Tuesday, 16 February 2010

a note I found from my first swing partner

I thought it might give a little more detail as to me, this is his first impressions after our first meeting.(see post how i first started 25/1 for the detail of the night)

Email ref: The Enigma that is Mrs Robinson

Ok so this is mainly irrelevant now as we both now know the truth about how and who one another is. But you probably did the same before meeting me as in you'll have formed some pre conception or image as to who or what you thought I'd be like. And giving that we only had fab profiles to go off the judgements were made off of them (and we all form judgements and pre conceptions of people whether we admit it or not, its human nature to) ... Anyway my gums are flapping but nothing of any value is spilling out so I'll get back to the point.

I figured you'd be just the vast majority of people who are on there, decent enough people but a lil rough around the edges (if you follow me) with you not being verified and having very little personal info about you I was very dubious of you at first, maybe that came across in my messages? ... But once we'd exchanged one or two more it became apparent that you were decent and genuine and you intrigued me and drew me in, I wanted to find more out about you. Then we progressed to swapping numbers etc and it went from there.

Still expected you to be Mrs Average though as much like myself you give very little away about yourself, and certainly nothing away about your private/home life. It was only when I asked what car to look out for and you told me what it was did I start to think you may have been something other than what I first thought.

So onto why you were a pleasant suprise... As soon as you pulled up and I saw the way you were dressed, way you spoke, shoes you wore etc I knew that Mrs Average was way way off the mark. Listening to you and hearing about your life, achievements etc was real interesting, I could have sat and listened to you all night, there was no edge about you at all, very hmmmm ... Humble? ... For the want of a better word (gracious?) I never got the sense of 'Oh I'm so great I have this, I've done that, I go here, I know these people' etc from you, and to be honest if I had got that you'd have been skidding down front street on your arse cos snobbery and showmanship is a big bug bear or mine (ok so I know you bathe from head to toe in Chanel and have total disregard for Bvlgari jewellery but all that came out in the natural flow of conversation) You're really funny, super easy to get along with and as cutting and sarcastic as they come.
Basically you rock!!

And I haven't even mentioned how utterly amazing you are in bed but to be honest I don't really think I need to do I? Anyway I've probably said enough and way to much now so for the moment we'll leave it at that shall we? Thanks for an amzing weekend


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  1. Isn't it nice when we discover those people that surprise us in such a positive way? And on top of that, to find out that they understand you, they look at life in many of the same ways as you do. And then ultimately, they want to know more about you. Such friendship is priceless, heels...I'm glad your first one was so sympatico!