushing inside me, the sun on my naked body, the sky so clear, I was thinking this is one of those anchor moments, something so perfect to think about when you need a good thought, everything was so perfect, it didn’t feel like it could get any better than this.

We emerge from the water and walk along the beach naked together heading back to the apartment as the sun was setting. YSL stopped, held my hand tighter than ever, pulled me in close and pressed his cheek to mine, he said what I had been feeling, what I had wanted to hear from him “love you”. I just melted, I couldn’t reply I was too busy doing cartwheels in my head and my tummy was doing sumersaults! The moment had just got even better.

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  1. Another delightful read. You know, we've heard lots of words follow "sex", but never "hat". I imagine that when you enjoy fucking in beautiful, hot climes as much as you and YSL obviously do, you need to use whatever shelter you can find. The play-by-play of your adventures is very vivid and exciting to imagine, and the pictures are the icing on the cake. Especially the second one of you in the water; your breasts and nipples look so good we'd love to suck them. And of course, Jill is enjoying the latest glimpse of YSL's cock. You and he seem to be a perfect match!

  2. What a lovely post - and some stunning images too

  3. great blog as ever. i dont need to tell u what reading ur blogs do to me ;-) xxx

  4. You couldn't have scripted a better ending to your day on the beach. But I have a suspicion this day is not quite over.