Saturday 31 December 2011

2011! Omg what a year

If you had told me at new year 2010 what this year would hold for me I would of bet my house on it not happening!

Meeting such an amazing man
Falling in love
Pushing my boundaries as far both in BDSM and swinging
Feeling so confident in myself, I never thought I'd feel so comfortable to be naked in a supermarket in a naturist resort!
The blog winning so many awards and gaining so many friends through blogging
The most unbelievable thing has to be going on holiday for 10 days with him. How I pulled that off I cant even believe today.

I found a good friend this year as well, a friend that encourages me talk instead of holding it all inside, a friend that listens and reassures, a friend that this year has been there for me when I have needed it, a friend that just yesterday was just as happy to hold me as he was to make love.

And I never thought I would ever feel this loved.


No plans as such except for planning a few ideas for YSL's birthday.

I'd love to go to Eriticon the adult bloggers conference, fingers crossed diary will allow.

We hope to return to Cap D'Agde but we shall have to see if I can pull off a disappearing act again, its a good job I'm invisible.

One thing I know for sure... Every moment I have being loved by YSL and him allowing me to love him so deeply I value, he has enriched my life in so many ways and ensured when I'm old and grey I have many stories no one will ever believe happened!

Raise your glasses

I raise my glass tonight to toast 'US' to thank you for every second we have had this year and I can't wait for our next moment together. I love you more than I EVER imagined possible.

To my readers
I raise my glass to to thank you for your friendship, support, comments and lurkership.

Happy New Year to you all

Love and best wishes for 2012

Yummy xx

Friday 30 December 2011

Part 14 - Cap D'Agde, Last night at Cap D'Agde

The last day in France but we knew it was going to be an epic day!

We packed in the morning so we could relax the rest of the day, armed with a picnic, bottle of wine and beach equipment we took our last walk along the beach. We stopped at the point just 3 days before he had said he loved me for the first time, soaking up the view and reflecting on the week so far.

We set up camp and before long YSL is inside me and we slowly make love, just connected as we enjoy the sights and each other, keeping to ourselves but enjoy the audience. His cock inside and the slow stroking of my clit has me climaxing, the first of many for the day.

He lies back and I sit between his legs taking his cock in my hand, in seconds he is hard again for me. Without any intention of letting him cum I enjoying wanking his cock, I see people watch, i enjoy seeing some admiring looks at YSL's magnificent cock.

We change position to take advantage of the view of my lookalike and slowly fuck again. The couple opposite who had been in sight most of the week admiring our play were enjoying the view, we envied their bed set up, Noted for next time!

Its 4pm and the sex starts getting more lively on the beach, groups gather but we enjoy the more descrete couple action especially watching a couple fuck slowly, the woman riding him, seeing his juice coated cock moving in and out. I loved the moment he came, both bodies stiffening and you could see the passion and connection between them.

After another hour of slow sensual play the beach starts to empty. We pack up, taking a swim in the sea as we head back and soaking up our last sunset and knowing we have had the most amazing week, not just the sexual adventure but that we had cemented our relationship. I take a handful of shells back from the place where he had told me he loved me.

We enjoy dinner together, I've never felt closer to him, in between the conversations in the silence so much is said with our eyes and smiles, music is playing and every time we move past each other we sensually touch as a minimum or use the excuse to kiss.

Dressed in my sparkly bra, slip, heels and a smile we head out for our last night in Cap D'Agde. He looks hot, he always dresses sharp and I love the way he looks at me and kisses me so deeply as we walk to the club, like he's proud of me, I feel like he wants no one else in the world but me.

We pay at the door and order a full bottle of Ballentynes to be at our disposal. I sign our bottle 'yummy' and wish we could use the camera but both of us wont forget anything of this holiday let alone this cool iconic moment.

We drink in the atmosphere as Europe's sexy fills the place. The club is as lively and amazing as our first night here. The poles are full of young nimble scantily clad girls all dancing to the thumping beats DJ Jules is throwing out. Forgetting the sexual nature of the club upstairs right now is an amazing cool place to be.

A Latin looking woman is on the prowl I think she is looking for fems to play with, her partner watches from the bar. She reminds me of a beautiful vampire, she is dressed in exquisite leather dress and boots, clearly all hand made, she kisses one of the pole dancing girls and looks back to her partner for approval, he must be pleased as the dance changes pace and they are grinding hard against each other.

Our attention is taken by another intriguing pair that have arrived. She's on a lead, both dressed in leather, a sexy masque on her, they walk through the place like an act from Cirque du Soliel. She is so sexy, it's like a living piece of art as we watch them she moves almost serpant like but he is commanding every move theatrically. She throws herself backwards and curves towards the ground right before us, her master pulls on her lead and pulls her back up, it's so sensual yet extreme.

