Monday 11 March 2013

An hour together on Monday

The liquid silk was freezing as his hand placed it on my cunt. I gasped but the sensation quickly changed to pleasure, it's the first time in a week my cunt has been touched in such a way and I'm instantly away on a cloud of pleasure.YSL's fingers manipulate my clit expertly, better than I can, until I'm on the verge of my first orgasm, he releases it and fingers my gspot, increasing how franticly I'm clinging on to him. He circles my clit again this time with the full intention of making me cum. I'm holding on to him as the orgasm rips through my body, he doesn't stop rubbing my clit he knows its drives me wild as the sensitivity overwhelms me and often sends me into another orgasm, this time it did. His cock is ridged and pressing into my thigh as he holds me close, the pleasure and relief of the first orgasm in a weeks skips around my body and mind.Without pause he climbed between my thighs and plunged his hardness inside of me. After a few thrusts he adjusts my legs to over his shoulders and slammed in deep. His cock was pushing hard against my cervix , every internal inch of me is full of him. "Masturbate for me" YSL instructs, I reached my hand to discover how swollen my clit already was and gently stroked her. YSL paused a moment to watch before continuing to pound me hard. I climax again from a mixture of masturbating and the hard fucking, I can't touch myself anymore its too sensitive. YSL pulls out and tells me to ride him, I mount him without question and slowly slide down on his length. I feel full and stretched around him in this position. I takes me a moment to get comfortable enough to move and enjoy the sensation of him filling me. before long i start to cum, it slows me down and YSL takes over the motion as my body tenses and holds onto the pleasure. My juices fall freely and coat his cock and balls, an audible wetness is heard as I start to ride his cock again until i manage to grin out another shuddering climax helped on be YSL biting my nipples that were hanging before him.I collapsed back on the bed and await his arms but instead he stuffs his cock straight back inside me from behind and he picks up his rhythm to a hard fucking tempo, slamming his cock in me to the hilt with every thrust. Suddenly he stops and leavers me cheeks apart, im unsure of what is about to happen until he buries his face in my cunt and licks me from clit to arse hole. "I wanted to taste you full of my pre cum" was growled as he stuffed his cock back inside again and immediately returning to fucking me hard. He stops again and licks and sucks at my clit, Im right on the edge and he knows it as he slams back inside once more. I looked back over my shoulder to confirm what my cunt felt, he was also close to cumming, his cock couldnt be any harder and his eyes had that burning desire that I know is followed by the warm jet of semen filling me.

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