Sunday 30 March 2014

Sinful Sunday - anticipated moment

We managed to grab another hour together this weekend and we have a night planned meeting half way during the week which I'm so excited for!

That moment he pushed inside me yesterday was just perfect, I have needed to feel close to him since the moment we parted last week.

Sinful Sunday

Sunday 23 March 2014

Sinful Sunday- An hour together

YSL was home for the weekend so we grabbed an hour together. Time flew to quickly as we passionately enjoyed each other. As YSL came near to climax he told me once he filled my cunt with cum I was to sit on his face and give it back to him. As he finished his words I felt the warmth of him fill me.

I followed his instructions and minutes his face, at first enjoying his gentle licks then as I neared to cumming myself I felt the urge to rub my cunt harder on his face. I ground myself harder, lifting only for a brief moment to allow YSL a gasp of air then continued to use him for my pleasure. My climax was almost violent, the mixture of the surprise in my own behaviour, the visable effect it had on YSL and the wonderful sensation of his mouth against me.

I left his bed aching for more but so satisfied.

I love how you can see the shadow of YSL's hard cock.

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Sinful Sunday

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Wild and intimate, swingers club MMF

Having been apart for almost 2 weeks my thoughts the second I woke were on YSL. Excitement sat in my belly and I was totally without appetite. As soon as I was done with organising the family for my few days away I was in the car getting closer to him. The 4hr drive passed quickly as my thoughts lingered around the possibilities of walking through the door at the hotel. 

My heart was racing as I pulled into the car park and I felt giddy as I walked along the corridor to the hotel room. My body wanted him to grab me and pin me to the bed as I walk in the door but my heart wants to just be held by him and to know he is close. 

My heart won, his arms wrapped around me and drew me in. He was dressed only in a towel and the feeling of his skin upon my exposed skin was just perfect. I dropped my bags and stripped so I could get even closer to him. 

After a passionate union of bodies we dressed and grabbed food at the adjoining pub before getting ready for our fun night ahead. It was BBW night at our favourite club in the UK Chameleons. We had invited a passed conquest, Steve,  also to meet us there, he is the only male we have enjoyed as a threesome that has exceeded our expectations and I certainly wanted to have a seconded helping especially as it had fulfilled such a fantasy of mine.

You can read about our most amazing previous night with him here

We got in the taxi and asked for him to take us to the club by name. we learned the hard way on our very first club visit that asking to be dropped outside a pub on the same street doesnt work. the pub we had found on google turned out to of been closed down for over a year and as we pulled up the driver said "do you want the swingers club or the pub" we wished we had just been up front in the first place!.

The car park was full and the street lining the road up to the club were all lined with cars, it was clearly going to be a busy night. We paid and headed straight to the changing rooms. i slipped on a black see through dress and patent stilettos, YSL adorned some spandex shorts that framed his cock very well then headed to the bar. Steve was there but deep in conversation with another guest, he was wearing a florescent green g string/pouch adding humour to his sex appeal seeing as it was a St Patrick's day themed event.

We people watched and enjoyed just being together while sipping on a very nice glass of wine from the bottle we brought. I hadn't been sure of going to the club this night for many reasons but one being that it was to be the last time before YSL starts working away. Part of me had wanted to keep him to myself and just enjoy the intimacy but right at this moment I realised that this was such the right way to be spending the night, it was full on 'us' and no time for dwelling on what this distance will feel like.

Nothing is happening in the play rooms yet and we embark on more wine until Steve catches our eye again and joins us for conversation. the last time we had met we had enjoyed a good social experience but again he enforced what an all round pleasant guy he was as he shared his current love life drama and expressed care and interest in us. I finished the glass of wine and decided to grasp the nettle and ask Steve to join us upstairs. as i heard the words fall from my mouth my mind was in shock that I had just blurted it out. that goodness he obliged and followed us to one of the large rooms upstairs.

I kicked of my shoes and crawled on the platform/bed area and was immediately joined by both the men. I recall how at ease I felt right at that moment, normally i feel concerned about how comfortable YSL would be feeling and not being at ease with myself indulging it such activities but this time I knew from our previous conversations that YSL was more than happy with this and Steve's respectful approach had me extremely comfortable with what was about to happen.

I lay on my side, YSL spooning me and kissed Steve, YSL bit and nuzzled at my neck and pulled my legs apart as Steves hands wandered slowly over my body until his fingers latched onto my clit. It felt like a jolt of electricity going through my body as my mind soaked up what was happening, we were just getting started and i arleady could feel the sensuality and intimacy build, the connection and passion between us was palpable. AFter my first orgasm from Steve masturbating me I asked YSL to fuck me while I sucked Steves cock. His cock his impressive and certainly tasty, I wanted to share it with YSL but wasn't wanting to pause to check a boundary in the heat of the moment.