The music takes over and im miving against YSL at the bar, he takes my hand and move to the dance floor. We dance in a euphoric state, laughing and loving every moment, knowing we are living a moment so many only fantasise over.

Next we head down the rabbit hole to the sex rooms, watching for a moment before heading into the grope room. It's already busy, we push past many dark silhouettes and stand close while our eyes adjust to the darkness and our hands reach out to discover bodies together. We kiss each other as we caress a stranger, hands appear on me and I adore the sensation as YSL holds me close, lifting my skirt so there is no mistaking intent. We take our pleasure, i drop to my knees and suck YSL's cock but it starts to get too crowded so we make our own space in another room. YSL tells me to lie on the bed and he thrusts his head between my parted thighs as i lie back, he has me moaning with pleasure in minutes. People are watching us from the door way and viewing windows, I glance and see couples being aroused by us which in turn arouses me. He tells me to move round, I know he wants my cunt on view for the voyeurs. He proceeds to fist me until I'm cumming hard. A couple enter the room and the woman starts to caress my breasts and leans in to kiss me. I respond and she unzips her partners pants and presents his cock, not what I was expecting but I go with the flow of the moment. I try to re involve her in the pleasure but the penny drops that she is the hired girlfriend for the night, you can't get into Le Glamour as a single. He had a nice cock and I enjoyed the moment of being centre of attention and it amused me that I was doing for free what she was being paid for.

YSL thoroughly fucks me over the bed before we return to the bar and soak up more of the atmosphere. We head to the outside bar with our drinks and people watch for a while. The crowd tonight was different to the previous Saturday, no less in quality or quantity just different sorts, perhaps more tourists.

Back down the rabbit hole for more fun we head back to the same room and enjoy ourselves again. A couple bravely enter the room and indicate they wish to join us. They were German. She was a well stacked woman in her late 40's and her husband the same but notably short! Again we rolled with the moment and ended up naked on the bed with them. I had no interested in sex with the male but allowed him to touch and play with me. His wife on the other hand was literally squealing (and snorting) like a pig, cumming and squirting as YSL showed her how it's done. As she finally came she nipped and clawed at us, both of us not welcoming it. To repay the compliment she proceeded to give YSL the hand job from hell... 1,2,3,4 stop 1,2,3,4 stop it was like she was doing CPR, the language barrier failed us as we tried to move things along and it ended with them wishing to meet us on the beach the next day. We smiled and agree knowing we would be safely on a plane!

We head to the room that had scared us the previous Saturday. We braved the dark to enjoy some solitude together. In the pitch black we lay together firstly laughing at the previous experience then conversation moved to us, how special this experience had been, how secure in each others feelings we felt. Just at that moment someone joins us in the room, I know this as a cock is placed in my hand. I whisper to YSL, I don't know whether to giggle, scream or wank it!

I encourage YSL to trace along my arm and feel it. We both hold the cock a moment then the stranger in the darkness can be heard unwrapping a condom, he moves between my thighs, YSL is holding me as he checks the strangers cock for condom and holds me open for him. We had talked/fantasised before the holiday about such a circumstance like this on the beach, but right now in the darkness, the not knowing who it was but being fucked by the ultimate stranger, deep and hard, while feeling so deeply loved, it was so erotic. I've never felt more his, ironic perhaps but it's how it felt and it made it so heady.

The stranger climaxed and departed leaving me a quivering wreck in YSL's loving arms. We lay there together in awe of what just happened.

Back upstairs we spent the next 20mins guessing who it was on the room... He had a shaven head and a shirt collar he was tall and muscular.. It described half the room and added to the arousing 'who done it'.

After more drinks and dancing we headed to the BDSM area and I climb on the medical table. YSL takes his time eating my cunt before starting to fist me. I'm so lost in the moment I don't see that next to us is a foursome in full throng. YSL brings it to my attention before fisting me till my juices could be heard clattering off the stone floor.

We head to the room from earlier and thoroughly enjoy each other, we notice how quiet it's getting, YSL jokes that the tourists tonight have no stamina, just then one of the security guys indicates the club is closing, it's close to 6am! It is us with too much sexual desire and stamina.

We walk back along the beach in the water, capturing every last moment of the holiday we can get. Back at the apartment we shower and talk, the night had been so hedonistic and potent, we were giddy with the excitement of what had happened. YSL reminds me we still had one more night of the Holiday left back in England and so much more beyond that.

