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Cap D'Agde club review: Le Glamour & Mousses Party

Yummy and YSL's Cap d'Agde club reviews


We have now been to the naturist village of Cap d'Agde three years running from 2011 and as I jokingly said to Yummy when disembarking from a flight to Paris last year (to see the city......erm, and the clubs), 'we are sex tourists', so there is no pretence that we are there to simply be naturists, we like to make the most of our time there both daytimes and evenings for not only enjoying each other, but to meet others, enjoy watching others and just having a good time. No Sudoku on the beach or early nights for us!!!!


With this in mind, as a week in Cap d'Agde goes by so quickly, and let's be honest, it's not a cheap place for going out of an evening with average club drinks running at €10 each, we of course wanted to read reviews of the clubs and bars to ensure that our time and money was spent wisely, and to be honest there is very little out on the internet that does this. The only two sites that we have ever found devoted to club reviews are is a little outdated and certainly the images on the page do not show the exteriors of the clubs as they are today and the more superior, but still a little out of date


So, as far as we know, this is the only 2013 Cap d'Agde club review page.


It must be borne in mind that this is very much a subjective review of the clubs that we have visited over a three year period as part of our holidays there and most certainly not a cold, objective and balanced view where the idea was to specifically 'test the facilities'. They are as we saw them on the evenings we visited and how we felt the night went. We recognise that we haven't visited all of the clubs, and some of them we have deliberately  given a wide berth from purely due to what we could see of them from the outside. For all of the clubs, they are simply doors, with at most, all you can see is the reception/payment desk, so you don't know what you are going to get until you have paid your money and entered.


So then, on to the reviews and they are done in descending order of our preferences with number one being 'the best'!!!!


1. Le Glamour

Open: 23:30 - 05:00

The website used to be really useful and helpful and also had a page that delivered mixes from the club, but sadly they decided to change it for 2013 and to be honest, it is no use whatsoever at the moment.


We have visited twice every year, once on our Saturday of arrival and then on our last evening, the following Friday. Every year we have found both nights quite different in the type of people who attend.


This club is not cheap. For a couple (and in high season it is strictly couples only) it is €60 entry with complimentary drink each. After that, it is €10 per drink. Yummy found an alternative payment method for entry that still carries on today, once again not cheap....but  cheaper, pay €140 on the door and you get couples entry and a full bottle of premium spirit with as much mixer as you want. Following entry, hand your ticket over the bar, tell them what bottle you would like, put your name on it and you are set for the night. You don't have to drink it all in one night, you can leave it behind the bar and come back tomorrow, however we have never done this :)


There is a cloakroom on the entry for bags, €3.


So you're a high roller and got the scrilla to enter, make sure you're dressed correct. It's sexy for ladies (no trousers) and smart for gents with closed toe shoes. We have seen plenty of people turned away, e.g. a great looking couple, but sadly the guy made the mistake of wearing sandals.


So then, we are dressed correct, we are in, we have dropped off our bag, got our drinks, what's next?


This is big club!!! We would say it is the best 'normal' nightclub that we have ever been in. The whole of the ground floor is one huge normal style club with three main bars. There is a dancefloor in front of one bar that has three poles for a spot of poledancing at the end of it, a section with scattered neon lights moving around, an outdoor area, a dancing cubicle with a shower above it for a bit of wet clothing entertainment and hard core porn is playing on the plasma screens. Most of the seating is white sofas and it can be difficult to get a seat as they often have reserved signs on them, but we have always done alright sitting on the stools at the bar.


The music is modern dance and fantastic. They have a great sound system in there which has clearly had a lot of investment in it as the volume is nightclub level, but you can easily have a conversation in there.


The clientele in there has been different just about every time we have visited. Our first visit was on a Saturday closing end of season night in 2011 and the place was filled with seriously rich young Europeans (Eurotrash) who had the white shoes, white trousers, floppy haircuts, toned and tanned and looked as if hard work and money wasn't an issue. We then went on the following Friday and it was full of regular holidaymakers. We have been when it has been filled with bikers and so forth, so the message is, don't have expectations on the type of person that will be in there. But no matter who is in there, the people will be interesting, they will have made an effort.....and so should you.


If you simply wished to have an evening of drinking, dancing and enjoying the people having fun around you, then simply stay on the ground floor and you will have a good time.......however, if you are looking for a little bit more, find the very small spiral staircase that is in the section at the top right of the dancefloor as you enter the club.


