Friday, 23 September 2011

Part 4 - Cap D'Agde; sex on the beach **applause**

In case you missed them, pictures in some posts x

HNT Picture Cap D'agde
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We get back to the apartment and YSL helps me strip, my clothes are soaked from cumming so much. Whilst I shower YSL prepared a snack i return refreshed and we sit at the breakfast bar, dazed and blown away by the nights activities.

It's past 6am when we fall asleep in each others arms and don't stir until I feel YSL push inside me. He whispers good morning as he kisses my neck and makes love to me slowly.

He pulls out before he cums and turn to face him, he kisses my face gently and holds me close. I slowly wank his hard cock, I know he is close to cumming he feels so hard and swollen in my hand. I kiss him hard and whisper "give me your cum" he shudders as his cum jets out and covers my hand and tummy.

It's gone lunch time, we needed the sleep but didn't want to miss anymore of the day so we got showered and headed to shops for supplies, fresh bread and a patisserie treat!

We got back unpacked our goodies and enjoyed fresh croissants, jus d'orange and fresh coffee, not forgetting each others company, the most enjoyable part of everything. After we smothered ourselves in suncream, I chose to hide under a see through sarong still, we headed for a walk along the beach.

Our apartment was less than 50 metres to the main beach so we were walking along in the surf in minutes, I was struggling to not giggle with how giddy I felt, it was so romantic and so naughty all in one!
Across the naturists beach families played, couples soaked up the sun while doing crosswords, enjoying picnics. After about 10 minutes we approach the swingers beach, the density of sunbathers increases 10 fold, no crosswords or picnics just people doing and eating each other.

We cut through and YSL suggests we have a walk through the sand dunes. He had told me about them, couples apparently go in there for more fun, gang bangs and a more male audience. As we enter the dunes there is a couple up ahead a swarm of men are following but hanging back to see what is going to happen. We over take the couple and about half the pack of men are on our trail. I feel like the fox on hunt day! I dare not look back but I know on the edge of my vision in a sideways glace there are about a dozen, not too close but clearly hoping me and YSL and going to get busy and invite them to join.

I'm built for comfort not speed and walking on the dunes is heavy going but I never slowed up in case the pack caught up! I think if it hadn't been my first time on the beach and still finding my comfort levels I might of been tempted to linger more but I wanted to get away for now.

As we left the dunes ahead were 2 gay couples one giving a long slow hand job to his partner, another giving oral as they sunbathed. We watched a moment then moved on to give them privacy.

Back on the beach we wander between the patchwork of towels and umbrellas until we find a spot to sit. Bad planning though we have to towel with us so it was time to get naked! The sarong had to go. I took a deep breath and untied the knot. As I lay the sarong on the sand I breathed I sigh of relief, it felt good, it felt liberating in fact!

We sat watching couples around us slowly playing, some just watching, some seriously fucking. Any fucking action drew a crowd. It was like seagulls fighting for bread with the single guys, all respectful but all hopeful.

A bukake is happening in the sea, a woman is on her knees in the surf and she is surrounded by cocks, the crowd becomes more dense until you lose sight of her, a similar scene happens on the beach, after about 10 minutes the woman appears, laughing with her proud partner.

A cheery French guy says hello and drops to his knees to chat, we are polite but not engaging, turning to each other to kiss and hold, a trick we use in the clubs to indicate we aren't interested. The kissing soon turns to more passionate activities, YSL is hard and I take him in my mouth, slowly sucking him while I survey the beach, every now and then coming for air and to tell YSL which o'clock to look to see action, our discreet way to notify each other as opposed to pointing!

YSL is enjoying my ministrations and attention to his cock, I must of been at it a good 20-30mins and I had realised out of my eye line a crowd had began to drawn, it seems my deep throating of YSL was worthy of watching. I up the pace and take him deeper, pleasing the crowd and YSL wasn't complaining either!! As I finish and kiss we get a round of applause, a first for us, I wanted to laugh it seemed so farfetched that this had even happened, it was like a bizarre dream.

YSL pushes me back onto the sand and starts masturbating me, on half the crowd had left, others lingered hoping for more entertainment. He slowly wanked my clit, holding me open for everyone to see. He pushed his hand inside me, it slipped straight in, I'm so wet, then he fisted me hard until I came and squirted. He told me to get on all 4's and he swiftly entered me.

I knew the crowd was swelling all I could see was feet I didn't dare look up. Some men dropped to their knees trying to get in my eye line, angling for some play but this was only a 2 person show. The cheery french man stroking my foot "non Monsieur" I say and he backs off. In my head I was alone with YSL and enjoying a damn good hard fucking.

As we finished fucking the applause grew loud, I looked up, we were surrounded on all side, the crowd a few people deep everywhere I looked. I sprung into YSL's arms wanting to be close to my co-star!

The crowd went and we lay people watching in the spoons position, one leg hooked over YSLs as he just strummed my clit.

The Cheery French man returns, my french is poor at best but I always try to have a go, he says to YSL that he should have a rest, I'm a big woman who needs satisfying and he wants to help! Cheeky fucker! YSL is laughing and tells him he is man enough to cope.


  1. What a fantastic account of what sounds like an amazing experience. I have to go to this resort one day!!!

  2. Just the thought of a beach full of people alternately enjoying sex and watching others enjoy it is enough to have me searching air fares and checking vacation days.