An hours sleep was about all we managed before the alarm went off, YSL had the coffee on before I'd even opened my eyes, we cuddled while it brewed before YSL led me to the beach, coffe in hand, naked, the sun was just rising, we stood together with our feet in the Mediterranean, sipping coffee watching as the sun rose above the horizon. I was tired, mid sobering up but so pleased we did it. We kissed and he pulled me in close, telling me how much he enjoyed the trip and me. I could feel tears well up inside, I felt choked by this moment, knowing the holiday was coming to an end but feeling like it was the start of something else because how secure I was feeling in our relationship.

I felt so loved.

Click here to see inside the club and highly recommend listening to the music.

If you missed any of the Holiday posts they are here..... lots of pics, video and naughty Tales of our time in Cap D'Agde

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Wednesday 28 December 2011

HNT - serving suggestion only

Serving suggestion only

Great for a personal indulgence or as a centre piece for a party

Suitable for 6 adult servings

**warning may contain nuts

This is the last official HNT but I'm planning to still publish mine.  I'm sure this week will see some of the finest HNT's in tribute to an amazing man who united us naughty and not so naughty bloggers with Half Nekkid Thursday. Thanks Osbasso, I'll still be dropping in to chat, you don't get off that easy!! Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Stocking fillers part 2!

Part 1 is here My gifts to you, pictures, shortcuts, answers to questions... Go check it out!

It's not to late to send me a gift, despite the many comments, thousands of page views the gifts back are thin on the ground.

BUT I'd have quality over quantity every time.

My gift comes from a wonderful gent who I adore, I love his comments on my blog, his attention to detail and his ability to see depth in my posts.

My fantasies about you? Having sex with you, of course! In all sorts of ways . . . a threesome with YSL, on the beach at Cap d'Agde with onlookers cheering, with you over the railing of a cruise ship watching the waves roll by, on a rooftop in a crowded city, on a bed of ferns in a secluded forest . . . you're a fantastically sexy woman and I love the way you have blossomed sexually.

But you asked for "icing," and here are a few photos of me producing some, just for you.

My dearest Hardinreddy I would love to meet you on the beach and to have the pleasure of you and YSL devour every inch of me.

Monday 26 December 2011

TMI - to give or receive?

For this week’s TMI Tuesday why don’t you tell us:

1. What was your favorite gift that you received (gift giving holidays Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or heck even if you had a birthday in the month of December that can count)?

All I got was a pack of men's socks and I can't say they were my favourite?

I did get a wonderful belated birthday gift from YSL. He took me to a luxury hotel for the weekend, he booked a suite and took me out for dinner to a fine restaurant, drank cocktails and indulged me in every way possible.... But the biggest part of the gift was the time spent together. I loved just giggling and rolling around on the bed together.

2. What was the most practical gift that you received?
Erm socks?

3. What was the silliest, most fun, crazy or impractical gift that you received?
Erm socks

4. If you had a special holiday meal, what was your favorite food?

Bonus: Share the recipe of your favorite food from the holiday meal.
Sock surprise?

Take one mildly optimistic wife, suggest you bothered to buy a gift. Unwrap your many well chosen gifts and the present her with a badly wrapped package and await her face to melt and false smile to appear.

Bonus, bonus: Whatcha doin’ for New Year’s Eve?
I have a few friends over for dinner, games and fireworks.

Me and YSL are planning our own special new year the week following, I know we will have a wonderful start to 2012 together.
Keep you posted!

Go see who else played

Yep that's me in the socks right now... More a stockings kind of girl

Sunday 25 December 2011

My Secret Lover

This year has been so unexpectedly amazing. It's not all been plain sailing, home/family life has been one of the hardest yet to deal with and I'm sure it will continue with its challenges into the new year as Mums alcoholism seems to be spiralling out of control and in 4 weeks she looses Dad and her house.

That aside in April I met a man for a drink, you know him as YSL. I remember vividly the moment as he hurried towards the bar, I was sat outside, clutching my drink nervously as I called out his name. He turned and smiled, I don't think either of us have looked back since. That night as I finished my drink he asked if I wanted another, "no" was my reply, I was driving so couldn't "but I don't want the night to end". And it didn't, not till 5am when we parted after breath taking 6hours of full on passionate sex. Before I left I asked if I could see him again... 2 days later we fucked for almost 18hours.

Quickly I felt a bond develop, feeling so comfortable in his company, feeling at ease with myself and able to express my wants, emotions and of course desires, all things at home I struggle with.

I remember feeling so foolish when after about 2 months I confessed that I had fallen for him, he gave me a hug and told me I was an exciting woman... Not the response I'd thought! We had both been so sure when we met that we just wanted uncomplicated sex, without plan or intention emotions crept in but so very welcome.

