Sunday 28 February 2010

I'm back! but no high heels for a while

Got back early this morning, brought bags in door, went straight upstairs and got in shower and scrubbed the remains of sun lotion and sand of me. Threw myself on the bed and lay contemplating the silence. Husband away and the children staying at my parents house for next 2 nights as I have a wild debauched day planned. Haven't had privacy for a week as sharing a suite of roons with the children and my mother so not ideal to masturbate. Especially as my mother sees no need to knock when entering any room even the bathroom when doing my ablutions!

One morning though I engineered a chance to go back to the room alone and enjoy 5 minutes of delight. I came as the cleaner was knocking on the door and was turning the handle to enter. I was just getting back off the bed and adjusting myself as he came in. I'm sure he could tell what I'd been doing. I went to the bathroom and sneaked a taste of my arousal before going back to being mum.

I decided last night to cum, I got my toy box out and played, I came so hard and burst into tears. it gave me a fright I didn't realise how wound up I must be. I lay there aching to be held.

I need HIM. HE arrives this time next week. Time to plan excuses and sneak away for 3nights of filthy pleasure. So many firsts we have planned again. Although at this moment I ache for just his touch and for HIM to be inside me so deep, so simply.

Aroused now and going to play again...

Oh and see my other blog 21yrs and no parole if you want to see full details of why I'm limping but in short fell down dislocated knee and knocked myself out!

Friday 19 February 2010

Do I like pain?

Someone asked me today if I liked pain. Its a hard question to answer because I once said yes and regretted it. My lover, HIM, says he has never known anyone with such a tolerance for pain, I love to push the limits. HE understands me and can read me, we have trust and respect so we can let go and enjoy it. I love the feeling of surrender, the ability to give myself totally to someone, the feeling of release when I cum. The intensity of the feeling, the most gentle touch can be so powerful when you are in the right space together. When I first tried erotic pain I was with someone that cared for me and was experienced with it. He never over stepped the mark but instead he could read me and he coached me through it. I never once in 6months used our safe word. He always knew when to stop and how to get me to take more. BUT I foolishly thought that meant I would enjoy it with my next lover/partner/encounter. I arranged to meet someone I'd been speaking too for some time, he was in town working and I had

9 mins exactly

Traveling most of today so no time for self, but I did have a sneaky extra moment last night... I went to the sun bed salon, been having a few sessions this week to get a base for the holiday. As I was getting in the stand up booth, as the door swung open, it caught my nipple piercing... ouch! but then its mmmmmmmmm Immediately I was aroused, well more than normal! thank god for my bullet, it deserves a knighthood for services to woman kind, it has saved so many bad sex sessions and added value to many more! and I'm sure I'm not alone in recognising its worth Anyway... I grabbed the bullet and got in the standing tan booth and rested it against my clit closing my lips over it. I then reached for the arm straps, they have in these boothes, they hang from the ceiling, supposed to help you with your all over tan, but for now they served as props in my fantasy, they were my restraints, I was a slave, being flogged and abused. Thank god for the music they play in that place and the noise of the machines


sometimes actions speak louder than words x

todays sex - friday

Off on holiday tomorrow so left office early determined to get some alone time before I go away.

Knowing I didn't have long I was scrabbling in handbag for bullet as I went through the door, I was in desperate need of a pee but figured it would add to the pleasure if I made myself wait. I quickly striped and found myself a cheeky pair of heels and lay on the bed. I started playing but was aching for cock. My handbags was near me and I could see my Coco Chanel can peaking out and swiftly slipped it in my wet cunt and proceeded to fuck myself with it. In seconds I was mentally tied over a table legs tied apart and being played with by anyone in the room who cared to do so.

I was being spanked fisted and fuck until I came so delightfully. I squirted over the bottom of the can.

I have decided to pack the bullet for my holiday, lets hope I don't get stopped going through security with a bullet in my handbag! although I think they will blush more than me.

Thursday 18 February 2010

the other HNT

just because you asked nicely... hope you like xx


Now I was going to flash more flesh but not sure on the do's and don'ts as yet!

Want to see more?