It is a very small and tight spiral which leads down to a dark maze. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and you are in the toilettes but turn left and you then come to a junction that has two options, guarded by at least two members of staff. Turn left, anyone can go that way, turn right, it is couples only. If you go right, you must be there as a couple, no 'aw, but my girlfriend is dancing upstairs', it just won't be happening. So then first the left hand side. A very dim corridor with rooms leading off either side and some play beds that are placed in as part of the open corridor. There is one large private room that is lockable, but still has a hole in the door for naughty voyeurs. Our favourite room is the 'dark room' which is near the junction. When we say 'dark', it's not just dull/dim, this is full on, cannot see anything at all!!!! When you enter you need to gingerly move forward as you have no idea if anyone is there, where walls are, where beds or anything. Even lying down with Yummy, it is all a sense of touch, nothing can be seen at all. As Yummy knows, men will enter, feel their way around and if all is well, fucking occurs with a complete stranger and you have no idea who this person is......or was!!!


Turn right, and it is the couples only section. Once again, this is a maze style corridor with rooms leading off, some beds on open display and some lockable rooms. Of note, there is a little kink room that has a St Andrews cross, stocks and most importantly for us, a medical table with stirrups. Further along to the right is a room that we used to enjoy, but recent visits have proved to be a little disappointing, but maybes we just haven't gone at the right time. It is dark room, not pitch black, but certainly very dim that has a wooden section in the middle with holes cut out from the walls to allow hands to go from the outside to the in or perhaps cocks/breasts from the inside to the out. Apart from the very back of this room, it is standing only and as well as those outside 'copping a feel' of those on the inside, hands can wander freely inside. However, with the latter point, even on good nights we have seen no shortage of advances that were unwelcomed and even Yummy and YSL have had their hands unceremoniously slapped away on occasion.


At the end of the corridor there are a couple of sofas and there are shower facilities down there too.


In summary, it's all here. Dancing, drinking, fucking, fun and all in a very ordered, modern and clean environment. Sure, it's not cheap, but we feel that even if you only do it the once, it'll be an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life and will always be remembered.



2. Mousse Parties (Le Glamour)

Open 14:00 - 19:00

Once again, the official website provides you with no useful information whatsoever. We missed out on our first visit as we just saw the posters outside Le Glamour but really didn't pay them much attention as we went to the beach every day, but in 2012 we were curious about the Mousse and tried to search online about what happens and what is required to attend and it was only through lack of information that we decided to 'give it a go' on our final day........and what a day it was!!!


These are daytime parties held in the outdoor section of Le Glamour. Entrance is at the right hand side of the club as you face it, not the main entrance doors. The dress code is 'naked' and nothing else will do. €20 per couple entry (couples only) and €3 cloakroom charge and your personal belongings, flip flops etc go in a nice shiny Le Glamour bag which is yours to keep when you leave.


Everyone is completely naked, not even footwear and the ground is fine as it is very smooth concrete underfoot. You walk through a lounge area that has sofas, beds and general areas for erm, lounging (e.g. sex), past the bar, past the huge Jacuzzi and then towards the mousse/dance area. There is a DJ in a high up box on the left and next to him is the lengthy outdoor bar that is accessible when the club is open in the evening.


As with the evening club, the music is modern dance, sound system excellent and everyone dances naked in the mousse (foam). The foam is topped up on a regular basis from overhead and can be up to ten/twelve foot deep from the ground. When the mousse gets like that, you can only see the white mousse, it's difficult to breath, but it is so much fun!!! Everyone dancing in the mousse without exception is in good spirits and it is simply a free for all for touching, stroking,wanking, fingering each other, nobody minds. It is a wonderful feeling slipping and sliding up against other naked bodies as you dance euphorically in the open air in the middle of the afternoon with other like minded people.


When you leave the 'Mousse Floor', you are covered in mousse and the famous 'mousse boots' (i.e. foam covered legs) come in to play, so it's time to wash them off in the outdoor shower. Once that has been done, and perhaps you have assisted a friend too, it's time to go in the very large Jacuzzi. It must hold about forty people. There is a seating ledge around the outside and a seating island in the middle. All around there is oral sex, wanking, pleasuring and general hedonism occurring.


Next, you'll likely fancy a drink. I think the average drink prices were about €5 - €7. To pay, you will need money, so as you are naked and you also need to keep your cloakroom ticket (both dry too), make sure you have brought a waterproof box with you for carrying around your neck.


Kick back, enjoy your cold one and enjoy the sex that will doubtless be taking place in the lounge area. Perhaps like us, you made some new friends in the mousse and you are getting to know them a little better in the traditional Cap way on one of the sofas.


In summary, a great alternative to the beach, great fun, always busy and never a disappointment.



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