Another month on and sat in a restaurant in Leeds, both a tad drunk after a lazy afternoon fucking and sipping fine wine, was the first time he sort of said it, in bloke code, he said he never thought he could love 2 women at the same time and I was proving him wrong. I remember feeling so uplifted especially after the Sunday of that weekend when we enjoyed a walk, good conversation and just being close to each other. Also that weekend we had so many 'snap' moments, ordering same food, drink, expressing same interests and points of view, it sort if took things out of the bedroom.

I had to wait till France to hear the words but for months I'd felt it. We were walking back naked along the beach, it was sunset, he took hold of me, pulled me in close and said "love you". It meant so much hearing the words, knowing how truly they were meant. They hadn't been used too early, wasted to placate me, at that very moment I was speachless, overwhelmed and feeling very very loved.

That night we had such good conversations, opening up even more, confirming our feelings, wants, desires, it solidified even more the relationship we have.

For those that don't know too many details, I'm married, have wonderful children and whilst I do not have sex nor a marital relationship as such these days with the husband, my priority remains my children and right now having 2 parents that love them dearly looking after them is right. I had parked my needs for being wanted a long time ago.

The relationship I have with YSL is more than I could ever of wished for. He knows I don't want a new life partner but equally he knows I give myself fully to him, love him entirely and ask no more of him than he can give. We aren't a passing fad to each other, I consider him significant in my life and whatever the future brings I know I have a friend for life.

I love that I don't have to hold back, that we have such clear understanding of our circumstance and wants. I love that he is my friend as much as my lover and fellow sexual adventurer. I love that I have felt in troubled times I had arms to be in, he has held me as I've cried tears of sadness and frustration, he has been there as an ear to listen, a shoulder and strong arms to hold me when I've needed no more.

Just last weekend on our trip away I broached the subject again, was I asking too much, he had joked he see's more of me than his Girlfriend. It opened up a wonderful reassuring conversation, both affirming how happy we are, how satisfying our relationship is on so many levels in our lives. Again I feel like its solidified what an amazing relationship we have.

I must confess I'm missing him like crazy already over Christmas and we aren't set to see each other until the new year but I feel so close, today my heart and mind have been full of such wonderful thoughts about him, also reflecting on our year together has filled me with so many smiles and feeling of being wanted and deeply loved.

Thank you all for reading and commenting this year on our journey we have had together but my biggest thanks is to YSL for just being him, he has been my biggest and best gift I have been given. Thank you for being there for me, for wanting and loving me and allowing me to love him without compromise, be myself entirely without concern of consequence. You are such an amazing person to know and be in the company of, I'm so pleased to be yours.

I love you x

Sinful Sunday - Xmas Gift

Such cute pegs!

Go see who else is playing at Molly's place.

Sinful Sunday

Wednesday 21 December 2011

HNT - Christmas Gifts

This week, the penultimate official HNT has a theme, its a tough one...

Dec. 22nd - Three Christmas Wishes HNT - Perhaps the hardest theme of the year. Pick three individuals to send special Christmas wishes to. The hard part? Pick three people who are not necessarily someone you'll be sending a Christmas card to, or an e-card, or specifically contact at Christmas.Those people might expect something from you. No, send out your Christmas wishes to someone you've only lurked at, or to a newbie, or to someone whose HNTs and/or general blog posts have made some sort of impression. And post a picture of it, too! It can be serious or humorous or heartfelt or fantasy. Then contact that individual to let them know that they got one of your wishes.

So here's mine...

Wish 1.
This is for Dazzling Deviant

A wonderful woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. I wish her good fortune, good health and a perfect Christmas for her family.If you dont follow her on twitter add her, she doesn't blog much at the moment but she is talented and her early posts are hot and worth a read.

Wish 2 is for The Fat Controller

A frequent visitor, top blogger and one of my biggest referring sites. Thanks for all the support, comments and appreciation since I started blogging! I wish you and Heather a perfect Christmas.

Wish 3 a special wish

This is for Osbasso, an amazing man who has united so many bloggers over the years. He was responsible for my first real sense of community and from my first interaction when i was unsure of myself in the blogosphere he has supported me and even helped me on techie stuff!

This is the penultimate HNT but not the last of Osbasso.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas with your family, I hope you get everything you wish for and know how much us bloggers appreciate what you have done for us.

Happy HNT xx

And if you missed it I posted a video of YSL fisting me

Go see who else is Half Nekkid at

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt


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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Blog award!

Super proud, another award!

I was blown away when I made Swingers Attic resource list back in October but it's double helpings of glee to find myself in such good company again on Red Regions top sexiest blogs of 2011.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and your appreciation of my accounts and images.

