Sexual Limits

Following the limits list being posted I've had lots of emails from you and peeps posting theirs on there blog so I thought I would find some space to put them on here.

Id love you to contribute with new things for the list, tell me your top does and top oh my god I could never do list. Send it to me and I will post it along with a link to your blog if you want to yummyx at hotmail co uk

a) submit your list (part or in whole
b) submit your top 10 does and top 10 donts
c) submit a new limit to the master list
d) ask me if id do it or done it before
e) send a funny or true tail of one of the limits

nice and easy!

here is mine....

Anal Sex YES PLEASE!!!!
Anal Plugs (small) er as above
Anal Plugs (large) mmmm yes please and help me get it in if you dont mind?
Anal Plug (public under clothes) yes but i must say it made me fidgit during dinner
Animal Roles , neigh! no my bag but do like those pony but plugs, they look like fun.
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) is that the bondage tape stuff? if so yes love to try I can tick this off now
Aromas yep, very sensitive to smell
Asphyxiation - not sure on this one, i like breath play, just experimenting with that at the min
Auctioned for charity ???????????? and have the embarasment of nobody bidding for me??? no thanks I'd be mortified
Ball Stretching - dont have any
Bathroom use control - yep, love to not be allowed to pee and forced to have sex
Beastiality - erm no thanks
Beating (soft) - yes so long as its done with affection.
Beating (hard) - no, I have a family to go home too so I cant risk a mark
Blindfolding - love it! love any sensory deprivation
Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood) - does that included having sex when on period and getting messy costhat I can do??
Being Serviced (sexual) yep
Being bitten - on my back and ass please! add tummy and thighs to that please
Breast/chest bondage - yep, harder please!!
Breath control - i am enjoying some breath play but not extreme, just enough to help the imagination still enjoying this especially when YSL uses his cock to gag me
Branding - not a chance!
Boot Worship - on me yes please
Bondage (light) - check
Bondage (heavy) - check
Bondage (multi-day) - checkety check!
Bondage (public under clothing) - hmm off to ponder how so!
Breast whipping - yes please just dont mark me erm ok mark me (please) see post
Brown showers (scat) - nope, not my scene
Cages (locked inside) - have to be a bloody big cage! but id fancy that, always fantasized about being in a grope box in a club
Caning - yes
Castration fantasy - not my bag
Catheterization - yes, think I'd lik trying this as I do love medical type stuff
Cattle prod (electrical toy) - hmmm, get back to you
Cells/Closets (locked inside of) - nope
Chains - any bondage is good for me
Chamber pot use - nope
Chastity belts - yes please, something so sexy about them, was wanking last night over thought of being waxed closed.
Chauffeuring - is that like driving my dom around?? if so he will be so pissed of with me, my usual trick is to get to venue and get drunk before anyone else so I can't drive!
Choking - not my bag, but i dont mind gagging on a big cock in my throat?
Chores (domestic service) - i pay £9 per hour and the list is on the wall in the utility room
Clothespins - hell yes! love them
Cock rings/straps - yes love to see them on a weel hung chap New one for YSL on its way from Eden Fantasys
Cock worship - i do, i love thee, i love the shiney helmet down to the broad base it meets my lover
Collars (worn in private), get back to you, Id like to wear a collar next time at a BDSM club with YSL, for him to surprise me with it though
Collars (worn in public) , nope
Competitions (with other subs) nope
Corsets (wearing casually) god yes, thats why god gave me curves!
Corsets (trained waist reduction) i wish!
Cuffs (leather) yep
Cuffs (metal) oooo love to try
Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas)- no thanks not my bag
Diapers (wearing) not for me
Diapers (wetting) not for me
Diapers (soiling) defo not for me
Dilation - need help here, are we talking being held open or something totally different
Dildos - god yes as many as you can fit please
Double Penetration - Ive only done it with a toy and a partner, Ive always had such a fantasy about this that I dont want to blow it on a quicky
Electricity - love to try a violet wand
Enemas (for cleansing) - yes so long as evacuation is in private, ok this has to be the biggest limit i pushed, see video here (dont worry scat free zone)
Enemas ( retention/punishment) - love to try
Enforced chastity - mmm sounds a good game