Tuesday 16 February 2010

a note I found from my first swing partner

I thought it might give a little more detail as to me, this is his first impressions after our first meeting.(see post how i first started 25/1 for the detail of the night)

Email ref: The Enigma that is Mrs Robinson

Ok so this is mainly irrelevant now as we both now know the truth about how and who one another is. But you probably did the same before meeting me as in you'll have formed some pre conception or image as to who or what you thought I'd be like. And giving that we only had fab profiles to go off the judgements were made off of them (and we all form judgements and pre conceptions of people whether we admit it or not, its human nature to) ... Anyway my gums are flapping but nothing of any value is spilling out so I'll get back to the point.

I figured you'd be just the vast majority of people who are on there, decent enough people but a lil rough around the edges (if you follow me) with you not being verified and having very little personal info about you I was very dubious of you at first, maybe that came across in my messages? ... But once we'd exchanged one or two more it became apparent that you were decent and genuine and you intrigued me and drew me in, I wanted to find more out about you. Then we progressed to swapping numbers etc and it went from there.

Still expected you to be Mrs Average though as much like myself you give very little away about yourself, and certainly nothing away about your private/home life. It was only when I asked what car to look out for and you told me what it was did I start to think you may have been something other than what I first thought.

So onto why you were a pleasant suprise... As soon as you pulled up and I saw the way you were dressed, way you spoke, shoes you wore etc I knew that Mrs Average was way way off the mark. Listening to you and hearing about your life, achievements etc was real interesting, I could have sat and listened to you all night, there was no edge about you at all, very hmmmm ... Humble? ... For the want of a better word (gracious?) I never got the sense of 'Oh I'm so great I have this, I've done that, I go here, I know these people' etc from you, and to be honest if I had got that you'd have been skidding down front street on your arse cos snobbery and showmanship is a big bug bear or mine (ok so I know you bathe from head to toe in Chanel and have total disregard for Bvlgari jewellery but all that came out in the natural flow of conversation) You're really funny, super easy to get along with and as cutting and sarcastic as they come.
Basically you rock!!

And I haven't even mentioned how utterly amazing you are in bed but to be honest I don't really think I need to do I? Anyway I've probably said enough and way to much now so for the moment we'll leave it at that shall we? Thanks for an amzing weekend


TMI... thought id join in the fun!

The Valentine's Day Edition.

1.Have you had sex with another person in 2010? Have you passed on an opportunity to sex with another person in 2010?

Just passed the chance 10 mins ago! dirty filthy client! granted I fucked him last year lol. Only had sex with my lover this year, husband hasn't come close to me for me to even catch a cold let alone get turned on.

2.What is the funniest thing you have ever said or done during sex? (Orgasmic facial expressions do not count.)

I was about 17, me and the boyfriend were having sex in the living room of his parents house, I was riding on top and we had to be quick they were due home, then both knees disclocated! I was stuck and in agony but couldnt stop laughing. He was having a fit panicing thankfully I managed to get a grip and get up.

We heard the gate go and the boyfriend stuffed my knickers in his pocket and helped me with my trousers. I accidental put both legs in one trouser leg, he pulled them up in this state and pushed me back on the sofa. I had to sit, busting for a wee until his parents went to bed some 2 hours later with my legs crossed, hoping they just thought I had a long pencil skirt on!

Another funny tale is when me and the boyfriend where fucking in the car, he stopped moving a second but the car continued to shake, we looked out the window and found a group of 6 youths rocking the car! The boyfriend jumped in the car and drove naked around the town for ages in such a state he couldn't work out were to stop to get dressed.... as ever i was in the back laughing so much!

3.What is the first thing you notice about a member of the opposite sex?

A smile, I think you can tell allot about someone when they smile, if there eyes light up and of course if they have terrible teeth!

4.What is the best pick-up line you have ever heard? Every used? Ever been used on you?

You look good enough to eat... I replied so eat me... he did x

5.Where is the most unique you have ever had sex?

A few to choose from...

In a show house when if was open for viewing, we even had those awful blue shoe covers on.

At an amusements park, on a ride, security guard caught us

In a public jacuzzi

In a nightclub, while talking to a bouncer, he just thought i was sat on his knee.

Bonus (as in optional): Do you pee in the shower? If so, has any SO known that you pee in the shower? Has any SO peed in the shower?

God yes! and yes pee'd on the lover in shower just the last time i saw him and he returned the favour x

Monday 15 February 2010

first full anal fisting

I was naked stood before him. He walk behind me and kissed my shoulders and neck then place the blindfold on me.He whispered in my ear it was going to happen tonight,the sudden realisation that something is starting, i didnt know what he was referring too we had so many things we were working towards, my head was swimming with possibilities. Then lifting my leg as he slipped stockings on me and heels,tracing his fingers round the tops and stroking my lips as he passed them before laying me back on the stool.