Go here to read what he had to say about me. (and see what other hotness made the lists)

And here to see what's said on the swingers resource list about me.

stocking fillers

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Monday 19 December 2011

A weekend together and the dungeon (part1)

I got to YSL's mid morning and after a few minutes of sorting stuff out we head upstairs with coffee.

That moment of full body to body contact, as we pull each other close is such a wonderful moment that I always ache for when we are apart.

He pushes open my thighs and slowly masturbates me. Taking his time, just enjoying the teasing, I'm moaning and my body is undulating in his arms. He naturally speeds up as I get closer and my body urges him on until he realises and slows back down. My orgasm starts to build and as I cum he holds me firmly and has me writhing in his arms.

(the video of the fisting we did is here)

I hold his cock, it's so hard for me, I adore that he is in such a state without me touching him. I move between his legs and enjoy admiring his cock with my tongue, licking it entirely and threatening to suck him but making him wait. I enjoy kissing the tip and tasting him, now teasing myself because I want him inside me. I engulf his cock in my mouth, I makes him gasp and moan as I take it deep and hold it there. His cock literally throbbing in my throat and tiny droplets of precum seep into my mouth arousing me further.

I move back up the bed to kiss him and he pushes my legs part again and we mutually masturbate each other. Slowly, kidding each other, pulling each other close until we are both shuddering together and covering each other with cum.

I bend over YSL's knee, my bottom there for the taking, firstly the glass paddle, he strikes once and I remember the intensity of the thudding it gives. He stops and says he has an idea and leaves the room. He returns with a bucket of ice and bathes the paddle in it. Chilled, he circles my bottom and delivers another thud then holding the paddle on my bottom as the burning sensation fills my skin. I take another half dozen strikes and my cheeks and already throbbing. He stuffs the cold paddle deep in my cunt and rubs ice on my skin with his now free hand. He strike me again, I pull away it's too much but I still want more, YSL reads me perfectly and holds me firm and delivers another and another.

Next was the flogger a thorough lashing rained down on my soft full cheeks, I felt the burning sensation increase making me even more sensitive, the tails of the flogger now and then catching my cunt lips making me flinch and writhe, not to mention making me more aroused.

He slowly strokes my bottom and thighs, lovingly and affectionately, until I regain my composure. He tells me to lie on my side and he pushes his cock into my soaked cunt. Long hard deliberate strokes, he pushes in deep and holds me open so he is as deep as possible, connected together as much as we can be. His cock feels so swollen inside me, my cunt lips registering every impact of his balls, the moisture from my arousal adding to the stinging sensation from the flogger.

I cum hard on his cock, he fucks me as my cunt grips him tight and my body stiffens. He has me in such a state I want to cum again before he does, I reach for the Hitachi and push it against my clit but far enough back to catch his cock gliding in and out of me. I know I'm going to cum again and I feel his cock swell and ready to give me my cum.

We fall asleep in each others arms for an hour or so and I wake being held by YSL, I'm smiling before I even open my eyes. He pulls me close and takes hold of my clit, his hardness already snaking its way inside me. We fuck slowly until I'm climaxing again, we swap positions, I move behind him, my strapon in place, I lube his hole and ready him for penetration. As I push inside its too much, I pull back slowly then encourage him to push back. We slowly move together but it becomes too much again so I pull out entirely and work my fingers inside slowly and gently. As he relaxes again I get our new sex toy, it's cold so I push it inside my cunt a moment to warm. I place it against his hole, I apply gentle pressure and his ass takes 2 of the notches, he gasps and I bite my lip as I enjoy the visual delight.

He takes another notch of the metal prostate massager and I grasp his solid cock and wank him hard while tempting his ass with another notch. I holding him close, our bodies air tight as I give him as much pleasure as I can. We change position and I lie with my head on his thigh and ask him to wank his cock for me, I want him to cover me. I remove the toy and push on my fingers, I want full contact with him. As he gets close to coming I ask for him cum, I open my mouth ready for him to shoot it, it squirts out like a fountain.

We dress and head to the club, both excited as the dungeon is open and want to see how it compares/contrasts with Clair Obscur. The club is quiet, this close to the Xmas party nights seems to see a drop in numbers. We head to the dungeon and explore it alone.

There are floggers, whips, crops all shapes, sizes, some home made, all round the room. The furniture was as I'd expected and hope, spanking benches, medical tables, wheel and lots of anchor points to tie your wench up!

We try a few of the whips, not in a play sense, to see how they felt and plan to return back to the room a little later.

We headed back up to the play rooms and enjoy each other, a few people stop to watch but no one we want to invite to join us. I'm highly aroused after the afternoons play, my skin sensitive for the spanking and flogging, every touch seems magnified. I'm a quivering mess and loving it.

