Friday, 30 September 2011

Part 5 - Cap D'Adge - La Tantra swing club

Back from the beach we shower and make tea together, the enjoyment of doing such simple tasks together is so fulfilling, add to that the fact we are naked and the patio doors are wide open, people passing us by, it was surreal but grounded, if that makes any kind of sense at all!

We plan to go to a different club, La Tantra, according to the reviews Ive found it’s a smaller club, less commercial all comments seemed pretty positive.

I cant decide what to wear, a few changes occur but I finally settle on my black sassy slip and sparkly bra, YSL seems delighted by my choice as we head out.

The club was 10 minutes slow walk along the sea front, stopping to kiss might of added a few more minutes. Once inside we grab drinks and look around. The main bar and dance floor had about 6 or 7 couples sat round, waiting for the action or entertainment it seemed. It was certainly more down Market than Le Glamour but both of us kind if liked the real couples feel it had.

There was corridor that led from the dance floor with Naughty Corner written in French above the door, it was a long room, partitioned off with beds, grope rooms, more beds and a shower room at the end.

No action was happening at that moment so we went back and enjoyed our drinks at the bar and people watch. YSL slips his fingers between my thighs and plays in my wetness, keeping me so aroused.

The place started to fill up, such an eclectic mix of people enter the club, Im blown away by the confidence of a lady of about 70, in white thigh high patent leather boots, matching skirt and cropped top. She looked amazing, not so much that she was attractive but the sheer sexual prowess and confidence that oozed from her as she gyrated on the pole better than most ¼ her age!

She disappears into the Naughty Corner with 2 men and we follow on shortly after. They are fucking in a subdued manor on the large bed at the end, a small crowd are watching, it’s not doing anything for me or YSL so I sit on the bed next door. YSL pushes me back and parts my legs.

To the left of where im lay is a viewing gallery, to the right wrought iron bars to peer through, within minutes of YSL fisting me both side are full of couples masturbating each other and just watching as YSL makes me cum so hard and squirt.

Enjoying the audience YSL rolls up his sleeves (literally, he learned after last night) and starts to work his other hand inside me. The room seems to take a deep breath as I do to relax and let his hands fully inside. I almost instantly gush, the sound of my wetness as he works his magic resonates through the corridor.

I cum so hard again and go hyper sensitive YSL, as ever, reads me well and pulls out slowly and holds me.

Once I’ve recovered we grab drinks and end up dancing. The place is lively, nothing like Le Glamour but in some ways more intimate.

A big German guy and his lady are enjoying lots of attention or rather he is watching her get lots of attention. She plays with a small group of young single guys at the bar, often looking up and smiling at us.

With drinks refreshed we head upstairs to explore the top deck, an open air area, with beds and chairs, and right in the middle a medical bed complete with stirrups.

YSL tells me to hop on the bed, he places each foot firmly and methodically into each stirrup, taking charge immediately, exposing my soaking wet cunt.

He disappears between my legs and starts lapping at my wetness. It feels heavenly, so soft and gentle after the fisting. He slowly pushes his fingers inside and builds up pace.

People are sat around sipping drinks, I recognise the big German guy and his pretty lady, they are watching and I can see them enjoying seeing me being made to cum and my cunt on show for all to see. I cum squirting again, the angle and how open the table makes me must be perfect for this as I’ve never squirted as much ever before. It literally clattered as it hit the floor.

As YSL moves to grab some tissue to clean up me, the table and the floor the blonde appears behind him and excuses herself passed him, she moves close to my cunt, before I know it her tongue is lapping at me, sucking my clit and fingering me she then smiles and departs after kissing me never saying a word.

We head back to the bar, the penny drops about the pretty blonde as we witness her give multiple blow jobs at the bar that she is the paid help for the week, she had been my first hooker!

We head to the play rooms for one last fuck before home, fucking hard and deep, loving each other, not caring if anyone is near, just there for each other.

On our way out the bouncer/manager expresses his admiration of us, the fun we have had and the entertainment we had given, he adores my breasts, I allow him to suck on them while I await my handbag returned from the cloakroom… that’s normal isn’t it?


  1. Normal? haha. For you at least, sweets. Sounds like a great evening and another fun adventure with YSL.

    I've been a bit nervous to try clubs like this and have always turned down the invites but it pleases me to see somebody not take the "fuck anything that comes up" approach and that you are just there to enjoy YSL and enjoy the scene. Very refreshing.

  2. Your posts are always compulsive reading. I'm enjoying them enormously, and the 'trips' that you take the readers on, foraying into the unknown for the most of us.

  3. Very sexy and erotic