The snap of Velcro parting then the feeling as it rests on my ankles and is snugly done up pulled tight to the other one on my wrist, one side done and the slow, deliberate repetition on the other side then the subtle softness of the ribbons initially just trailed over then placed inside my pussy lips tied firmly around me soft thighs holding me open for my lover to enjoy.
He pounced on the exposed and engorged clit trailing his tongue along my lips and to the hood slowly deliberately working me towards and orgasm before halting and kissing me softly leaving me on the edge of a heady rush ...and then he was gone??

All I could feel was my juices tickling me as I lay there so aroused waiting for his next move, unable to move.

I knew he was close but where? Is that body heat or breath unsure I search in the darkness of the blindfold..breathless

Then wet lips push against mine and pass port into my mouth; just as I warm to those lips they are gone. Then I felt fingers gently explore me again, feeling like there is a natural next step ... letting me cum but he goes again.. maybe only for a few seconds but tied up and vulnerable needing to cum it feels like hours.
Then a tongue lapping, forcefully on me this time working me hard and fast towards a huge orgasm and as I got so close he stopped again, I’m begging him so much to let me moves to me ass, his tongue circling and darting inside me and a fist pushes against me lips. I know if I want to cum I will have to take the fist, clenched in full, without any help from him. He pushed harder and I start to open around him and then all of a sudden I take him entirely. I gasp and he stayed motionless as the tongue continues working overtime. I tried to move against it, desperate to cum, but I’m tied too tight and have no ability to take pleasure from it other than feeling so full, I beg and plead, suddenly he moves his fist inside me working in and out slowly at first but building a faster, harder motion, leaning in against my g-spot grazing against it faster and faster the intent is there but is the orgasm the bastard stopped again!

As it moved out of my dripping wet cunt his soaking hand working quickly into my ass
stretching me open as the tongue worked my throbbing clit so fast.

This time there is intent the sense of release builds, my ass being stretched so wide.........I was so distracted by the oncoming orgasm that I needed so badly I he pushed his hand fully inside my ass for the very first time. I felt myself close around his wrist as he made a fist, his tongue continued to push hard on my clit, I felt like I was losing consciousness as he moved slowly in my ass and then without warning a massive rush, a warm, amazing stream of cum squirted from me, I could hear him gasp as I covered him. I came so hard it was such an amazing moment of intimacy.

Friday 12 February 2010

todays sex

I do love to read a filthy tale while playing, today's choice of literature was Nancy Fridays, my secret garden, for those not acquainted with Nancy she is a phycologist specialising in sexual fantasies. Her books that I have read consisted of her evaluating sexual fantasies we as the general (kinky) public have sent her. They vary from the predicable to the bizarre, the vanilla to the uncomprehendingly.

But first.... what made me dash back to the house in between meetings for a quick play I hear you ask!.... yesterday I got an email forwarded to me by my business partner, it was from a potential client who was requesting me specifically.

When I saw the name on the email I smiled and had a fond filthy memory skip through my mind. It is almost 8 years since we last spoke I think. We met in a chat room some 10years ago, he worked not to far away from me. I remember going to meet him at the Pitcher and Piano in town. I think I was wearing a brown pin stripped suit and a gold vest top, matching gold satin undies (i have a memory for the detail and perhaps the other party can confirm when he reads this).I even remember I had eggs holandaise and chatted for what seemed like mins but I think we were there a while. I hadn't done this before but I was loving every exciting moment of it. He asked if I cared to go for a drive and I quickly agreed.

We kissed in the car for sometime then headed to his place, we drove into the garage and we got no further. He fucked me good and hard bent over the back of his car. He literally lifted my skirt pulled my thong aside and entered me. It was heavenly. He stopped and turned me around, i lift a leg and rested it on the car bumper then licked me to a wonderful orgasm, he was (is) soooo good a oral. We then fucked again until he came deep inside me, it was full of passion and excitement.

He dropped me back off at my car, we kissed he left and I went back work thinking that was it.I never expected him to come back for more, we ended up being lovers on and off for maybe a year??? I shall recount another tale maybe next week.

