Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011! Omg what a year

If you had told me at new year 2010 what this year would hold for me I would of bet my house on it not happening!

Meeting such an amazing man
Falling in love
Pushing my boundaries as far both in BDSM and swinging
Feeling so confident in myself, I never thought I'd feel so comfortable to be naked in a supermarket in a naturist resort!
The blog winning so many awards and gaining so many friends through blogging
The most unbelievable thing has to be going on holiday for 10 days with him. How I pulled that off I cant even believe today.

I found a good friend this year as well, a friend that encourages me talk instead of holding it all inside, a friend that listens and reassures, a friend that this year has been there for me when I have needed it, a friend that just yesterday was just as happy to hold me as he was to make love.

And I never thought I would ever feel this loved.


No plans as such except for planning a few ideas for YSL's birthday.

I'd love to go to Eriticon the adult bloggers conference, fingers crossed diary will allow.

We hope to return to Cap D'Agde but we shall have to see if I can pull off a disappearing act again, its a good job I'm invisible.

One thing I know for sure... Every moment I have being loved by YSL and him allowing me to love him so deeply I value, he has enriched my life in so many ways and ensured when I'm old and grey I have many stories no one will ever believe happened!

Raise your glasses

I raise my glass tonight to toast 'US' to thank you for every second we have had this year and I can't wait for our next moment together. I love you more than I EVER imagined possible.

To my readers
I raise my glass to to thank you for your friendship, support, comments and lurkership.

Happy New Year to you all

Love and best wishes for 2012

Yummy xx


  1. Happy New Year to you! Love reading your blog and look forward to more! YSL sounds like a great man, you're so lucky.

  2. To YSL. To you, Yummy. And to me, looking forward to eating out your gorgeous pussy sometime soon...

    I'm sorry, that was awfully forward of me!

    xxx Jilly (love you)

  3. I'm glad to hear your 2011 was so good to you. Here's to your 2012 being 10 times better!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy 2012 to a wonderful lady xx

  5. Jilly pretty much took our comment. :)

    We are very happy for you both, and we hope that 2012 brings you as much happiness and love as you can handle.

    And the picture that closed this post is exciting and sexy!

  6. Sorry to be late, but I'm wishing you a very happy, healthy, sexy New Year!

    May all your days be filled with happiness knowing you've got YSL!