YSL changing hole and fuck my arse hard as I tried to take as much of Steves cock in my mouth, I could feel myself getting close and the addition of YSL sticking his fingers into my cunt until I was so full was too much and I came loud and hard again. I moved the guys so I could enjoy both there cocks orally,swapping from one to the other and exciting myself with my greed and having suck gorgeous cocks at my disposal. I was cramming them both in my mouth and slurping them in and out, sliding them over my face in turn.

I lay back down when I had exhausted myself and Steve began to fuck me. He is a man in good shape and I liked the smile he had on his face as he entered me, he looked very pleased with himself. He fucked me hard and his balls struck my arse cheeks with every thrust adding to the pleasure. He was clearly near climax and he started to pause then push himself to the edge again before pulling out for a rest. YSL rollled me over and replaced the cock inside of me and Steve held and kissed me . its this moment and the reverse of YSL holding me while Steve fucks me that I am in my most bliss. That care while being shared, feeling loved but given away is just what my mind adores.

The guys switch places and this time YSL holds me with more intensity and passion. His hand rests gently round my throat and keeps me in my place. as Steve gets closer again and I'm nearing another climax YSL takes hold of my hair and pulls, the site of this clearly pleases Steve as his cock goes rigid and he shoots his load, he collapses on my back and holds me as his body shudders. The whole scenario has me in a state and that feeling of his cock reacting sends me over the edge, my entire body is cumming,every inch of me feels the extreme pleasure ripple over it.

much more to follow!!!!

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Tmi Tuesday - consumer sense and satisfaction

1. Name a category for which you are very fussy and only one product will do. Name the product.





2. Name a category for which you are fussy about quality and buy top-of-the-line brands.





3. Name a category for which you are most interested in price, and will buy whatever brand is cheapest.


The discount fridge at Sainsbury's



4. Name a category for which you are unable to find a satisfactory product.


A decent man for a threesome (but with one recent exception)



5. Name a product that has disappeared from the market for which you have been unable to find a satisfactory substitute.


I'm happy, I've never experienced so much cootch on the market as I have done in recent years


6. Name a product that you buy that your mother or father used to buy.


Cooncil Pop (for those who live outside the UK - it's water)

Lurpak butter!

7. Name a product that you won’t buy because your mother or father used to buy it.

Nothing really applies

Zoflora lavender household cleaner! The smell just brings back bad memories.

8. Name a product that is over-rated.


Uggs - What the hell man!! I've never seen a pair that flattered a female yet. And they are so expensive too!!


Hairy vaginas 

9. Name a product that is under-rated.


Yummy's cootch ( her husband)


YSL's tongue! It should have national heritage status

Bonus: If there was one product that you would re-invent or improve, what is it?


The Hitatchi Magic Wand. It's great, don't get me wrong, but if it could be quieter and lighter it would be perfect. After all, luggage allowance weights to Cap d'Agde aren't that generous


God yes make it european friendly please!!!! 

Who else played??

Thursday 13 March 2014

Thoughts on Swinging Clubs - guest post from YSL


Lots of people dream and fantasise about being in an environment or building where they can walk around surrounded by naked or scantily clad people who are completely at ease with the situation and they can casually wander about seeing people have not only one on one full sex, but group sex, just as if it were a Roman orgy or the Playboy Mansion. I was one of those people just a few years ago and never thought that in my lifetime I would ever get to experience it whatsoever. It is akin to looking at film stars on the red carpet where you know it does really happen, but you simply dismiss it as something that 'other people' do and you will never have the opportunity to experience it first hand as 'that star'.


And so time went on where I thought that seeing or further still, being a participant of group/communal sex would be an unfulfilled part of my existence on this planet.....until that is, I met a lady who suggested that we try a local swingers club, which would be a first for both of us. With neither of us having any previous experience in this area, we had absolutely no idea of how it would work, what type of people would be there, but we were fixed in our minds that the whole point of making the journey there and paying the entrance charge is the opportunity to have sex either in front of or with others. And so we nervously phoned the club to ask for directions and other details, then on the appointed evening nervously pushed open their front door, but as soon as we got inside and found how friendly and 'normal' everyone was, we were instantly at ease and our usual selves.


