Friday 16 September 2011

The holiday - Day 1: too aroused to sleep

I arrived at YSL just as the countdown timer turns zero, we embrace and get busy packing, we want to get on the road as soon as possible. Bags sorted, agenda checked, tickets, passports, money, we are good to go!

I was driving, its 260 miles to the airport so we were both pleased we escaped work early and started the journey. We didn’t get to the hotel until gone 7, as soon as I dropped my bags I stripped and went straight into the shower, I needed to relax as the drive had been heavy going despite the entertaining company.

As I stepped out of the shower and enter the bedroom YSL takes hold of me, his eyes lit up making me feel uplifted by his wanting. I lay on the bed while he showered, aching to be close and naked with him. He joined me on the bed, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me close and kissing me deeply.

He knows I haven’t cum for nearly a week and he doesn’t tease me, he parts me thighs and drinks my wetness as he manipulated my clit into a frenzy. He makes me cum twice before pushing his cock inside me and fucking me hard. I needed this moment, It had been a long week without him and both of us had been busy so even leisurely messages had been minimal. His cock inside me is like a connection, I feel him fill me with affection and make me feel wanted. Just the way he looks at me and the passion behind each thrust tells me how much I turn him on. I show him how much I love him as I cover his cock in my cum and arousal.

He tells me to stand in front of the mirror, He has positioned a chair and cushion for me to bend over. He stands fucking me firmly. Holding my hips as he pushes in so deep, pounding me, feeling his balls slap agains my lips and thighs. He drops to his knees and licks the juices flowing and probes my ass. As he stands he slips a couple of fingers inside me, Im soaked, he uses my wetness to ease his hand inside and starts to vigorously fist me. I’m cumming so hard I can hardly stand. My juices are just flowing from me as he relentlessly fists me until my legs give way and I can take no more.

We enjoy a bedroom picnic and then head to the hotel bar for a quick drink. The bottle of wine in the room hadn’t lasted long. It was a warm night and we sat outside and reflected together how we had even got there… how from one night in April when we met for a drink, as I had finished that glass of wine and YSL had asked if I wanted another… I had replied ‘No, but I don’t want the night to end yet’.

Ive never been away on holiday without either my parents or husband and kids so this was a pretty big leap for me. Ive worked all over the world but this is different, this is biggest thing ive ever done outside of my relationship, reality of what Im dong sinks in, not regret, not guilt, but how happy I am that I am doing this we YSL. The trust, love and affection I have for this man is more than I ever anticipated or thought I was capable of.

I'm also aware that this isnt something YSL has done before, he isnt the flighty sort and whilst he hasnt said the words 'I love you' I know I would not be sat here at the airport with him if he didnt. Its been a busy 18months of working for him and he has chosen to spend his holiday with me, I feel so valued and wanted by him. As we head back to the room, my juices are running down my thighs as we wander along the corridor towards our room hand in hand.

As we enter the room we both strip again and climb into bed enjoying a baked treat I had made us before curling up and cuddling. We start kissing again and YSL's hand parts my lips and he talks to me while wanking my clit. I hold his cock firmly as he arouses me more and more. Slowly wanking each other to climax, holding each other close, whispering filthy and loving words to each other until we both shudder as we cum.

I was too aroused still but we needed sleep, an ealy start and a very long day ahead of us on Saturday as we plan to hit the beach when we land and go out clubbing all night, not a momnet togther on this holiday will be wasted. I finially doze off but wake about 30minutes later. Im wanking myself, I must of woken YSL while doing so and he is holding me open as Im about to cum, the shock of waking with him holding me in such a way and my self administering while asleep sends me straight into orgasm.

I give up on sleep for a while and watch YSL, holding him as he drifts off. About an hour later as I hold him I feel him stiffen. His hard cock presses against my thigh, im too aroused to ignore it so I peel back the covers and take it in my mouth. Gentle and slowly I adore his cock, trying not to wake him, Im being selfish and enjoying his cock for me. His cock stiffens more and his breathing changes I know Im going to be discovered so I start sucking harder to ensure his continued participation. As he wakes and acknowledge my enthusiasm I take him deep in my throat. His cock and balls taste deliveious, coated in both of our arousal. I join him on pillow and he pushes his cock inside me, Slowly fucking me in spoons position while I rub my clit. He pulls out and pushes into my arse and starts thrusting harder. I know he isn’t far from cumming. I want his cum and I tell him. His cock goes rigid and swells inside me just as he spurts his seed deep inside.

We fall asleep briefly again but im too excited to be settle so I sneak to the bathroom to let him rest, I enjoy a shower, smiling as I relax under the flowing water, dipping my fingers inside myself and tasting YSL while he sleeps thinking about what tomorrow will bring.


  1. What a great start to the holiday. A very arousing story, can't wait to read more!!

    Dbuk7768 at twitter

  2. Wonderful and reminiscent of the start of similar vacations I've enjoyed. You absolutely need to re-establish the sexual and emotional connection with your primary lover before you open up to others.

  3. And it's only the beginning...I can't wait for more!