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TMI - YSL's memorable moments

YSL's answers deserved his own post, you will find mine HERE.

What are your five (5) most memorable/amazing sexual moments?
You may simply list them or elaborate on why they were so memorable.

1. Triangle Night
Yummy and I met in the Spring of 2011 and following our first trip to Cap d'Agde in that Summer we started going to our local Swing Club on a regular weekly basis that Autumn. Between October and Christmas that year, we had such wonderful evenings there as the club attracted some very fun people that we got on with very well and a number of couples and single females too. From the midpoint to the end of the evenings we would often find ourselves in the middle of some very sexy play that simply felt so carefree and hedonistic. One of them was near the end of an evening where we were in a compact room that has a large bed and a viewing section as you enter. There were about twelve of us all entwined and playing with each other on the bed whilst we had a mix of couples of single guys masturbating watching us all from the viewing section. It was one of those wonderful scenarios where everyone in the room knew their place, nobody overstepped their boundaries and the high point for me was when we started playing with this very sexy lady near us who has such a lovely bottom. She had been fucked by a number of guys and was lying on her back. I saw the opportunity and slipped my cock inside her, which was quickly followed by Yummy sitting on her face. Yummy and I were facing each other and we held each other and passionately kissed whilst this lady licked Yummy and I continued to fuck her. What a night, and what a lovely triangle.

2. Black Night
Same club and season as above, but different night. It was mid evening and we were playing in a different room, one that has a large four poster style bed with a viewing area all around it. Once again, everyone knew their place and didn't overstep the mark. There were three of us on the bed with a large audience around us. Me, Yummy and a young black guy. Us two guys made Yummy the centre of attention and then after a period of time I laid at the head of the bed and held Yummy as she was being expertly fucked missionary style by this black guy. He was a man who had some stamina and was a very skilled lover as opposed to being someone who simply hammered away until he came. As we had been playing for such a long time, refreshments were required, but none of us wanted to break up the play by retiring to the bar, so I volunteered to go downstairs and bring a couple of bottles of water up. When I returned about four minutes later, it was such an arousing sight as soon as I entered the room. There was just Yummy and the black guy on the bed. He was fucking her with her legs held up in the air and I could see his thick black cock entering her cunt as well as the moans of pleasure from the lady herself. Couples and single guys were standing around watching them and really appreciating the wonderful scene in front of them. It was the first time that I had seen Yummy being fucked from a distance as opposed to being close to her and it was such a pleasure to take in the whole scene, her reactions and what she looks like in sexual play.

3. Will you suck my husband......again?
Same club, season and room as above. We had been enjoying another wonderful evening on the four poster bed and as part of it, Yummy had been giving some very prolonged and loving fellatio to this quite nice looking guy. I was involved in some play close by and it was mostly couples on the bed at the time. I saw the wife of the fellated guy standing at the foot of the bed amongst our appreciative audience and she was dressed with underwear that covered a large amount of her body and whilst she was generally smiling and looking at ease, I thought that perhaps she was more in the building for his desires rather than any strong interests that she may have as he beckoned her over to join in a number of times, but she simply shook her head and kept her distance.

After a period of time, play ceased and we all retired to the bar for drinks. We returned to the room half an hour later and a number of people were already there, but no play. We sat on the bed about to initiate the entertainment when the wife came up to the side of the bed and said to Yummy, "I hope that you don't mind me asking, but would you be able to suck my husband's cock again as he said you are so good at it". Even though she looked to be in her early 40's, she said it in a way that a young teenager would at a school disco in the half embarrassed style of 'my friend over there fancies you'. Yummy simply smiled and of course agreed. He then stepped forward and enjoyed the delights of Yummy's lips.

Time moved on, as did the play and after a period, the wife appeared on the bed next to me. She looked more relaxed this time, less clothing and I thought that I would have to treat her with great care as she was very slightly built, looked very middle class and respectable and following her earlier reticence, I didn't wish to go too far with her. Not the normal type of person that I am physically attracted to, but she did have such a sexuality about her. She laid back near the foot of the bed, her long blonde hair lying underneath her and I began to slowly fuck her missionary style. She was very reactive to my cock inside her and very soon began reaching out for the cocks of the guys who were standing at the end of the bed. She was like a woman possessed, wanking cocks, sucking them, all of the while being fucked at an ever harder pace by me. Meanwhile, Yummy and Hubby had moved down near us, Yummy on all fours, kissed me, moved along down and I had the pleasure of seeing his cock enter Yummy from behind, whilst I was fucking his wife and she was frantically grabbing and sucking cock! She took guys cum in her mouth, wanked them over her face and tits until eventually I could take it no more and came inside her myself.