We can hear spanking ... To be continued :)To see more of the new anal sex toy we played with visit

Saturday 17 December 2011

Right now stockings and YSL

Back at room post cocktail, dinner, more cocktails.....

My dessert

Had such a perfect night, fine dining and a large helping of sex and loving.

Perfect belated birthday.



At hotel, Le Glamour sound track on, view from window is only distraction from the feeling of the holiday.

Thursday 15 December 2011

HNT Christmas tree recycled

This is my Xmas card to you all

You might notice that there are stockings and heels on my tree also :)Every year I add more shoes... can you ever have enough? AMEN!

And as a rule they should be in pairs!

Hope you like your christmas wish...Sorry it's recycled too busy fucking to take new pic :) next weeks HNT theme is to share what gift you would buy 3 bloggers that you are NOT best friends with. Come see if you are one of them :)

And if you missed it I posted a video of YSL fisting me

Go see who else is Half Nekkid at

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Tuesday 13 December 2011

TMI - invites

1. You have been invited to a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion.


Do you accept? What do you wear?

I accept and I opt for vintage corset full panties, understated, classy slut

(for women) You have been invited to a private dinner at Godfather’s Pizza by Herman Cain.

(for men) The wife of a Fortune 500 CEO, reputed to have had extramarital relationships, invites you to a private dinner when the husband is out of town.

Do you accept? Why or why not?

Accept and arrive hungry and horny

3. Charlie Sheen (for women) or Your favorite female porn star (for men) is making a movie in the city where you live. You happen to meet him/her, and he/she suggests you stop by his/her hotel for a drink?

Do you go?

I'd ask 'are you crazy?' (sorry could resist)

Hell yeah, just for the ability to say I'd been there and done it, besides wouldn't it make for a good post!

4. Your boss (of the opposite sex) who has been very flirty with you insists that when you’ve finished a project by working late or on a weekend you bring it by his/her house immediately?

Do you go? Yes or no.
Do you go alone or take a friend along?

I go, I'd be dressed up as if on my way to a party, looking the best, deliver the goods, turn on my heels and remember to work that ass all the way back to the car.

5. You’re working on a political campaign. Late one evening, you get a call from the campaign manager saying the candidate (of the opposite sex) would like to see you right away in his/her hotel room.

Do you go? Yes or no.
Do you tell someone you are going there or keep it a secret?
What do you wear?

Yes I'd go, yes I'd tell everyone on twitter, I'd dress as above and take a cigar just in case!

Bonus: What’s the best invitation you’ve received? Why is it memorable?

Funny one was a client asked if I wanted a religious experience with him in the bedroom!

The most memorable thing about it though was his cowboy boots, he always wears them and we were sat in the lounge part of his hotel suite and all I could see we're 2 pairs at the foot of the bed.

I'm meeting him tomorrow and haven't seen him since he asked that so that might make for an awkward moment!

Go see who else played

Monday 12 December 2011

WARNING - fisting video (NSFW) ****SOUND ON****

If it won't play check links for alternative file fomat below

Dont think I need to say much, if you cant view it try the one below and if that fails please let me know.

Comments would be appreciated on this post please!

Saturday 10 December 2011

Friday 9 December 2011

A glimpse of adoration

I was in the mood just to adore his cock, clearly he wasn't going to complain as I lay between his thighs and adored every inch of him.

Taking my time, licking and kissing him from his tip to that sensitive and secret area between his arse and his balls. Deep throating him, feeling his cock twitch as it nestled between my tonsils.

Lapping at the tears of precum that his cock was weeping just for me.

I adore his cock.

Thursday 8 December 2011

HNT - marked

I walked into the bedroom without expectation and saw the flogger, crop and paddle lay out, he tied my wrists and strung my arms aloft to he ceiling hook and played harder than we;ve ever done before.

I will post the full details and pictures over the next few days x

Dont forget to join in with the Xmas sex blog fun (group post)

Join in the fun...

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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Playing hard

I was meant to be at a Christmas party all night but knew I only needed to quickly show my face. I had one drink, ensured I'd spoken to everyone that counted before I disappeared into the crowd and headed to YSL's.

I got there a little after 8 and was greeted by the open arms of YSL. After making me a hot drink he suggested we took them upstairs and enjoyed our few hours in the comfort of the bedroom.

I headed up while he fixed his drink, as I walked through the bedroom door I nearly choked on my coffee. It was what I wanted but not what I expected.

Laid out on the bed was the flogger, the glass paddle, the riding crop and the leather restraints.

I let out an excitable shriek as YSL joined me in the room, he said he had seen my tweet saying I wanted spanking and cropping and that was what I was going to get. I go to remove my clothes but was immediately chastised and I put them back. He took each wrist and secured them in place, secured by a chain to the ceiling hook.