In common with most swing clubs in the UK, our local club does not have an alcohol licence, so you can bring along your own, but you are expected to buy the sodas from them. These are served in a bar/lounge area which serves as a social area and the 'play rooms' are in a separate area upstairs. The first thing that struck us both as a little unexpected was how many people were in the social area just simply chatting for a prolonged period of time. We thought that given that we have paid to be in the building, everyone would be using it for its primary purpose, after all, you can enter a bar for free to have a chat, and they have the luxury of an alcohol licence too. Anyway, neither of us were interested in simply sitting drinking coke and our shop bought wine, we were there to live the life, so wandered into the play areas. All of the rooms were empty, what was this all about?? Back for drinks for another forty minutes and still nobody has moved upstairs, so it was a case of, 'well, someone has to get things started, so let's just do this'. We went upstairs, the room felt a little cool as it hadn't been used that night and we just started between ourselves. Over time, other couples come up and a pleasanttime was had, however the group play really didn't last all of that long, perhaps forty minutes at the most. We had expected it to last the rest of the night until closing, as demonstrated by the lady I was with deciding to 'pop off to the bathroom' at one point and then coming back a few minutes later to an empty room with only me in it.


I went a second time with the same lady and we had a similar style of evening, the only difference this time being that we went straight in to the play, whether there were others in the room or not. Although I have given the impression above that it was a bit of deflating experience, this is only due to hindsight as at the time, it was something, new, exciting, daring and my god, I was having group sex with complete strangers who were genuinely up for it!!!


The next time that I went to the club was the evening after I first met Yummy. I had previously promised another lady that I would take her as she was intrigued and excited by a first club experience and I didn't wish to let her down as she didn't drive and the club is located in a bit of remote area. I even said to Yummy at the time, 'I can't believe I'm saying this, but I could do without going to a sex club tonight', mind you, it was five in the morning after seven straight hours of my first exploration of Yummy and I had to be at work two hours later!!


So anyway, it was another night at the club, it was interesting and then followed the next night with Play Date number 2 with Yummy, which was somewhat of an exciting marathon and the start of wild sex being a part of my everyday life.


From that evening on, Yummy and I were very much wrapped up in each other and just had a passion for each other and we joked at the time that we must be the world's worst swingers as we made no attempt and had no interest in playing with others. However, as time moves along and it is not because of waning desire for each other, we suggest that we go to a club together. We went to a club that is out of our area, about a two hour drive, and stayed in a hotel nearby. It was exciting to be away, getting dressed together, doing something new together and a bit of an adventure. At this point we had both separately been to clubs prior to meeting each other, but this was our first time together.


The club was very large, well maintained, friendly staff and we got chatting to a couple at the bar who found it unbelievable that we had only recently met as we appeared to be so established. We moved on to the play area and had a wonderful time, although over the course of the evening we didn't actually play with anyone else and really the opportunity didn't arise for this to happen. Some of the other couples were either unsuitable (i.e. ugly) or others weren't interested in having us join in, however it was a great night and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


After this we went to Cap d'Agde for the first time, of which there are plenty details about the adventures and clubs that we enjoyed along with a UK club that we popped in to on the way back home after the flight.


Following our return from France, we became joint members of our local club and went on an almost weekly basis for about six to nine months. Right from the very first visit that we made to the club, we had a spectacular time. The club was busy, the people were interesting, charming, arousing and they were all up for play!!! This was certainly an improvement on the earlier visits that I had had and really was all that I dreamed that swing clubs would be. We enjoyed twelvesomes, Yummy and I kissed whilst we had a delightful lady below us (Yummy sitting on her face, whilst I had my cock in the lady), Yummy enjoyed me cumming in her and then swiftly followed by another man entering her, Yummy had her first taste of black men, I enjoyed the enthusiasm of multiple woman, it was just heavenly. The club was so good and enticing that one evening I had just flown back from where I had been working that day and at 9pm I was waiting for the cabin door to open, sent Yummy a message to ask if she fancied going and we were both in the club by 10pm, naked and fucking!!!


We had the time of our lives over those six/nine months, but slowly things died down. The club became less busy, the couples drifted away and were replaced by single men who simply got worse by the week. One memorable week, we really wanted to play and did, but the problem was that there were just too many single guys and as the evening wore on they got more and more frustrated and got too close prior to asking permission, so we simply had to get up, dressed, and out of the door. The weeks went on, we went less frequently and I just remember looking around on the last night that we went and saying it is the night of the gargoyles as all of the men were beyond unattractive, they were repulsive. For the last few visits we only stayed in the bar area drinking our sodas, fully clothed and left after about forty minutes. Certainly not the fantasy impression of a sex club, or indeed the reality that we had enjoyed only a few months previously.