As mentioned, physically, she wasn't the type of lady of that I am normally attracted to, but she was facially very attractive and I loved the class that she had about her. However, the paramount thing and what I love in a lady, which she had in abundance, was to look completely respectable and attractive, a regular lady who you would see in the street and not even think that she would have interests in anything other than occasional vanilla relations with her husband, but once you had her attention, she would unleash her strong sexual desires without restraint.

4. After you sir
Same club, back in the compact room and it's close to the end of the night. We have had a wonderful evening playing with a number of people and I had just enjoyed fucking a very slightly built lady who had completely disproportionate breasts to her small frame whilst her husband and Yummy looked on. There is only ten minutes left until the club closes and everyone has left the room except me and Yummy. I start fucking Yummy from behind whilst she bends over the end of the bed and a good friend of ours walks into the room and leans again the wall next to us, just watching and slowing stroking his very large and thick cock. He is an older single gent, but very tall, respectful and most importantly knows how to fuck. As Yummy is facing in the opposite direction and the floor is carpeted, she doesn't know that anyone is there, never mind who it is. Whilst he is in no way pushy, I know that he will want to fuck Yummy.......and I want him to too!!! I fuck Yummy vigorously until I give her all of my hot cum in her cunt. I pull out, Yummy is recovering about to straighten up when I gently press down on her back and say to her, "stay there". She gasps and before she has time to react any more, our friend has his long, thick cock inside her. The look of surprise and delight on Yummy's face was wonderful and although our friend has enjoyed Yummy a number of times, in fact she is his favourite as he always saves cumming for her, he is in complete rapture this time knowing that he is fucking a woman who has just taken a hot load of cum in her cunt and he has his cock in there straight away afterwards. I sat in front of Yummy watching the delight in front of men. Due to the pressure of time, he came relatively quickly and I have never seen him have such a monumental orgasm and reaction to it as he did that night, all because of the knowledge that he was fucking a lady with a cunt full of someone else's cum.

5. Cum to the beach
On our first visit to Cap d'Agde we were sitting on the beach one afternoon and we were very fortunate to have selected a spot that was surrounded by couples....who clearly liked each other. There must have been about six couples in an informal circle around us who over the course of about two hours were loving, stroking, sensually playing and enjoying each other individually in a very slow and relaxed manner. Then, we could just feel the atmosphere get more charged as we sat in the sun, on the beach in the afternoon at about 2:30pm when the ladies in the couples seem to simultaneously turn up the pace and they were all playing with their husbands and boyfriends through either fellatio or masturbation. I vividly remember saying to Yummy, there is going to be a cum festival her........and there was!!! Like dominos, one started to go after the other. We had front row seats, only a couple of feet away from ladies who were taking cum in their mouths, some completely swallowing, others couldn't take it all and had it dribbling from the sides of their mouths and those who were wanking cocks and we had the arousing display of fountains of cum shooting from those hard erections. It was such a horny and hot display. Afterwards, the couples held each other, loved each other and a regular day on the swingers section of the beach at Cap d'Agde continued.

It was hard whittling the list down to five. I could have talked about our 16sum on the beach, more beach action with a lady on top of her man, his cum running down his cock whilst she was still astride him, Yummy spraying cum all over me whilst on the gynaecologists couch in Le Glamour, watching rich Euro trash with toned bodies fucking in the half light of underground sex maze in Le Glamour like they were on a porno set, seeing a lady dressed as a police officer overseeing play in the same club........and so on. Gosh I am so lucky to have experienced this, and would never have done so if it wasn't for Yummy. Thank you for sharing and wanting me to accompany you on our adventures Yummy. xx

Bonus: What is one quality you appreciate in a lover?
1. Enthusiasm

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  1. Such amazing experiences, all of them. And I'm glad YSL responds to the questions too!