YSL stripped, his cock already hard, he moved in close and hovered his mouth over mine but not allowing contact, just making me ache.

He slowly traced my body, feeling me through my clothes, I was already turned on but his attention was taking me off the scale.

He stands behind me, dragging his nails down my back through the gap in my dress then leans in to kiss and nibble my neck and back. His hands take hold of my bottom, needing it firmly before lifting my dress and pulling down my leggins and panties, just enough to expose my cheeks.

He steps back and his absence of touch is felt, i watch his every move and his arousal as he slowly and ceremonially unwraps the glass paddle which is to be my first treat of the night.

He stands at the side of me, one hand placed on the small of my back, the other holding the paddle against me, the glass chilling my skin prior to the first strike. I ready myself and the first strike lands, god it was hard. The glass paddle is so unforgiving, such a definite hit, almost a thud as it meets with my flesh. He strike the other cheek and steadies me as I instinctively move away. After another 2 of the paddle, even harder than the first I can feel my flesh heat up. He strikes me twice more and I'm really feeling the hardness of the tool. The conflict of the coolness of the touch as it creates heat with each impact is almost confusing but ever so welcome.
He throws the paddle on the bed and drops to his knees, I close my eyes as he kisses my reddened skin before pulling my cheeks apart and driving his tongue in my arse. I push back for more but he stops, he pushes his hardness instead against my hole and tease me with it. I adore how hard he is, I know this is new territory for him and when we met the S&M preferences I had where not a draw for him but also not a turn off, merely something that had never interested him so to see him this hard was very very rewarding.

He doesn't let me have any more of his cock, he knows I want it but I have to wait. He comments how wet I am, I know, it's so wet I can feel it trickle down my lips.

With the flogger now in hand he starts with the stinging bite of the tips, alternately from gentle to oh my fucking god, making my knees buckle trying to absorb the pain. He pauses and I know he is waiting for me to reposition ready for him. He ups the stakes, harder than I've ever known him to strike me, I feel my entire butt cheek lift and fall with each throw of the flogger. The heat and sting growing, the sensitivity increasing, I pull away and hide myself a moment before he puts me back in place and goes again. The intensity on his face, his eyes, has me dripping all the more, I'm loving the space we are in together, our moods matched, my need to give myself entirely and feel everything against his want to give it to me.

His breath on my skin was bitter sweet as he moved to tease me again. He lapped at my arse before pushing a finger inside then replacing his finger with his cock. He pushed inside for only a moment before pulling out and moving in front of me. YSL grasps each breast firmly and pulls it over the top of my bra and dress. He sucks my nipples and ensures they are fully erect and hard, not for my pleasure but for the cropping they are about to get.

YSL playfully teases me with the crop, dragging it over my breasts neck and face. I want to close my eyes as the anticipation of the first strike is too much but as soon as I close them I realise I need to see it. We lock eyes, the ferocity and want in his eyes is palpable, he strikes me, I draw breath sharply and bite down as I feel the hardest cropping I've ever had. I keep eye contact and await the next. A stream of hard biting crops rain down on me. It's at my upper most limit, if not over, but I want it, I want to feel this much.

He whispers how well I'm doing and tells me my bottom is next, I shudder at the thought of such a hard cropping on my already red and tender flesh. I now don't know if it's harder than ever or just where I am mentally and the flogging and paddling making it feel so overwhelming and electrifying. After a crescendo of even harder strikes he tells my I have 2 more, just knowing that makes them even more revered. He takes his time, the first is too much, it's perfect. I'm groaning with the pain and delight of it. The anticipation of next keeps me in that state, it already hurts before he has even lifted the crop. I bite down and yelp as it lands, my knees buckling and trembling as the intensity rippled through me.

YSL holds me close as I shudder.

He bends down and slowly removes my leggings and panties, he gasps and smiles when he feels how soaked they are. He stands and offers them to me to suck and inhale my scent as I taste them he roughly crams them into my mouth to gag me, he takes hold of my swollen clit with his thumb and forefinger and wanks me hard. I can't pull away as he holds me so firmly. My body betrays me, I'm soaked and he knows I'm loving every moment of being taken this hard. I cum over his hand and he continues to manipulate my clit and wriggle in his arms, wanting him to stop, never.

My cunt is aching for him, he unties my wrists and strips me naked.

He tells me to lie on the bed, I'm expecting him to hold me. He leans forward, kisses me then parts my thighs and begins drinking my juices as he licks at my engorged clit. He slips fingers into me and massages my gspot while passionately devouring my cunt until I cum all over his face.