During that period and the intervening time since, we have visited literally dozens of clubs and whenever people ask us what we think of a particular club, we always answer that it is all about the people who are there on the night as opposed to judging a club on solely on the random night that we attended. There is only one UK club that we have visited that we will never return to based upon the infrastructure of the club itself, examples being vinyl play bases that were in poor states of repair, uninterested staff where it was difficult to get them to pour you a drink and when waiting for a taxi, the barman spent his time checking to see that his car was OK as we were in a dubious neighbourhood.


A club doesn't have to be busy for us to have a great evening. We visited one where there was only us and another couple in there and we had a spectacular night with them. We then returned a couple of months later, the place was rammed and we had an even better night. So empty or full, we had good nights, it's all about the people.


Another good example of the 'people theory' is the series of daytime private parties that we have attended at our local club. The parties are organised by one very good single guy and he holds the invite list, only allowing a certain number of single guys according to the number of couples attending. There are only a couple of rooms that are opened up, so this keeps everyone together and there is a real spirit of togetherness at these parties with most people playing for the full five hours that the club is open from 10am to 3pm. Most people who attend are regulars at these gatherings now, however at the first party nobody knew each other, but we all instantly got on very well. This is in contrast to a BBW evening that we attended at another club where it was fine whilst we were in the bar area talking to people, but they left the whole of this huge club open, so come playtime nobody could find anyone and it ended up with simply couples exclusively pairing off and not the open and inclusive play that we enjoy.


So we have established that good people who are there on an evening are key to making an enjoyable evening and having a club that has friendly staff and acceptable facilities is what is expected. However there are some rules that clubs really do need to follow and implement if they wish to make customers happy and comfortable, and it is a recent experience that has prompted this post.


A couple of years ago, we tried to support a new local club that had just opened up, but to be honest they were a bit amateurish in their approach and attitude, but their heart was in the right place. The club had some small private play rooms with doors that could be closed, but as we believe in inclusive play, we always kept them open, however sadly the staff let single males come in and wander around the building, not only fully dressed, but still with their outdoor coats on too!!! I remember looking up at one point and seeing a group of fully dressed men with overcoat parkers on simply watching us having sex as if it was some sort of peep show where we were the entertainers. Given that we had paid our entrance fee, we were damned sure that providing in-house shows wasn't part of what we had signed up for. We appreciate that some couples like to be watched, and on occasion we do, but this was not in the right spirit at all, it was simply bad management of a club and not how a swinging club should run.


As above, a recent similar experience has prompted this post. We went to what was billed as a BBW night at a club in the UK and we had been to this club a couple of years previously and thoroughly enjoyed it. As usual, the club doesn't have an alcohol licence, so we brought a bottle of wine (with a cork in it), however nobody had a corkscrew, so we spent the first twenty minutes hanging around whilst various people tried various ways of getting our drink out of our bottle. Never mind, these things happen, as poor an opening as it was, but things rapidly went downhill. As is standard, we then went straight to the changing rooms, outdoor clothes in to the locker and underwear left on for both of us. We then entered the main section of the club, which unusually has a pool table in the middle and a flight of stairs that goes up to a balcony that overlooks the pool table and has small play rooms off from it. So there we both are, in underwear, ready for action, and all of the way up the stairs and lined up around the balcony looking down are fully dressed single guys..........waiting. This all felt a little odd, and having reached the top of the stairs we looked in to the play rooms, which were completely devoid of people. Outside of one of the rooms were three separate couples, up against the walls, completely clothed, snogging. As Yummy clearly expressed at the time and I was thinking, it was like a school disco or youth club, except that all of the actors were in their 40's. It was immediately apparent that this night simply wasn't going to work, however to give it a chance we ducked in to one of the play rooms to have our drink, but all we got was a perv in glasses (fully clothed) twitching his cock through his jeans as he occasionally poked his head around the door. Horrible.......and utterly miserable.


We simply had to leave and we did tell the owners why too.


This swinging business really is all about the people, not some imagined fantasy that you wish to fulfil, as reality can so often be very different. For us, there appeared to be this 'golden period' that we went through within the first year of us meeting and it genuinely isn't some sort of rose tinted reminiscences of an early honeymoon period between us where so much is overlooked or forgiven. The people in clubs were better and in our one to one (or rather, two to two) meets via Fabswingers, we met so many people and had such great fun, but now I browse profiles and very little intrigues me anymore, and often I feel repelled from some profiles. Where did all of the good people go?


There are still some good things around. The private parties at our local club are excellent, we have some lovely ladies that we occasionally meet up with and there is one outstanding club in the UK that does an excellent BBW day/night, which is once again organised by an enthusiastic lady who keeps control of the guest list as opposed to it being a standard club night.