I had forgotten or perhaps I have been kidding myself that I wasn't naughty until recent times.. he reminded me last night just how naughty I was!! hehe!!

Unfortunately all that did was turn me on, especially when he sent a pic of himself, well actually his beautiful cock, wanking, while he was looking at a half naked picture of me. I had a house full and domestic duties to attend to so my aching clit has had to wait until a gap in between meetings today. My first meeting ended a tad earlier than expected and it was literally around the corner from my house so I went back home, ran upstairs, scrabbled in handbag for my bullet and threw myself on the bed, grabbing the Nancy Friday book as I flew past. I came in a matter of minutes, checked my watch and I had time for another, this time without reading someone else's fantasy, I was in the garage, skirt lifted.......

sat now at work with an aching clit and very damp panties xx

Thursday 11 February 2010


a cheeky pic for todays HNT! enjoy....
I certainly had fun at the time of taking it x

Wednesday 10 February 2010

todays sex

Had such a filthy dream last night, I'd dreamt I was fisting myself, I envy those that can. I was so horny when I woke I could not of gone to work without remedying the situation.

Got the kids ready for school in record time and off to breakfast club. As the door closed behind them I was already removing clothes and heading for the toy box.

Then the phone rang! I try not to ignore work for my libido as the libido doesn't pay as well so I reached for the phone with one hand as I slipped of the panties.... it was HIM! such good timing! as I answered the phone his words were 'are you alone?'. YES! "good, i want you to get undressed and get a toy"... he laughed when I said i was already one step ahead.

Its rare that we have phone sex but with over 300 miles between us what options do we have when we haven't seen each other for weeks??

He told me to find something big to sit on, it had to stretch me, I had to struggle to get it inside me. I knew what I needed, we had tried it before and it had taken an hour to work it inside, but that was a while ago, I figured I might just be able to manage it now. It was a 500ml bottle of bubble bath from the bathroom. I placed it on my bedside cabinet and I began to sit on it and he told me to take a pic and send it.... I did...

He proceeded to tell me what he was going to do to me the next time we meet, he told me he is going to put me over he knee and spank me until my bottom is raw and I'm dripping wet and then force himself inside me ass so hard ... it only took a few minutes of him talking so filthy to me and riding the bottle whilst rubbing my clit I came so hard and gushed. It spurted all over the cabinet and the walls!

I'd lost track of time and when we finished the call I realised I was late and quickly mopped up the mess and got dressed and headed to work. Tonight I heard the husband shout down from the bedroom "what the fuck you spilt now? its all over the wall" lol x

Monday 8 February 2010

A favourite toy of mine

I recently discovered the joy of a speculum. We had talked about it and tried many other substitutes but on one of my frequent visits to the sex shop in December I decided to purchase one.

The guy in the shop always seems pleased to see me, I swear one day when i was trying out floggers on my leg he was wanking behind the counter. It made me smile... and whip harder against the leather of my boots.

There were 3 to choose from, but really when there is small medium and large there is no choice.... large please!

it was another 3 days before i was meeting him, it was killing me not to try it out but I wanted the first them to be intense and right and it was never going to be that with me finding with the attachments with my long nails.

I got to the Hotel a few hours before him and prepared myself for 3 days of pleasure. I lay a towel in the top drawer and placed all the toys out neatly for him to find. The speculum though I placed on the bedside table.

To meet him I decided to take my panties off and stuff them inside me. I was so aroused I came while doing it. It felt so good driving to get him and feeling so full. When he got in the car he reached under my skirt to touch me as he kissed me. He tutted, but smiling so proud when he found no panties. I smiled and told him to keep looking as I did have them with me.

He half pulled them out and then we headed back to the sanctuary of the hotel. He immediately took the panties out of me and replaced them with his cock. We hadn't seen each other for weeks and we were aching to be inside each other.

He slipped off my shoe, an open toe stiletto and then pushed it inside my wet cunt and then went back to fucking me through the toe of the shoe, he came shortly after, shooting it so deep through the toe.

He left it inside while he concentrated on my clit. Placing my clit clamp on after he had sucked it until it was so swollen and sensitive. He then restrained me and made me cum over and over until I begged him to stop as could not bare another touch to my clit.