YSL's face is glistening in my juices as he returns to be by my side, kissing me passionately and pulling me close while I'm in a helpless state of euphoria.

Twice I've left the Hitachi in the car and those 2 times YSL has suggested we plug it in! We laugh at the sods law in play but he clearly has a plan so he slips on some shorts and grabs it from the car.

He returns and plugs it in, he sits at the top of the bed and asks me to lie before him and expose my cunt to him.

My legs over his, he pulls me closer so my cunt is pressing against his hard cock and balls. I hold open my lips and he rubs his open hand through my soaked slit.

He takes his cock and rubs it over my clit, the firm but fleshy pressure is driving my mad with the urgency to have him inside me.

He pushes his cock firmly inside and takes hold of the Hitachi, the head of it pressed against my exposed clit and he turns it on. It makes me writhe, his hardness inside me, lay there do exposed, the whole night I have been totally his to affectionately abuse and force to have pleasure, it almost hurts, the surges of the vibration through my hard and pouting clit. I can feel such a strong orgasm building, it's almost like its going to burst out of me if I don't let go. I feel my cunt grab his cock as I cum, he switches of the Hitachi and holds my thighs as I try to recover. He takes his cock out, I feel my juices escape now his cock isnt damming up my cunt. As YSL wanks himself I hold open my lips again and ask for his cum, the soothing warmth as it shoots over my tummy and cunt Is like no other.

I do my Cinderella routine, I need to be home in good time, I dress and we say our good byes. As I step out into the cold and my breasts tighten the reminder of the cropping makes me smile, coupled with the bitter sweet of the cold leather seats on my tender bottom, I was a very satisfied lady.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Group post - calling all sex bloggers

Stocking fillers
I was chatting on twitter was some ‘naughty’ friends, all unlikely to make Santa’s good list and an idea for a Xmas group post came up.

We hope you want to play along, feel free to adapt to suit your blog. I will be blogging and tweeting about this over the next few weeks along with my fellow naughty friends.

The group post is to go live on the 22nd of December. Post on here if you are planning on playing along so people can follow your biscuit trail back to your blog as I will publish on a dedicated list on my blog side bar and tweet who’s playing so a great chance to introduce yourself to some new readers.
The idea is to give the gift of pleasure to your readers for Xmas, a post with the shortcut to pleasure with your top pictures and posts and for them to reciprocate with a picture of their pleasure. Once you have received your pictures and your stockings are full they are to be posted on your blog, named or anon for us all to enjoy the following week.

What you need to do...
List your top ‘wank worthy’ and arousing posts (with their links), include your top picture (s) and answer the following questions.
1) What was your most memorable sexual moment?
2) What firsts did you try this year?
3) What would you like to try for 2012?
4) What’s on your sex toy shopping list for 2012? or what were your top sex toys you played with or reviewed of 2011?
And anything else you want to add.. if you have a good idea share it and we all might take part.

A gift from our readers…
of course the icing on the Christmas Cake is we want pictures of our readers enjoyment…. Yes that is you masturbating, which we want sending over the festive period reading to publish on our blogs 28th of December (ish) subject to family stuff going on. Send you images via twitter or email.
A full list of who’s playing is on side bar.

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!
This post was sponsored by

Monday 5 December 2011

TMI Tuesday

1. If you were a car, which one would you be? What are some of your best features?
so many way to go with this...

a car with a big rear

fun under the hood

lots of knobs on the dashboard

0 to sexy in under 5 seconds

glistening wax on the hood

perhaps a people carrier (MPV) for those moments 5 arent enough

but if you're buying me one and big jeep please :)

2. If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?
I'd stick a handle on it and pretend it was a handbag!

3. Finish this sentence: Tomorrow I absolutely refuse to….
allow the day to pass without hearing the words I love you.

4. What is the longest period of time that you’ve gone without a shower?
48hours at a guess but I probably comensated by wash myself a bit at a time in a sink. I hate not starting the day with a shower and adore ending it with a bath for some 'me' time and by 'me' time I mean masturbating.

5. What is the silliest prank you ever played on someone?
hmmm a friend of mine, who had just had a baby, her husband had fallen asleep after lunch time beers and he was meant to be helping wrap the presents etc she called me to help, I came over, wrapped the gifts with her, then an evil thought arrived into my head. I got a jug of warm water and slowly poured it into his lap. We left the room and a few minutes later a flustered husband ran passed us and returned in fresh pants some 5 minutes later. He never mentioned it to anyone for months thinking he had pee'd himself.

Bonus: What is the best piece of gossip that you heard recently?
hmm not really one for gossip but.... have you heard next weekend im in for a mystery treat?

check back later as im posting about a naughty Christmas group post