Prior to first going to a club, I didn't even consider going alone as a single male as I didn't wish to have what I perceived to be the stigma of 'yet another single male on the lookout' and now, after all of my experience, I still wouldn't attend as a single male as I wouldn't wish to be labelled as one of the crowd of desperate single males.


We enjoy clubs and there are good ones out there, and not every night can be a success, the clubs can't guarantee who or how many will be there on any given night, but there are certain things that should be enforced, and dressing down in play areas for men is top of the list.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

TMI Tuesday - emotions

1.       Laughter: What makes you laugh?


Jon from Delocated


I'm totally with YSL on this! But I also loved this was gutted it only ran for 2 seasons

2.       Anger: This past week, who or what really pissed you off? What happened?

I'm fairly easy going and placid, so rarely let things get to me


I'm pretty chilled this week just missing YSL. 

3.       Fear: What phobia did you have but overcame?

50Foot women


I have one phobia but haven't overcome it unfortunately.

4.       Surprise: Recently, what unexpected act or behavior did you experience in your sex life?


I never have any idea what is going to happen during sexual acts and just enjoy where it goes rather than having a pre-planned checklist, so it's always unexpected. Most recently, a notable one was prolonged anal sex with Yummy and then licking the cum out of her arsehole....which is nicer than it perhaps sounds :-)


I would say being on the receiving end of the above surprised me! I was not expecting it and at first horrified incase things had got messy as we had been anal fucking for best part of an hour but it just made the while act so good. Thank god for anal douching!!


5.       Trust: Many on-going relationships have a certain predictability about them. Does that certainty translate into trust?

Depends which on-going relationship we are referring to :-/

Personally I take nothing for granted in either if my relationships. Mine and YSL's relationship is far from predictable but is full of trust.

6.       Excitement: Who do you excite?

The juices seem to pour from Yummy on a regular basis

I love that YSL is always hard for me, it arouses me even more feeling him harden against me.

Bonus: What intimate activity do you share with your partner, something that is meaningful to your relationship? For example Sunday breakfast in bed, cooking, maintenance spanking, etc.

An unfamiliar cock now and again

I love the moment of us being alone again after a group experience, feeling taken back after the sharing is amazing and makes me feel so close to YSL 

Go see who else played

Sunday 9 March 2014

Sinful Sunday - bitter sweet torture

Last week we indulged in a full 24 hours of pleasure which started with a morning of denial. YSL kept taking me to the edge, using my holes for his pleasure but not letting me have my release, bitter sweet torture.

Sinful Sunday

Friday 7 March 2014

Blogging mojo and some sad news

Sorry for the prolonged absence, major (positive) stuff has been happening in my family life that needed my full attention. Hopefully things have settled down and I should be back blogging regular again.
Now for the sad news… YSL is moving away so time together is going to be a precious commodity. When I first read the email from him I felt physically sick, it was like a blow to the stomach. I knew there was a chance of it happening but I was always hopeful it wouldn't. 5 hours of driving will be separating us and his spare time will be weekends which aren't spare for me. It looks like hotels at the half way point are about to be put to the test.

I feel that we are strong enough to adapt and embrace the change in our circumstances but it stills weighs heavy in my heart to have him so far away. Over the last 3 years he has become my best friend and has been such a great support in life through some of the most challenging of times. The biggest thing we are going to have to do is start speaking on the phone! I can still count on one hand how many times we have done this but with the distance I think Facetime is going to become a regular staple to maintain sanity! Never been one for phone sex but I can see this being an option if I’m climbing the walls sexually.
It’s been so long since I really felt the need to masturbate alone, YSL has sated my need and when arousal has a hold of me its normally because I’m with or about to meet with him. The biggest challenge will be my using sex as a stress relief. Perhaps I need to take up a new hobby, suggestion on a postcard please!
Next weekend though we are heading to a BBW party and hoping to have a wild night together before our period of absence begins. It certainly be a noteworthy night as we are returning to our favourite club in the country and the last time I was there I was lucky enough to enjoy a small queue of fine BBC and I would love to do that again. This time I want to totally go for it as I got a tad overwhelmed and fled to the showers after 3 or 4 guys the last time, I regretted my hasty retreat although that’s easy to say with hindsight, it was right to do it at the time.

We have already started to plan for another Cap D’Agde visit for late summer as well which gives us both a date in the diary to be excited and plan for, I suppose I even find it reassuring to have such a trip planned. Whilst it doesn't guarantee anything it makes me feel that YSL is wanting me as much as I do him, silly girl mentality I’m sure but it’s a little bit of reassurance I need right now.