He left me clamped but removed the shoe. Changed my restraints so my ankle were tethered to my wrists, and my wrist were pulled back to the bed head. I was so open. He then pushed in the speculum and slowly opened me up. He had it on such an angle my gspot was so available.

I was so stretched open, so available to him to abuse it felt divine.

He slowly rubbed my gspot taking me to the edge of cuming so many times but not letting me. All of a sudden he did it so firm and precise and pushed on my clit again ...I came so hard I squirted cum out on his face.

It was a real wow moment I was quivering for ages after but he never stopped, he said id been a bad girl for begging him to stop and that he needed to teach me to take it. He placed the bullet on my clit, between my flesh lips and then used pegs to hold it in place, he then mounted my ass, he has a larger than average cock and very thick, I felt so full, so loved, so abused... heavenly x as I came again and gripped his cock he filled my ass with cum.

I love the way he looks at me when he cums... I feel so adored x

Sunday 7 February 2010

todays sex...

I decided to treat myself to new batteries... I do love that feeling when you forgot how intense it could be. I disappeared into the shower as the rest of the house was a hive of activity.... just as I was about to come the husband came in the bathroom! FFS! He didn't notice I was fucking myself silly and the shower noise drowned out the dull buzzing noise coming from between my legs.

He left and I returned to the matter in hand. I mentally tied myself back up and awaited my holes being abused then.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... the vibrator died... god rest its soul. I have to face it, whilst its only a year old it was probably meant to be for occasional use only. Kind of like buying a house hold washer to use in the launderette! I need an industrial one next time.

So I'm a tad more than frustrated and about to get a house full of guests. I cant stop thinking of sex and wanting to cum, it's a tad distracting when you're making the Sunday dinner and all I want to do is ride the handle of the potato masher or spank myself silly with the spatula!

Off to find the rolling pin I think!

Friday 5 February 2010

have I ever been flogged you ask...


2 occasions...

1st was at the start of my adventure, spanking has always been a turn on for me but I had never done it. I had been speaking to an older guy Michael. So not my type but he was kind, fun and happy to share thoughts and experience and he fed my curiosity. We spoke for months and one day we spoke he asked me to dinner... only dinner, he understood I did not fancy him. Husband was away and kids were staying out so I thought dinner would be good. We met at a little Italian and spent a good few hours chatting over dinner. He shared some tales about his fetish for corporal punishment and the spank groups he went to.

He walked me back to the car and made me an offer.... he would let me experience being spanked, caned and flogged and want no more from me. His argument was sound, he wanted to show me how much pleasure could be gained from it been done properly and he would ensure I knew how it should be done so I didn't get put off by an inexperienced person hurting me. I was game for it and turned on my heels. Within 5 mins we had a room and he disappeared to his car and arrived back with a gym bag.

He reiterated that he wanted nothing more and that he would not touch me any more than I asked. with that said he told me to lift my skirt and bend over and hold the edge of the desk.

It was better than I thought. The first stinging sensation on my ass was heavenly. I wanted more. He kept checking I was ok and asking if I wanted him to stop, instead I begged for more.

I removed my skirt and he repositioned me on the bed. He tied my hands softly, it was clear it was for my mental pleasure as i could of removed my hands with ease. It worked. He started to whip me gently with a birch, each light tap delivered a sting and it just caught my lips and sent sensations through my clit. I was so close to cumming and he knew it.

He switch to a soft leather cat o nine tails and the leather beat of my by now dripping cunt and lips. I came so hard mmmmm


I made a good friend, he is a master, who is on the swing site. We spoke for months he was interested in my opinion as a newby to the scene on different matters and he was a good sounding board. He works in my industry and after a few months I had the occasion to call on his expertise and advice. I called round for a coffee and he offered to show me his wares. He was hosting a munch later that week so everything was out in the back room ready. He had more toys that the local sex shop! It was great fun trying to work out what half of them were for but I was most taken by his vast collection of whips and floggers.

He had at least a dozen bought ones then a dozen that he had made. I tried each on my leg but he was a gent and offered to let me try them on my ass!

I lifted my skirt and allowed him to deliver 5 of each. I was so aroused at the end but did my best not to show it as I know he was keen to do more and I wasn't... I'm a fussy fucker... I have to fancy and connect with someone to get intimate with them. My fav was a home made one he had, it was made from a collection of that decorative straw you pout in vases. He had bound a hand full together, the mix of the sting the caress and the noise was very very powerful.... I asked for 10 more of them then head back off to work.