Erotic Dance (for audience) - yes but im sure it doesnt look as good as it does in my head! It would be like that scene when jamie lee curtis falls on floor when dancing for Arni in true lies
Examinations (physical) yes - is there a doctor in the house? Especially on a medical table in strirrups!
Exercise (forced/required) - FFS why would I do that for sex?
Exhibitionism (friends) - yep
Exhibitionism (strangers) - yep
Eye contact restrictions - nope
Face Slapping - erm dunno - kind of like it but can risk any marks Adore being slapped by YSL's cock
Fantasy Abandonment - yep
Fantasy rape - yes
Fantasy gang rape - yes
Fear (being scared) - only if i really trusted the person
Fisting (anal) - er yes! have you read my blog!
Fisting (vaginal) - yes (and now double fisting) video here
Fisting Anal and Vaginal - yes, and OMG what a sensation
Flame play - nope my insurance wouldnt allow it!
Following orders - yep im a good girl
Foot worship - worship mine
Forced bedwetting - only if putting out afore mentioned flames
Forced Bi - oh no! please dont make me kiss a beautiful woman
forced dressing - yep
Forced eating - depends on what it is
Forced homosexuality - have a fantasy of it but dont think I could force someone to partake
Forced heterosexuality
Forced masturbation - i think id cope, really comfortable masturbating for YSL
Forced nudity (private) - yep
Forced nudity (around others) - dont think so OOO another that I have busted big style! a whole week at a naturist resort put pay to that
Forced Servitude - nope, role play in bedroom maybe
Forced Straight - ok
Forced smoking - I'll bring the cigs
Forced TV / Gender Change - sounds fun
Full head hoods – yep
Gags (cloth) ... use my panties please x
Gags (inflatable) ... id give it a bash
Gags (phallic) ... why go false when you could have real?
Gags (rubber) .... see above
Gags (tape) ... yes, will save on getting waxed x
Gas masks ... only if partner had a curry night before
Gates of Hell (male) .. have a glorious picture of a partner wearing this... fond memories (back in 5 mins, need to ponder a moment)
Genital sex .. im stumped, whats this mean?
Given away to another Dom (temp) - could be fun if done kindly
Given away to another Dom (perm) - if only this worked in marriage
Golden Showers - just don't ruin my hair or make up! or i will be more than pissed with you Did this with YSL in Cap D'Adge, I gave and it really was a lovely turn on having him hold my cunt while a pee'd
Gun play - nope
Hair brush spankings - that's why god (john frieda) gave us the paddle brush!
Hair pulling - ooo yes harder
Hand Jobs (giving) - if i must! rather give a tit job or BJ take that back... I adore wanking YSL, i get so transfixed on his cock it turns me on so much
Hand Jobs (receiving) - love it
Harems (serving w/other subs) good god no! sex is meant to be my brake from life
Harnessing (leather) - could be fun
Harnessing (rope) - ditto
Having food chosen for you - hmmm not sure id like this unless the person know i would kill him if he picks a salad and no pudding! Happy to let YSL choose dinner, we like all the same things.
Having clothing chosen for you - could cope
Head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) love it, have several Olympic medals for it
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) god yes and don't come back up until your covered in my juices please! YSL has been responsible for giving me the best oral sex EVER just last week I was i a post orgasmic paralysis for hours after a marathon oral session
High Heel Wearing - I don't think I need to answer this do I?
High Heel Worship - as above
Homage with tongue (non-sexual) whats this about?
Hoods - been there done it, got the t-shirt but... ruined my hair and got very hot.. was still fun though
Hot oils (on genitals) - sound fun
Hot waxing - yes yes yes
Housework (doing) - FFS! why would I do that? I get a woman in for that stuff Vacancy for cleaner
Human puppy dog - now if this means i get to lie on the sofa and be stroked, where do I sign up?
Humiliation (private) - depends on context really dont think I could do this these days I think I struggle with that in reality enoug
Humiliation (public) - no thanks
Hypnotism - What so I could behave like a chicken having sex n stuff? seriously though have spoken to a Dr who is into sexual hypnotism and it sounds great, I have a kink for sleep sex so it ticks my box
Ice cubes - as punishment for being a bad girl do you mean, then putting them in my ass? making me hold it while they melt?? while im spanked?? no never thought about that much! ha!
Immobilisation - is this just a big word for being tied up? if so yes
