Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sinful Sunday - panties on

YSL was still out when I arrived, I slipped my clothes off and climbed into his bed in my new lingerie knowing he would be back any minute from the gym. The anticipation of YSL touching me had my cunt salivating.

Five minutes later he was stripping in the bedroom and looking appreciatively at my new underwear. 

Wrapping his arms around me, pulling me close and kissing me deeply instantly has my body writhing. Without pause YSL reaches inside my panties and starts to masturbate me. It's feels naughty that his hand is inside my panties.

His fingers work their magic and before long I cum and soak my panties more. He moves between my thighs and pulls my panties aside to expose my cunt before teasing my clit with the tip of his cock then sliding in deep.

Holding my ankles so my legs are far apart and my cunt totally his, YSL slams hard and drives me towards my next climax.

"Turn over" YSL commands, as I lie on my front he unclips my bra and then pulls down my panties just enough to expose my holes. My head is doing summersaults, mentally my arousal is off the chart as his cock impales me from behind.

I think I'm going to get served with his cum but YSL stops short and moves me on my side and then slips behind me. My panties are still pulled down enough to expose me and YSL starts to kiss and nibble my back as he slips back inside me, pulling me so close, I feel enveloped in his care and passion for me, like we couldn't be any closer. Just then YSL climbs inside my panties, my underwear binding us closer together, the surge of sexual arousal from this overwhelms me and I can feel the strong swirl of my next orgasm start as a gentle wave that builds momentum. The wave breaks as YSL's cock swells and erupts inside me, both of us shudder and feel completely connected in our pleasure.

YSL withdraws his still rigid cock and pulls up my panties, holding the gusset against me a moment before inviting me to cuddle.

Work beckons and I dress hastily and try to rescue my hair and makeup. We kiss at the door and make plans for later in the week. It's just a two mile drive to my office, smiling I stride into the reception and I feel his cum dampen my thighs as it escapes me, i sigh with delight knowing it will be arousing me all day. 

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Sinful Sunday


  1. Sexy pictures as ever :)

    Looks lovely underwear.

  2. Yummy! Just pull those panties aside! I love it. :)

  3. Lovely underwear and what a lovely way to go to work. I need a visa so I can live with my other half and a job so I can experience this :)

  4. You always provide such vivid visual stimulation. Thank you!

  5. Very naughty . . . and I LOVE that bra!!!

  6. I love the way the panties are pulled aside. Hot!

    Rebel xox

  7. I love that feeling of his cum leaking from me.... so fucking sexy


  8. Wonderful account, and sublime accompanying pics. New underwear is such a huge turn on

    O x

  9. Sexy Story and sexy photos to go along with it.

  10. I love it when W just pulls aside my panties...
    Hot story, perfect lunchtime!

  11. Oh how I love that feeling of cum sliding out from my pussy! Amazingly described, and wonderful photos. xxx

  12. Mmmn, what a way to begin a work day!! and I love the pics that accompany :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  13. Mmmmm.... what lovely photos to accompany such hot words. xoxoxoxo