I got as far as around the corner then masturbated in the car until I came.

Thursday 4 February 2010

2nd post of the 1st HNT

My first ever HNT so feed back please! Did I get it right?

1st swing party ever

It was last summer, me and M were meant to be going but he had to make his excuses last minute. I hate to let people down and I was alone for the night so thought I would have a look. Curiosity had the better of me.

I had no idea what to wear or what the protocol was on these occasion, I called JJ who was hosting the party, he promised to look after me and that I could just observe and socialise. I felt more comfortable with that in mind. JJ was a nice guy I'd met for coffee a few time before, he had good experience in the swing scene and and loved the clubs and parties.

I picked out some naughty undies, a corset and satin French knicks, my fav laboutins and applied shimmering cream to my tanned smooth legs. I added a classy dress on top and grabbed a bottle of vodka out of the cabinate. I arrived at his late. I didnt want to be the first, I wanted to get lost in a crowd. JJ had told me about 10 couples were going 3 single males and 4 females..... 6 couples, 3 single males and me was the truth! I felt like I had the words dinner on my forehead the way the room looked at me. The single bisexual female at a party, I was on every ones wish list.

I headed straight to the kitchen and poured a very very large vodka. Then ran to the back door to join the smokers, I needed a subtle introduction to the crowd. Before I went in the main room I think quarter of the vodka had gone. As I walked in a lady followed behind me, I hadn't paid much attention to her as I was too focused on breathing at this stage. Then the room focused on her as she offered oral sex to any one, male or female. The men moved towards her to take her up on her offer. One guy scooped her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom, 2 other followed.

The vodka was working and I started to relax. A lady, about 35, dark hair in a striking bob, pretty, pert boobs, wearing a little black baby doll,walked up to me and unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I could feel myself get instantly wet. She kissed my neck then walked away to get a drink. I followed her and we kissed some more. JJ came in to check if i was ok but I could see him stall at the doorway and stop to watch. She hand ran between my thighs and then parted my lips. It felt heavenly, I was so aroused.

JJ came up behind the woman and held her breast while rubbing himself against her. she suggested we went to a room.... I declined... I wasn't ready for that. I hadn't done group sex and despite my enjoyment of this moment I was still petrified and feeling vunerable, let alone worried all the guys wouldn't fancy me.

They went off to a room and as they turned the corner JJ shouted back for me to just watch... I grabbed a drink and followed.

I spent the rest of the night going room to room watching, at times touching myself for my own pleasure but of course entertaining anyone that caught site of me.

it was about 3am when I found a room and hid under the duvet and swiftly fell asleep, just as well as I had a flight to Europe to catch at 11. at 7 JJ arrived in my room with a coffee and an erection asking which one I wanted and which one i needed. I laughed and went go to the bathroom but as i stood up and collapsed and hit the floor with a thud. FUCK! i couldn't work out what was wrong, I felt like I was swimming.

JJ burst out laughing and opened the windows and came to help me at the same time call me a daft tart.

The room I'd slept in had 3 bottles of poppers that had been left open... Id spent the night inhaling it. I must add i was horny as hell despite the slight distress and the bump on the head. JJ gave excellent first aid. He lay me on the bed and kiss me better.... all over my clit until i came.

Tuesday 2 February 2010

the day I met HIM

foHe had messaged me on the swing site, he was coming to town on business and wanted to meet.

I had impressive verifications that essentially said I was classy, intelligent but dirty and insatiable... the thinking mans whore!

I was abrasive and cruel in my first few messages, something I often did, I got over 100 messages a day asking to meet me, coupled with the verifications I had exquisite pictures, abstract of me... my ankles restrained, my breasts held, never overly nude and explicit but enough to know I was a bad bad girl.

Id found out via emails that he had a foot fetish and adored BBW's, he wanted to explore his sexual side more and he liked the sound and look of me.

The night before he was due to fly in I decided I would at least do lunch, I hadn't planned to stay long but lunch with an attentive stranger can be fun. I went on cam to show me, I never saw him but I took his number and messaged him in the morning when he got to the airport that I would collect him and lunch was his treat.

It was a little after 1 when he landed, as I drove in to collect him I was so pleased, not only did he not look like an axe murderer, he looked even more attractive than his pics and as he got into the car he smelt so good.