Infantilism - kinda like the role play but not the connotations of this so tend to not do it, but for the record I do want to be a good girl x
Initiation rites - got me?? dunno?? neither does google??
Injections - does having lube squirted into my holes from a syringe count?
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage - love to try, they can look so sexy
Interrogations - "honest I haven't just bought them" I'd stand up well I think!
Kidnapping - now this is fun
Kneeling - nope, broke both knee caps
Knife play - no thanks
Leather Clothing - rather rubber, silk, lace...
Leather restraints - yes
Lectures for misbehavior - daily!
Licking (non-sexual) - how can you lick non sexually? especially on a list of sexual limits??
Lingerie (wearing) - yep, love to dress to please x
Manacles and Irons - ooo yes
Manicures (giving) - lmao have you seen my nails!
Massage (giving) - yes, love it, so sensual
Massage (receiving) - see above
Medical scenes - yep, bought the busband some scrubs, was hoping for a full ER George Clooney thing but he tried them on said they would be great for deorating in! FFS do I need to take out a front page advert? So enjoyed the medical table stuff we did on holiday, my head was cumming before anywhere else was even touched
Modeling for erotic photos - love it, done it twice
Mouth bits - love to ty
Mummification - suppose this is a step on from immobilisation, depends on if id by bound and pleasured or if your just bound and left alone cos that isnt going to do tried this with the Therapist, I looked like something off a bad US drama waiting for my bandages to be removed, I deleted the pics they were so bad
Name change (for scene) yep
Needle Play - like to watch but scared to try
Nipple clamps - yes please and hard
Nipple rings (piercing) - got the one done
Nipple weights - not tried YET
Oral/anal play (rimming) yep, giving and recieving
Over the knee spanking - love it especially with some role play thrown in
Orgasm denial - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Orgasm control - double mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Outdoor scenes - can be fun but always prefer the comforts of a bedroom
Pain (severe) - hmm so subjective cant answer
Pain (mild) - yes
Persona training (in scene) - que?
Personal modification (rl) - que?
Phone sex (serving Dom) nope
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends) nope
Phone sex (commercial provider) nope
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce) yes
Piercing (permanent) yes
Plastic surgery - if you're paying???
Prison scenes - sounds fun! (can any one remember prisioner cell block H? vinegar tits!)
Prostitution (public pretense) nope,
Prostitution (actual) nope (unless dinner and drinks count as payment)
Pony slave - dont get it
Public exposure - nope, change that to a yes
Punishment scene - yes please
Pussy/cock whipping - mmmmm this can be sooo good if done right
Pussy worship - come pray at the alter!
Riding crops - got one in the car for emgancies! love this, especially as YSL is enjoying administering!
Riding the "horse" (crotch tort) - dont understand but sounds good, need to know more
Rituals - i like to read erotica about this kind of stuff so i think Id like a bit of role play on it
Religious scenes - see above
Restrictive rules on behavior - depends, very subjective
Rubber/latex clothing - yep, big girls sizes though please
Rope body harness - mmm i love the sight of the rope bondage it can look soooo sexy
Saran wrap - i think this is like the mummyfication stuff??? if so see comments for that
Scarification - dont know what it is?
Scratching - getting - yes
Scratching - giving - yes
Sensory deprivation - love it, makes everything feel soo good.Must buy some ear plugs as Id love to go whole hog wih YSL on this
Serving nope
Serving as art - nope
Serving as ashtray - nope
Serving as furniture - nope
Serving as a maid - nope
Serving as a toilet (urine) peeing in my ass only wouldnt drink it
Serving as a toilet (feces) eeeewww nope
Serving as waitress/waiter nope
Serving orally (sexual) yes
Serving other Doms (supervised) nope
Serving other Doms (unsupervised) nope
Sexual deprivation (short term) see marriage
Sexual deprivation (long term) see marriage
Shaving (body hair) daily adore having YSL shave me, its such an act of intimacy and care
Shaving (head hair) nope
Skinny dipping - can be fun Busted this big style in Cap D'Adge having sex in the sea while others watched
Sleep deprivation - who wants to sleep when in bed with a sexy partner?
Sleep sacks - que?
Slutty clothing (private) - Im more of a classy lady and Id rather do sultry than slutty
Slutty clothing (public) - Im more of a classy lady and Id rather do sultry than slutty

Spandex clothing - for gym only!
Spanking - yes please, i never realised how much I loved it though (video of it here, scroll down post past pussy spanking vid)
Speech restrictions (when/what) - nope
Speculums (anal) - god yes id love to tr
Speculums (vaginal) - absoloutly!
Spitting - depends
Spreader bars - ooooh yes, only tried it the once and loved it
Standing in corner - never going to happen
Stocks - que?
Straight jackets hmmm that could be lots of fun
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on) dont see the pleasure?
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by) yep
Strap-on-dildos (wearing) yep Busted this, had never given it before until the weekend away in June
Strapping (full body beating) nope
Suspension (upright) nope
Suspension (inverted) nope
Supplying new partners for Dom - nope
Swallowing feces - nope
Swallowing semen - yes
Swallowing urine - nope
Swapping (with one other couple) yes
Swinging (multiple couples) - yes
Tampon training (in ass) - que?
Tattooing - nope
Teasing - love it, make me beg
TENS unit (electrical toy) - love to try
Thumb cuffs (metal) - yes
Tickling - no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Triple Penetration - yes Id love to
Urethral Sounds (metal rods) - like to try
Uniforms - maybe depends
Vaginal dildo - owner of over 10
Verbal humiliation - see marriage
Vibrator on genitals - well i dont want them on my knee do I???
Violet wand (electrical toy) - love to try it
Voyeurism (watching others) - yes, love to watch an orgy
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others) - nope
Video (watching others) - yes
Video (recordings of you) - no! erm ok i think I might of pushed this limit a tad
Water torture - dont know enough about it to comment
Waxing (hair removal) - monthly and it hurts!
Wearing symbolic jewelry - does my toe ring count?
Weight gain (forced) - daily, cadburys force me to!
Weight loss (forced) - maybe this is the relationship i need, a date with weightwatchers!!
Whipping - yes just no marks please
Wooden paddles - mmmm love the sound they make
Wrestling - yes please