We went for lunch. He talked, asked questions and flirted but I didn't hear any of it. I was too distract by him, the way he looked at me, this wasn't a 'meet' I felt like from the first moment he could see me, really the true me.

I dismissed this as my fantasy, I just so wanted to be seen as me. I offered to drive him to the hotel and awaited rejection, I asked if he wanted me. He smiled, looked confused as if I should of rejected him.

I remember so clearly the first time he touched me, I was changing gear, he grabbed my thigh, he looked and me and smiled.

We got to the hotel and checked in, he held my hand and kissed me in the lift, it was the first time I'd done this and not felt nervous, drunk or afraid it was so strange I felt like we had a connection.

Still trying to be cool and detached we got to the room I asked him to order water and ice and started to get undressed. I got down to my underwear and lay back on the bed.... that was the moment... he looked at me... he saw me... he wanted me. I can still see the way he looked at me when I recall that moment. It was the first time I'd ever experienced it, the husband has never looked at me that way.

Suddenly it was 7pm and I needed to leave.. we had enjoyed each other, full intercourse had been minimal but he had adored me, he had explored me, he had made me cum so much and shudder in his arms and I felt so at ease with him.

I got the feeling he was in awe of me, he was frightened of me and my sexual prowess, but after I showered and curled up on the bed with him in his arms I could feel him melt, I could feel that connection again.

He dressed me again, the moments spent fastening my ankle straps on my heels was one of the most sensual moments I have ever experienced. Again he saw me.

When I left the room I stood in the corridor for moments, lingering, hoping he would open the door again and come and get me. He didn't. We had talked about meeting again the next day but I heard nothing from him. I was so disappointed. I finished my last meeting at a little after 5 and call the husband to say I was on my way home, my next meeting was cancelled..... just as I arrived home he text... he was free... I wasn't.

I was away the next day and dismissed it all as a silly whim of mine and concentrated on the new project at work. BUT... that night I got the message I hoped for, he wanted me, he wanted more of me.

6 months on.... he is my lover

todays sex

Had a stressful day but had 30 mins to spare before collecting the kids... I love rough sex when I'm stressed. I used to text or call the husband and tell him to be ready to take me when I walked in the door before we had the kids. Just pull skirt up, pull panties aside and fuck me hard till I came.

But seeing as I was alone and me and the husband haven't had sex for god knows how long (but I'm counting in years since we had true intimacy), fucking was out of the question.

Just me and my (extensive)toy box, and a head full of filthy thoughts masturbation was the only option.

Last weeks naughty escapades have my imagination refueled with possibilities. I imagined him (the lover) tying my while I'm asleep and waking up with him feeding his cock inside me, too late to protest but wet and aching for him whether I want it or not.

I came twice.... then collected kids from school... a little less stressed x

Caught up with an old friend this morning, I shall send him a link to this and make him smile... I met him on the orgional site I joined almost 2 years ago. He met the tall, dark, intelligent and handsome quotas but we never did quite get it together despite our best efforts something always prevented us.... like my husband turning up at the pub we where at or the fit of giggles we got when underwear finally was being removed when at my office for a late night drink and a play, hoping we would finally consumate out friendship. But alas we never did get there we are purely voyeurs to each others sex lives and he has been a good friend and confidant when things have gone wrong... and may I add he says I give exceptional head!

Monday 1 February 2010

filling in the gaps.... hot wax

early last year...I arrived in a submissive manner, nipples chained, but plug in. As i walked through the door I was met by a kiss. He reached down and checked to see I'd done as instructed. He swiftly cuffed my wrists and bend me over the back of the sofa and plundged into me.

Within minutes he had me on the verge of cuming. He had such a way with me, since meeting M I was discovering myself or he was discovering me. I was little older than him and lot more mature, but as for sexual experience he was well ahead.

Each time we met we pushed more boundaries, he never had to ask he seemed to know how far to push me and like wise for him as I had devloped a taste for spanking him.

This night when I was bent over, first time id trusted him to blindfold me and tie me. He had the tip of him cock resting in my ass and spanking me, making me beg for it.

He then pulled away and trickled ice water over my ass. It made me scream, taking my breath away, I so wasnt expecting it. Then it hit, the warm loving sting of wax as it was poured over my ass. He pushed inside just as the wax began to cool and fucked me so hard while pulling my hair, my cum was litterally running down my legs.