Master lists below and orgioanl post below

Found this article on and had a read of it. I was educated!! Whilst I think I have a very open mind there was loads of things I couldn't do... well I would of said that about fisting a year ago and I crave it so much now... right now!

So I think I might do a stock take on the list tonight and then check back in a year and see how far I've pushed the boundaries again.

Fancy joining me and posting a limit list??

In another thread we started talking about limits, well I know for one that its really hard to try and think about what you don't or wouldn't like if it hasn't already happened once. Also do any of us know all the different activities people have Fetish's for? So here is a starting point for you to think about it. Please read it all the way through, print it off and maybe do a 0-5, 0 - Love it to 5 - Hard Limit, I will F*****G KILL YOU if you even think about it.

If you dont tell someone it is a limit then there is always a potential there that they might do it.

Age Play
Anal Sex
Anal Plugs (small)
Anal Plugs (large)
Anal Plug (public under clothes)
Animal Roles
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders)
Auctioned for charity
Ball Stretching
Bathroom use control
Beating (soft)
Beating (hard)
Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood)
Being Serviced (sexual)
Being bitten
Breast/chest bondage
Breath control
Boot Worship
Bondage (light)
Bondage (heavy)
Bondage (multi-day)
Bondage (public under clothing)
Breast whipping
Brown showers (scat)
Cages (locked inside)
Castration fantasy
Cattle prod (electrical toy)
Cells/Closets (locked inside of)
Chamber pot use
Chastity belts
Chores (domestic service)
Cock rings/straps
Cock worship
Collars (worn in private)
Collars (worn in public)
Competitions (with other subs)
Corsets (wearing casually)
Corsets (trained waist reduction)
Cuffs (leather)
Cuffs (metal)
Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas)
Diapers (wearing)
Diapers (wetting)
Diapers (soiling)
Double Penetration
Enemas (for cleansing)
Enemas ( retention/punishment)
Enforced chastity
Erotic Dance (for audience)
Examinations (physical)
Exercise (forced/required)
Exhibitionism (friends)
Exhibitionism (strangers)
Eye contact restrictions
Face Slapping
Fantasy Abandonment
Fantasy rape
Fantasy gang rape
Fear (being scared)
Fisting (anal)
Fisting (vaginal)
Flame play
Following orders
Foot worship
Forced bedwetting
Forced Bi
forced dressing
Forced eating
Forced homosexuality
Forced heterosexuality
Forced masturbation
Forced nudity (private)
Forced nudity (around others)
Forced Servitude Forced Straight
Forced smoking
Forced TV / Gender Change
Full head hoods
Gags (cloth)
Gags (inflatable)
Gags (phallic)
Gags (rubber)
Gags (tape)
Gas masks
Gates of Hell (male)
Genital sex
Given away to another Dom (temp)
Given away to another Dom (perm)
Golden Showers
Gun play
Hair brush spankings
Hair pulling
Hand Jobs (giving)
Hand Jobs (receiving)
Harems (serving w/other subs)
Harnessing (leather)
Harnessing (rope)
Having food chosen for you
Having clothing chosen for you
(head (give fellatio/cunnilingus)
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus)
High Heel Wearing
High Heel Worship
Homage with tongue (non-sexual)
Hot oils (on genitals)
Hot waxing
Housework (doing)
Human puppy dog
Humiliation (private)
Humiliation (public)
Ice cubes
Initiation rites
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage
Knife play
Leather Clothing
Leather restraints
Lectures for misbehavior
Licking (non-sexual)
Lingerie (wearing)
Manacles and Irons
Manicures (giving)
Massage (giving)
Massage (receiving)
Medical scenes
Modeling for erotic photos
Mouth bits
Name change (for scene) Needle Play
Nipple clamps
Nipple rings (piercing)
Nipple weights
Oral/anal play (rimming)
Over the knee spanking
Orgasm denial
Orgasm control
Outdoor scenes
Pain (severe)
Pain (mild)
Persona training (in scene)
Personal modification (rl)
Phone sex (serving Dom)
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends)
Phone sex (commercial provider)
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)
Piercing (permanent)
Plastic surgery
Prison scenes
Prostitution (public pretense)
Prostitution (actual)
Pony slave
Public exposure
Punishment scene
Pussy/cock whipping
Pussy worship
Riding crops
Riding the "horse" (crotch tort)
Religious scenes
Restrictive rules on behavior
Rubber/latex clothing
Rope body harness
Saran wrap
Scratching - getting
Scratching - giving
Sensory deprivation
Serving as art
Serving as ashtray
Serving as furniture
Serving as a maid
Serving as a toilet (urine)
Serving as a toilet (feces)
Serving as waitress/waiter
Serving orally (sexual)
Serving other Doms (supervised)
Serving other Doms (unsupervised)
Sexual deprivation (short term)
Sexual deprivation (long term)
Shaving (body hair)
Having (head hair)
Skinny dipping
Sleep deprivation
Sleep sacks
Slutty clothing (private)
Slutty clothing (public)
Spandex clothing
Speech restrictions (when/what)
Speculums (anal)
Speculums (vaginal)
Spreader bars
Standing in corner
Straight jackets
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on)
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by)
Strap-on-dildos (wearing)
Strapping (full body beating)
Suspension (upright)
Suspension (inverted)
Supplying new partners for Dom
Swallowing feces
Swallowing semen
Swallowing urine
Swapping (with one other couple)
Swinging (multiple couples)
Tampon training (in ass)
TENS unit (electrical toy)
Thumb cuffs (metal)
Triple Penetration
Urethral Sounds (metal rods)
Including others
Vaginal dildo
Verbal humiliation
Vibrator on genitals
Violet wand (electrical toy)
Voyeurism (watching others)
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others)
Video (watching others)
Video (recordings of you)
Water torture
Waxing (hair removal)
Wearing symbolic jewelry
Weight gain (forced)
Weight loss (forced)
Wooden paddles